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I think that would be a great idea!  When the post is done, just flag it or pm a Hostess and ask that it be stickied. You can also request a sticky in the support section.

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@Magdalena:  I understand your frustration… I’m not Catholic myself, but my grandparents were and I attended with them regularly. I do not claim to have any answers or knowledge about the faith, but I do have a great respect for it. 

I agree that it sucks that people without full knowledge can accidently give wrong information. However, I looked up the post that seems to have spawned this one.  If the people were actively seeking out the Catholic boards, it would be different. But with every post going into the general bee-hive, I think we don’t pay attention to what specific board it was posted to. So, you can’t be too upset about non-catholics posting on the Catholic Boards.

However, I think it would be a wonderful learning experience if someone with a well of knowledge could answer questions about the faith. It is a very mysterious religion to anyone who has never had anything to do with it, and confusing even for those that have. 

Please, forgive those that don’t know any better. Especially the ones who truly mean no harm and are just trying to help.

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You have to understand that people wouldn’t be so confused over a lot of these issues if actual Catholics with actual authority weren’t imposing their own personal moral code onto others. I have first-hand experience in being told (as an 8th grader mind you) that my chosen Confirmation sponsor would not be allowed to fill that role or receive communion as she was divorced. This coming from the Monsignor overseeing the process.

It’s not simply a matter or ignorance or blind assumptions, it’s often coming from people who are supposed to have authority in these very matters.

Surely there are better ways to address this topic than label people as being “ignorant.”

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I think this would be extremely helpful.  There are also online resources outside the bee that can answer alot of common questions.

 Another issue I think is that different priests and parishes make it so that personal experiences are not the same in all areas – there are supposed to be universal standards but they aren’t always maintained based on personality and personal beliefs in different parishes.  An easy going open minded young priest is different than an older, extremely traditional strict priest.  Just saying…

But I hear you, some of the misconceptions come across as anti-Catholic.  Its frustrating.

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Very interesting though!

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Different priests have different opinons, maybe thats what causing some confusion amongst bees.

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FACT – 33% of the world’s population claim they are Christian (aprox 2.2 Billion People).  Of that, aprox 1.196 Billion consider themselves to be Roman Catholics (2012 Annuario Pontificio).  Which makes the amount of Catholics in the world truly HUGE.

And as much as it can be said, that the Catholic Church tries to maintain one consistent set “of Rules” for their followers… (Roman Catholic Doctrine)

Like all forms of religion, there are man-made factors that come into play…

So that things are unfortunately not always applied in the same manner around the world… or even within the same countries, states, or cities.

Men and Women of the cloth… make choices on how they want to apply the rules (rightly or wrongly so… it does happen).  Which is WHY in many cases you’ll see Questions on WBee to begin with that say things like “We’ve been told we can’t marry in our church because ____”.

BECAUSE Men & Women of the cloth ARE HUMAN.  Automatically that means that there can be inconsistencies in how things are applied.

So whether you like it or not…

Some of the info that is going to be provided on WBee is going to be not in agreement with whatever you “personally think / or believe to be true” about the Catholic Church.

(PERSONAL ASIDE – This is part of the reason I for one as I’ve aged, have become less and less a fan of organized religion… (and also have left the Catholic Church)… IMO there are too many opportunities for man-made rules to taint the concept of having a personal relationship with God )

All that said,

I have to say that I find your title here for this topic very offensive.

You have no right calling other people who have different experiences than your own to be ignorant.

They just have different experiences to your own.  Period.

And even if there was a so-called expert who posted here on Bee… ultimately their posts would be the same… just a matter of their own opinion.

As always, with all things Wedding Related (or read on the Internet), people are best advised to take everything with a grain of salt… and do their own research in their own backyard.


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Different priests do or say different things.  Just because people have been told things that don’t match up with what you’ve written here does not make them “ignorant” or “inaccurate”.  My dad was not allowed to marry my mom in his childhood church because he got divorced, and he HAD been specifically told he could not receive communion anymore.  Many people ARE ex-Catholics because of these experiences.  To pretend they haven’t happened and everyone whose mentioned it is lying is pretty ridiculous.

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I’m happy that you posted this. It was a good read.


I’m not catholic and thought I never could be because of all the things I heard about catholics. I always admired the catholics but just couldn’t “worship saints” as I was told many times that catholics did.


But talking to other catholics helps me because it helps me see a lot of the stereotypes aren’t accurate. And it was nice reading this post as well.


I don’t have a religious prefrence when it comes to catholic vs baptist vs protestant etc. I am just a christian and trying to find a good church to raise my daughter in.


But now the thing keeping me from catholic church is that I am in fact divorced. We met out of high school, got married by a notary and neither one of us were religious at the time really. Over time he was abusive and we went opposite directions with our religion. I went back to Christianity and he started looking up the devil and such. I left and got divorced.

So as far as divorce goes and remarriage, what is the catholics view on this?

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We discuss issues and opinions here. I don’t think this should be a place where members get eclisiastic guidance. I dont think it’s appropriate. 

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It depends on the individual church and the Priest in charge for some things… my dad & stepmom were not allowed to get married in the Catholic Church because they were both divorced… they were told that the prior marriages would have to be annuled in order for them to get married in the church.


I’ve also been told that if I don’t attend church regularly, that I’m not allowed to take communion – and this was told to me by more than one church… even if I considered myself Catholic, I would have to attend regularly to take communion.  But then I had another church where the priest encouraged me to take communion even though I didn’t consider myself as Catholic anymore at that point.


So it appears that different churches may be more relaxed or more strict than others.  I would encourage anyone to talk to their priest if they have any questions, especially if they’re considering getting married within the church.

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@BartenderPlease:  +1

Different priests interpret things differently, different Diocese do things different ways. I remember growing up and watching a family friend be denied communion because she was divorced. Not remarried, just divorced. Just because one person interprets Canon law one way doesn’t mean that everyone shares that interpretation.  

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@KatyElle:  +1

@This Time Round:  +1000

If people want accurate, factual information on the do’s and don’ts of the Church, they should seek that information from the church itself, not a wedding forum.  I have never seen anyone on here claims to be experts, but rather people give their advice and opinion based on their own beliefs and experiences.  If I had THAT serious of a question about the rules of the Church, I’d seek the answer from a priest in my own Parish.

I personally just don’t see this site as the appropriate place for that kind of guidance.

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