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  • poll: How much did you make at your first job out of school?

    $0/ unable to find ANY job

    Unable to find a job that requires a degree

    < $15,000

    $15,001 - $20,000

    $20,001 - $30,000

    $30,001 - $40,000

    $40,001 - $ 55,000

    $55,001 - $70,000

    $ 70,001 - $90,000

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    • Wedding: March 2014

    Degree: Bachelors of Arts

    Major: Communications with an emphasis in film and media arts

    City: Kansas City 

    Debt: 20k

    How long: I had a job about 18 months after graduation but I only spent about 6 of those looking. I had a steady stable job and I wanted to get through the wedding and honeymoon before starting a new job. 

    I love my job. I am a social media manager now but I worked my way up to that in the last 2 years. I started there as a social media admin. It’s very exciting and it’s alway changing!

    Also starting out I only made 26K. I am now up to 60k 

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    I worked in my field for 3 years after I graduated. It was a good job, but paid a pathetic salary (especially for the area) and the management was horrible. I liked it, but it wasn’t worth it. Started at 25k (you can’t live off that at all), and got a raise to 30k after 2 years…which you still can hardly live off of. In meteorology, you bascially need to get in with the government (very hard to do…they are cutting funding to the National Weather Service and not filling vacant positions). Or if you want to be on TV, you need to be in a large market with years of experience to even have a full time job. Its rough…but I met my husband in school (neither one of us works in the field any more), so that was a good thing! I’ve been working for a logistics company for a year now and it’s much better in my opinion. Sad though. I miss weather forecasting.

    *What type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.): BS
    *Your major: Atmospheric Science
    *Location (of your job, not school): An hour north of NYC
    *How much debt you graduated with: 7k
    *How long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field: 3 months to get a job as a manager at the mall…worked there for 9 months, then began my Meteorology job 13 months after I graduated
    *Whether you like your job: I liked the work itself, but as I stated above, there were too many things not working for me and my life (25k start salary, 24/7 company…worked 3am to 11am, weekends and holidays, HORRIBLE management…okay, I’ll stop now lol).

    Good luck to you and congrats!

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    I graduated last May and got my first job in November. My degrees are in criminal justice and sociology, which is not a high paying field anyways. I’m in Georgia and have no student loans. I was making close to 30k as a probation officer. I hated my job and actually resigned (they asked me to, but I was already planning on it anyways) last week. 

    The same day I resigned, I was called about an interview, which I had today. It’s in the same field, working with juveniles (which is what I wanted to do to begin with) and pays over $35k. The interview went really well and gave me hope again, that I’m not in the completely wrong field, I was just with a completely shitty company!

    DH also graduated last May with a degree in Finance. However, he doesn’t do that and actually kinda grew to hate it. He’s been with his company for 5 years and worked full time through most of college, and they ended up paying for his last 2.5 years of tuition. He got a promotion about a month before graduation and makes over $45k, close to a 50% pay raise. Hopefully, he will get another this year and make close to 60k. He plans to continue moving on up and really enjoys his job. He has around 8k in student loans. 

    We just built a house in April and had our wedding in May. Now that those are out of the way, we can finally start saving even more! When I was younger, I felt like it was engrained that you would be making like 50k  right out of college, and that is definitely not the case for most jobs (unless you’re like engineering, pharmacist, those things). One of my financial advisors in about 1.5 year older than me, but had been in the workforce about 4 years now. We are in very similar stages of our lives (we got married and bought a house at the same time) and I was always under the impression that he made pretty good money. We were talking about it as I was going through the mortgage process and was completely shocked to learn that DH makes more than he does!! 

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    what type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.)

       BS in Hotel and Restaurant

       AAS in Culinary

       Masters in International Hospitality

    location (of your job, not school)

      Dallas, TX (I relocated)
    how much debt you graduated with

      none, I got a tone of scholarships 
    how long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field

      I had my job secured 2 months prior to graduation and it is in my field
    whether you like your job

      I LOVE my job, I recently left for 6 months and went back, nothing can beat my companies standards and their strive for all managers to have a work/life balance.

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    what type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.) – Bachelor of Science
    your major – Chemistry
    location (of your job, not school) – Houston, TX (relocated from Austin after graduating from UT and a year spent in law school realizing I didn’t want to be a lawyer)
    how much debt you graduated with – $40,000
    how long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field – About 6 weeks of searching, yes it is in my field
    whether you like your job – I love my job! I got extremely lucky though and was able to skip over a lot of the early years based on experience I had as an undergrad. I started off around 56k and now 1 year in am at about 70k.

    Read more: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/income-just-out-of-school/#ixzz4APDIkH90

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    what type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.) – Bachelors 
    your major – Elementary Education
    location (of your job, not school) – Hawaii
    how much debt you graduated with – Embarassed to say… more than $20k
    how long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field – 3 months / yes!
    whether you like your job – I love my career as a teacher so much. Although I have considerable, but manageable, student loan debt, it was worth every penny to change careers. 

    New teachers in Hawaii earn in the low $40k range…

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    • Wedding: June 2016

    Degree : masters in development economics

    Year graduated: 2012

    Starting salary: PhD position paying  $30k

    Debt: 31k

    I’m now about to graduate this PhD degree (although my university considers doctoral students staff not students with salaries, benefits and a fixed contract, I still think of myself as a student)

    I’m now job hunting outside academia. The positions I’m looking at in my field are around 75k while the ones outside my field would be more like 120k. We’ll see where I end up! 

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    I made $35k at my first job out of college in a non-related field to my degree. That job came a little over 3 years ago and I’m now at a new job (10 months in) and its $45k. Over the last 3ish years I’ve gained $10k in income, not too bad. My husband makes most of the money for our family though so I’m happy with what I make for how much I work and what I do, which I’m currently a marketing specialist at an education company. 

    I forgot, no debt. Graduated in 2012. Major was journalism and mass communications.

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    After I got my BAs (double major – English and PR), I spent a year as a volunteer teacher, so my “salary” was a very small stipend, and then I went on to grad school, so my first “real” job was post-grad school, and my salary was $35K. 

    What type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.): MA 
    Your major: Professional Writing & Editing
    Location (of your job, not school): Alexandria, VA
    How much debt you graduated with: none
    How long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field: was hired a few days before I graduated; in my field but not my ideal job
    Whether you like your job: The work wasn’t bad, but the company and the owners were awful. I have since moved on to a job and organization I love.


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    When I graduated with my BS in physics I got an engineering job in midwest right away that started me off at 50k. I had about 40k in students loans. I HATED my job so I went back for my MA in education. Now as a teacher I make 39K and have 90K in student loans.  But, I don’t hate my job!


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    My first job out of college earned me 47K salary.

    What type of degree; Bachelors of Science

    Major: Management Information Systems

    Location: Northern Wisconsin

    Debt: 18K

    How long did it take to find a job?: I was already employed full time before earning my degree. I started looking for something in my field a few months before graduating and secured a job 1 month before graduation.

    Do I like my job?: I didn’t like the first job I got out of school and now I’m on my second, which I do love.


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    – Law degree (I went straight from college to law school)
    – English and Philosphy major for undergrad
    – Pacific northwest
    – No debt. My parents were generous to pay for my education
    – I started my job right after I took the bar exam. Clerkship with a judge
    – I like my job but it’s just a stepping stone. Pay is average because I work for the state government. Hours are awesome because I work for the state government 😉 

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    I have a bachelor’s degree in journalism and work in Boston. My debt is around 20k, I think. I found a job in February of my senior year of college, then started with them in July. It probably only took about a month of looking, if that. I wanted to go into newspaper journalism, but ended up doing writing for a financial company, which actually uses a lot of the same journalism skills. So while it’s not totally in my field, it’s actually close enough that I’m pretty happy for now. I make around 40k before taxes, which is way more than I’d expect if I were working at a newspaper, and the hours are much more reasonable. So far, so good!

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    I made $60,000/year starting, but with steep raises every year along the way. I am in healthcare IT consulting and travel most of the time

    what type of degree (associates, trade school, bachelor, etc.): Bachelor of Arts

    your major: Psychology / cognitive development (but took a lot of hard sciences and calculuses)

    location (of your job, not school): Midwest

    how much debt you graduated with: $0 (thanks scholarships!)

    how long it took you to find a job, and whether it is in your field: about a month, and not really but it’s related to healthcare which is what I was looking for

    whether you like your job: it depends on the hour lol. I like what it allows me to do and I like the autonomy and responsibility, but I miss my home and my Fiance traveling so much, and the hours are long.

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    I graduated at 21 with my bachelors in accounting and had to take an accounts payable position making $14/hour because I didn’t have any work experience in my field.  I took oddball jobs in college because I was taking 18-21 hours a semester and needed flexibility over anything else.

    Two years later I graduated with my Masters in Accounting and was making about $50,000 a year.  I had $30k in debt for both my Bachelors and Masters degree.

    It was hard to find someone to hire me at first because I was over educated and underqualified.  It took probably about 3 months to find someone willing to hire a degreed accountant for a position that does not require a degree.  Now I feel like if I wanted a new job I could pretty much walk into any CPA firm in town and get one since I have 7 years of tax experience.

    Yes I like my job.  The hours are crazy sometime but I like that I have job security. 

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