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Induced at 1:30 am, dialated to a 10 by 10 am, and pushed for 15 min. Contractions come strong and hard. They are on top of each other. I had a positive experience(:

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@MrsSmokey:  My 2nd pregnancy. I was incuded at 39 weeks for pre-ecclampsia. I went to the hospital, had a non-stress test, was admitted at about 6pm. Fairly soon after I was started on pitocin. They made me lie in the bed the entire time. I was trying to not have an epidural, but without being able to get up and walk around it was torture (to me). Labor was stalling, so they upped the pitocin. I caved and accepted demerol which didn’t do a damn thing. I caved and asked for an epidural. The epidural didn’t work at all. I had 3 doses of lidocain and no feeling diminished. It was too late in the game to try to re-do the epi. (8cm), so I just had to grin and bear it. My beautiful daughter was born at 2:08am and I forgot all about the pain.

My 3rd pregnancy. Again induced at 39 weeks for pre-ecclampsia. Same deal as the last time, except this time my Bridal Party was not as high as last time, so we tried cervadil because it’s not as strong as pitocin. This time I wasted no time in asking for an epidural, which unfortunately only worked on half my body. So one leg/half my tummy was dead weight and the other side felt everything. :-/ This labor went faster though, I think about 4 hours. My second daughter was born at 7:36pm.

Despite the more intense labor pains, induction didn’t seem to lengthen my labors. I had an 18 hour labor with my 1st, 7 hours with my 4th and a mere 5 hours with my 5th (that time I didn’t even go to the hospital until 2 hours before he was born). Whether or not an induction goes as planned has a lot to do with whether or not your body is willing to cooperate.

My advice would be to prepare to occupy yourself until the induction starts working (which can take hours and hours) and really decide about whether or not an epidural is an option for you. Also see if your hospital will force you to stay in the bed the whole time or not so you can use that information to make your desicions. And like any labor, try to focus on the outcome and remember that even though it may be difficult you will get through it.

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I was induced at 41 weeks. I was supposed to get misoprostol, but I was already having frequent B-H contractions so they gave me pitocin instead. The contractions became really painful, and I was so intent on having a med-free birth that I held out for 24 hours before I got an epidural. (Idiot– I should have gotten the epidural from the beginning because pitocin contractions are insane!)

My water broke after about 8 hours, but I was barely dilated. After 36 hours of labor, I was only dilated to 5 cm and I had a fever so I had a c-section. I would have needed to have a c-section even if I hadn’t been induced though, because my baby was huge and there was no way she would have fit.

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I’m 33+1, so on almost the exact same schedule as you, OP. If the twins don’t come before 37/38 weeks, they’ll give me a choice of ELCS or induction, and I’m thinking I’ll go for induction barring Twin 1 flipping heads-up prior to delivery. 

Really keen to read others’ experiences!

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My friend was just induced at 38 weeks for pre-eclampsia.  She went in at 9am on a Tuesday morning.  Around noon, they started her on a series of misoprostol.  This was followed by a dose of Cervidil (dinoprostone).  These treatments did soften her cervix, but as she had only dilated to around 1cm from these treatments, they used a cervical catheter balloon to attempt to manually dilate her (put in place around 11am-noon on Wednesday).  It was left in for 12 hours.  The balloon dilated her to 2-3cm.  The doctors tried another series of 3 doses of misoprostol, followed by a second balloon attempt, this time with pitocin included.  They tried to break her water twice and failed.  She was on a pit drip from Thursday morning until late Friday morning.  She finally ended up having a c-section.

Perhaps look into things that you can do beforehand to make the induction go easier?  Not old wives’ tales, but things that are actually backed up by research.  For example, a study conducted in 2011 indicated a favorable correlation (not necessarily causal, as there could have been other influencing factors – this was not a controlled trial) between the consumption of dates in the four weeks leading up to delivery and the ease of delivery.  So if you like them/can tolerate them, eating dates in the weeks leading up to your induction date might ease the induction process and make it more likely to succeed.


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