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1. I was given pitocin to “speed up” my labor.

2. Given it wasn’t to actually start labor idk… Although I’ve had friends go in 1-2 times, start and induction, and then it not work.

3. Natural contractions are very different compared to induction contractions. Labor Stimulants are known for making contractions longer and harder, as they make the uterus contract all at once for the whole contraction period as opposed to from top to bottom having a peak and then tapering off with natural. This also makes them more painful and more tiring so most opt for pain relief… since you cannot have an epidural there are other types of IV drugs they can give… BUT be aware that they will cut off all IV pain medication at 7-8 cm so that baby won’t be drowsy when born.. so you’ll have the full contraction effect after having them dulled for a period. Also, labors that are induced are ~ 50% times as likely to end in c-section b/c a common side effect is fetal distress along with having to labor in bed which also puts pressure on baby’s blood supply. Given your doctor knows your condition I’m sure they’ll take all of this into account to try and stay away from a c-section, but these are common risks/side effects of piticon…

DO NOT under any circumstance accept the medication “cytotec” as your labor stimulant.. it is not safe in pregnant women, or approved by the fda, but is very common in l&d hospital use (don’t ask me why but it is)

4. I really wish they would not have given me labor stimulants b/c mine ended in fetal distress & a c-section. My SIL was recently induced for the “big baby” issue and her daughter was born only 6lb 4 oz… and she said that this go round was much more painful than with her other 3 children.

I would try natural things to try and start/prompt labor before using a labor stimulant b/c when our bodies do it on their own it’s very differnt than when it’s synthetic.. just what I’ve found in my research.

No matter what you decide, do your research and learn all you can pros & cons of induction medications, processes, and turn outs… that way you are fully prepared =)

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My labour started on its own, but I was ‘induced’ [had my water broken after 16 hours of progressive contractions, losing my mucus plug but no water breaking].

Basically if induced this way they stick what looks like a crochet hook up your vaginal canal through your dialated cervix and ‘pop’ the amniotic sack. When they do this, labour is supposed to progress very very quickly, and the nurses said often the labour becomes ‘harder’ as the contractions speed up/intensify more quickly than they would naturally.

My water was broken when I was @ 4cm dialated, I wasn’t at 10cm until 9 hours later & ‘hard labour’ [pushing] itself took 2hours. So I wouldn’t necessarily say it was ‘quick’ but the intensity of the contractions certainly increased tenfold.

If contractions/labour doesn’t start on its own, you can also be induced chemically, but I have no experience with that. I have read/heard that the chemical induction can make the process longer, but again, can’t say from personal experience.

Honestly if I could go back and do it again, I would have waited a little longer to see if things would happen on their own, but i totally understand that in your situation [health concerns etc] that you want to have a solid game plan.


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Mrstilly had a big baby, I’m not sure if she was induced but it might be worth checking out her birth story or sending her a PM.  

I wasn’t induced but my water broke on it’s own while I was in labor and the pain really increased A LOT immediately after that and it was still over 12 hours before I gave birth.  So while I know that’s sometimes used you may want to look into the options for inductions.

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I have had 2 inductions- one 8 years ago and one just 3 weeks ago.

1) Pitocin both times

2) 1st baby: 9 hrs total, 2nd baby: 6 1/2 hrs total

3) I don’t have anything to compare it to since these were my only births, but I did like the controlled atmosphere that resulted from being induced- knowing what time to go to the hospital, having it planned out etc.

4) I have no regrets at all about the way my daughters’ births went.  Both of my inductions were voluntary and offered by my OBGYN during my 39th week.  Being that that was my birth experience it seems “normal” to me now.

Of course, you need to make the right decision for you and your particular situation, but I had wonderful births with both my daughters and am happy I was induced.

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