(Closed) Infants and STDs- I am so angry/sad/frustrated right now.

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I have no words of advice, I haven’t gone through anything even close to that, but I am praying for you, your siste, your dad, your nephew… just your whole family.

I can only imagine how your sister must be feeling. It’s one thing to make a mistake, but if you realize that the mistake you made may permanently change the life of your child, I feel as though it would be hell.

Do keep us as updated as you can – things such as these are so hard to endure alone, and if your family is keeping it hush hush at least you can have us ‘internet strangers’ to confide in.

All the best!

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You didn’t give all the details, but first- Did your Dad tell you that your sister slept around when she was pregnant?

Most people who have chlamydia have NO symptoms, so she may have had the infection for a long time and did not have it treated because she didn’t know she had it.


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There are so many unfair things in life. When things happen to children its just sad. I would imagine your sister feels pretty terrible about what resulted from her actions so I don’t think she needs the reminder from you. Good news for baby is that it seems like it was caught very soon and usually babys can receive strong doses of antibiotics. Blindness usually only occurs if the symptons have gone untreated for a long time. Keeping the little guy in my thoughts!

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I’m sorry, that really isnt fair to your little nephew on the way. 

I think right now, your best bet is to avoid your sister.  I would have a hard time being fake nice knowing what you know.  I would just avoid it until you see what happens. 

Best of luck, hopefully it all works out.

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As pp stated, chlamydia has no symptoms for many.  She could have only slept with the baby’s father and contracted it from him.  She may not have known, and he may not have known either.  So, first off, don’t blame your sister or anyone else!  Now, don’t you think your sister feels bad about this already?  What would your being mad at her do to help the situation?  It would only make things harder for her.  She probably already feels terribly guilty.  Just keep quiet, hope your nephew turns out okay, and be supportive to your sis and nephew if things don’t go as you hope.

Life happens to all of us!

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@2ndtime: Yeah, I agree with you.


OP, I’m kinda glad that you have had time to accept it and process it, so that you aren’t harsh to your sister. I would wait to hear it from her, and hope that she got it beforehand and it just showed up while she was pregnant. Its really sad, but I’m sure she feels like shit about it, so no need to kick her while she’s down. I can totally understand your feelings though, which I’m really glad you found out beforehand, like I said before.

Just be there for her, and help her whenever you can, however she needs you to. Keep us updated. ((HUGS))

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OP, it’s good to vent but like the others say, she could have contracted from the baby’s father and sometimes, those infected don’t sense anything weird or different.  There may be other circumstances surrounding how she was infected.  Someone close to me recently was sexually assaulted and contracted chlamydia.  I just hope everything works out for your nephew.  Good thing is chlamydia is treatable!  Just try to come at it from an open mind.

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Wow! I am at a loss for words right now. I agree that chlamydia can hide for a long while. I know becaause I was given the “loving gift” from my ex-husband. (One of the many reasons he’s an ex.) Thankfully it was caught in my yearly check up and cured immediately. (And I have been clear for the last 12 years since.)

All I can thinnk to do now is pray for all of you and send loving healing thoughts for your little nephew. 

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Nobody EVER deserves to get sick. I’m sure that nobody feels worse about this situation than your sister. She needs your support right now more than ever.

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i’m so sorry to hear this. that is so unfair and unfortunate for your nephew. it’s horrible when things like this happen to innocent little children…he doesn’t deserve to go through that.

i’ve never been through a situation like this, but my advice would be that if you can, to not say anything to her about it until she tells you or it’s common knowledge within your family. since your dad wasn’t supposed to say anything, saying something to her about it now will put him in a really weird position. also when you do talk to her about it try not to get angry – it won’t help the situation one bit, and what she and her son probably need most is some support from the people that love them. i understand why you would be livid with her (i would definitely want to go off on her…), but try to put your best face forward for now.

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Chlamydia is highly treatable and if docs know to monitor for pneumonia and treat him with the regular eye ointment at birth, the baby shouldn’t have any problems.

This really should be just between your sister and her doctor.  If she is treated this should not be a problem for the little one.

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I know that I was tested twice for STD’s during this pregnancy as a routine precaution-once in the first trimester and once in the 3rd.  So your sister may very well know that her window of contracting it was more narrow than you might suspect.  Either way, whats done is done as far as her contracting it and passing it on.  What I would be concerned with is her taking the necessary treatment steps to have it properly addressed in your nephew.  Hopefully, her choosing to be risky in her pregnancy is not a great indicator of how she will be in the future with your nephew’s health.

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@Mrs. DG: This really should be just between your sister and her doctor. If she is treated this should not be a problem for the little one.

I totally agree.

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