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Dont freak yet. It does take time sometimes, depending on stress levels sometimes.

And it does take a few month before AF comes regularly on her own (if using BCP)

Take it 1 step at a time! And stop stalking the 1year+… you’ll just make yourself more nervous and bring yourself back juju!!

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I’ve had this freakout a few times.  My mom took 8 years to conceive her first child WITH fertility treatments, and my sister is having trouble too.  Looks like it’s genetic… 

Don’t worry just yet!  Talk to your ob/gyn if you’re really concerned?

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@shaniqua:  I feel the same way. I have had this irrational fear from way before we were TTC. I have irregular and long cycles and so I guess it is not so irrational! I also know a lot of people IRL who have had serious problems TTC, some of which have ended in divorce. Its scary 🙁 

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@shaniqua:  I felt the exact same way. I was SURE I would have fertility issues and be unable to get pregnant. I’m pretty healthy (exercise regularly, no major health problems, healthy weight) however I started on the pill at age 15 and like you I am 28 years old now (well I will be 28 in November) anyway I went off the pill in August, ovulated right on schedule on day 14 and got pregnant on my first try. I am 4 weeks and 3 days pregnant right now. So you probably have nothing to worry about!

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@shaniqua:  It’s scary and there are a lot of women who do have trouble getting pregnant (myself included).  However, don’t go looking for problems! 🙂  Yes, the stats are scary and there are several boards dedicated to those of us with issues, but that is just a small sampling of all the women who have trouble getting pregnant.  More often that not, it’s not this hard for most women.  The best thing you can do for your sanity and your body is to not think about it.  Relax as much as possible.  If you’ve never had issues with your cycle and you’re healthy, chances are you’ll be fine.   

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You never know until you try! My advice would be to talk to your doctor as well as start charting your cycle (so it’ll be easier to tell if you ovulate every month or not). Maybe being more in tune with your body will put some fears to rest. I think the fear of not being able to conceive is a totally normal fear many women have. 

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I’ve been having this exact panic a LOT lately. We’re still 2-3 years from TTC, but in my brain, nearly a decade of being sexually active without a pregnancy scare = 100% infertile. My husband tries to tell me it’s because I’m excellent at taking the pill, but I’m not convinced.

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@shaniqua:  I felt the same way you did, and after TTC for 1 year with no result, we learned that we actually do have fertility problems. So — my fears were realized. But I also realized that it wasn’t so bad — a lot of people go through the same thing, and there are so many medical advances that make it possible to conceive even with issues, that it’s not worth worrying about. (And, side note, I got a BFP yesterday, but I’m not getting excited yet because it’s sooo early.)

I’m only telling you this so that if you DO end up having any kind of difficulty (chances are you won’t — if 11% of women have trouble, then 89% don’t!) you’ll know that there’s hope. So try not to worry about it, even though I know that’s easier said than done.  

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YES!!! I’m 27 and probably won’t go off the pill for 2 years but I’m terrified that I won’t be able to get pregnant. I have some thyroid issues and exercise a lot (which I will cut down on when the time comes) and just feel like I’m not fertile! Hopefully we are, but I guess there’s no way to know right now…

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I know the feeling. I’m 29 and I’ve had myself convinced for years that I’d have trouble getting pregnant – I think it was mainly because I was on the pill for 8+ years and not once did I have a pregnancy scare. You always hear about women getting pregnant while on the pill so the fact that I never had a “close call” in all those years made me think I might have fertility problems, as silly and irrational as that may sound. Anyway, I was pretty shocked when I got pregnant on our second cycle trying.

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Yes I feel I will be one of these women as well. I am praying that I am not, but I try to tell myself that everything happens for a reason and if I get pregnant that it was in my life plan, if I don’t then I will try everything to eventually have a baby, even adoption is not a closed option for me. I am 32, not TTC yet.

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I had this fear too. I’m 30 and adopted because my mom couldn’t have kids. My Darling Husband and I used the pull out method for 2.5 years, no scares. Then we got pregnant right away when we tried. Sometimes we just have fears.

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It’s something I think about because I know it can happen, but freaking out, not so much. It’s like worrying about finding a good, affordable daycare. It’s there in my mind as something I might have to worry about . . . but not until I’m forced to.

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I wouldn’t say I actively worry about it, but like you, I too have thought about it. I am such a planner and this is something that can not necessarily be planned. I know what I would LIKE our timeline to be, but there are no guarantees in life.

I get anxieties on both sides of the spectrum–that we will start trying late and it will take much longer than expected, or that we think it will take a long time and it happens on the first try! I feel like everything will happen in good time, though, and when we decide to start TTC we will have to understand that it comes with this level of uncertainty and unpredictability.

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