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Sugar Beekeeper
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Does it really matter if it was a miscarriage/chemical pregnancy? Either way, you aren’t pregnant. Either way, your body took care of it.

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Bumble bee
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I get those all the time. It most likely was just a weird period. My lady doctor says that sometimes, it just happens.

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Buzzing bee

@brush1027:  I can get some crazy looking clots too from time to time. I think even if you did “miscarry”, there would be nothing to see. It is possible the HPT would be positive even though there is no longer a pregnancy, which is called a chemical pregnancy. My guess would be that you just had a mega clot.

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Blushing bee
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@brush1027:  It’s possible that you had an early miscarriage. At that early stage, it takes about 3-7 days for the pregnancy hormones to leave your body. So if you took a HPT today or tomorrow, it would still register positive if you had a miscarriage. The Early Response tests, in particular, can detect very low HCG levels, so if you’re really curious, you can give that a shot.

Miscarriages are actually fairly common for first time ever pregnancies. Most just go undetected because when it’s that close to your period’s due time, most people assume it’s their period.

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Honey bee
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@brush1027:  I would just assume it was your period and let it go. If it WAS a “miscarriage,” it’s completely normal and doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you.

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Blushing bee
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@brush1027:  Looks like this is the 2nd month where you’ve had concerns about pregnancy. Were you on birth control before? If you started charting your temps, you’d have a better idea of what is going on.

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Helper bee
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@brush1027:  I have a really heavy period every month. I have since puberty. Those clots happen to me almost every single period. I think it is just a clot or due to heavy bleeding.

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I had a miscarriage pretty early on (about 5 weeks or so). I was told to use pads rather than tampons so I think I had a little clearer awareness of what was going on for the next 5 days or so. I’ve had big blod clots during period before but never like this. This was big blood clots like every single time I went to the bathroom for a few days. I don’t know if this helps, but if the amount of clots and perhaps size of the clots is unusual, then perhaps you are having a MC of a chemical pregnancy. But as a PP noted, there’s not really any need to do anything about it from a medical standpoint and so many women MC without knowing, so maybe it’s not worth determining the cause. One thing to note, your chances of MC again (if this was a MC) dramatically decrease, so in some ways, when you do decide to be more active about TTC, then maybe this means you’re potentially in better shape to carry the baby to term! Good luck!

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Helper bee
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As a serial miscarrier I HATE HATE HATE HATE that we have early pregnancy tests.  HATE them.  You’re MUCH better off not knowing about the early ones.  The ones at 10/12/16 weeks…. are sometimes relevant to finding out information.  But when you miscarry at 4 weeks????  You can’t do anything about those… they can’t test you for them…. they don’t count from an *infertiilty* standpoint, usually.  so….. why know? 

If you take a test and it’s positive…. what are you going to do with information that may or may not be relevant to any future successful TTC efforts?

I know EVERYONE but me wants to find out if they are pregnant the moment they conceive.  Really, though…. give your body a break.  once you *mentally* begin to TTC….. it can affect you physcially.  So, even though you’ve been like clockwork for 15 years….. once you are thinking thoughts and symptom-spotting….. everything goes all to hell.

Just relax.


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Honey bee
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Sounds like a blood clot…that early on baby would be about the size of the stubble on your guy’s face when he skips a day shaving – not something you’d physically see in the blood.

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Bumble bee

@Wonderstruck:  +1. When I went for my first ultrasound at 6weeks 5 days they told me the baby was about the size of a grain of rice. I passed larger clots than that before I got pregnant when I was on my period and it was normal. Sometimes I would have tons of clots or thick blood in general and others it would be more normal, but they said it is normal.

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