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Honey Beekeeper
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hey! I’ve suffered from insomnia for years now. specifically i’m a sleep-eater. Yes, that’s right. i eat in my sleep and don’t remember it! they call it some kind of sleep arousal syndrome. i’ve tried lots of sleep meds and none have worked for me. plus i feel lke i got hit by a train in the morning. typically, a routine in relaxation has helped. i drink wine and, don’t laugh, i brush my cats. it works sometimes but i am actually sleeping through the night better.

i actually slept in a sleep clinic one night and they found jack squat.

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Helper bee
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I have wicked insomnia. I think, for me, it was having my babies-almost 10 week premature twins. We had cardiac monitors at home, medications to be given, plus I was nursing. They spent the first month of their lives in the NICU and after having such wretched sleeping patterns for such a long time (preemie twins having to be fed every two hours, add in there pumping, nursing and pumping again). My ex took off after 16 years together when the twins were 15 months old. So, I was working full time, nursing, in grad school, and no caffeine (bc of the nursing) so I acquired bad sleep habits being a single parent and I think I never relearned good sleep habits.

My twins are now almost 6 and I have chronic insomnia-it’s not unusual for me to be up until 1 or 2 am and get back up at 5 (to get all three of us up, dressed, out the door, and to school and me on duty by 7:30 and SMILING!) I take Ambien CR and it not only puts me to sleep, it makes me sleep thru the night. I started with regular Ambien and it put me to sleep, but didn’t keep me asleep-so I’d be up at 3 am wide awake. The only catch is that Ambien CR isn’t covered by our health insurance (I’m a public school teacher in Georgia) so you have to muddle through 2 months worth of another prescription before they will approve the Ambien CR. It is still kindof expensive, but a good night’s sleep is INVALUABLE to me.

I tried Tylenol PM and other meds and all they did was give me the “heeby jeebies” and I would be restless and tossing at all hours. Hope you find something that works. I have some teacher friends who take melatonin and swear by it. Always check with your doctor first though.

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Helper bee
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*raises hand* i am totally nocturnal……have been all my life.

@ejs4y8: omg! i’ve never heard of a sleep-eater. i can’t imagine doing that! and, i’ve never considered a sleep clinic. i don’t think i will. for whatever reason, i just like to be up all night…..no matter how busy i’ve been during the day.

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Helper bee
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I have seen sleep eating on television, and almost didn’t believe it. That sounds like an incredibly painful thing to live with. I work the night shift at work half of the year from midnight to noon, so when I go to sleep everyon else is up and about, and the sun is shinning. I am lucky to get a few hours everynight..I mean day.

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Bumble bee
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I am completely an insomniac. In fact, last night I was up until 5am too!  What are the chances of that!?  I’ve had problems for as long as I can remember.  It really is a chronic thing for me.  I remember when I was 8 or 9 (on more than one occassion) my parents would send me to bed at 8 and I would still be awake when they went to bed at 11:30. Undecided

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Sugar bee
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i usually sleep like a baby, but the last few nights i’ve had some pretty bad bouts of insomnia; and to top it off, the internet went out last night!  what to do, what to do!  

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Busy bee
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I’m a bit of an insomniac and I blame it entirely on stress.  From September 08 to May of this year, I was stressed about my clinical semester.  May until July I did nothing but worry about my board exams.  After writing the exam, I now find myself stressing about finding a job.  Sigh, I think the only time I felt stress-free was the week after my engagement where happiness overshowed everything else.

Some of the advice I’ve gotten included doing deep breathing exercises and drinking warm wine.  While that hasn’t worked for me, I found listening to music to help on ocassion.

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Blushing bee

I wouldn’t call my condition being an insomniac per say, but I’m definitely noctural. I could be up from 6 am and work/attend classes ALL DAY LONG, but as soon as night falls, I’m wide awake. I think I’m not classified as an insomniac because I do go to sleep eventually and then STAY asleep. You have to bring in a wrecking ball to wake me up. Sometimes I can sleep for up to 12 hours (if I don’t have something to get up for). I know I probably have a problem, but no health insurance means I’ve gotta deal with it for the time being. Thank goodness for late night WB stalking! (Btw, it’s nearly 2 am EST as I write this and I spent 12 hours at work today.)

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Helper bee
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I’ve always been a night person (it’s 2:30am and I have to be up at 8am to visit a possible florist an hour away) but since April 2008 I started suffering from insomnia.  I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep until 2am, 3am some nights.  However, those were the golden days (er, nights) because I could actually fall asleep!  Now since this past March I can’t fall asleep at all without medication or unless I’m alone in the bedroom and its completely still and quiet.  I’ve slept next to my fiance for seven years without any problems, but anxiety has driven me into acute, chronic, sleep-onset insomnia.  I don’t wake up once I fall asleep but I can literally lay in my darkened bedroom and stare at the ceiling for 8 hours and not fall asleep.  No naps, no caffiene, no alcohol, no recreational drugs, nothing that would interfere with my sleep.  My body resists sleep completely- if I start to feel sleep I’ll suddenly be wide awake as if I’ve been dowsed with cold water.  It has actually really badly affected my quality of life because I just don’t have healthy sleep any more.  Nothing over the counter works unless I take six or seven pills.  Ambien worked great at first but now that barely works anymore.  There is not a single trick- relaxation rituals, aromatherapy, mental tricks, white noise, nature CDs, natural herbs and remedies, a completely darkened room, leaving the lights on, leaving the lights dimmed- none of it works, over the last year and a half I’ve tried it all.  I don’t watch TV in bed or even in the bedroom, I don’t read in bed.  Its insane, there is just no reason for it.

I’m really, really hoping that I’ll be able to sleep again after the wedding, which I think is one of the direct causes of the anxiety causing my insomnia.  I don’t even want to think about having to spend the rest of my life like this.  Its unimaginable.

I may try switching to Lunesta, which apparently works differently.  Or asking for a higher dosage of Ambien.  I asked the doctor if its safe to take these every night on a regular basis and he said its safer than not sleeping.  Scary response.  I’ve been taking Ambien every night for 60 days, I’ll be starting my new 30 pill refill on Monday.  I guess I should try something else at the end of the month.

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Bumble bee
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I’ve had my bouts with insomnia in the past and occasionally with stress it flairs up. Sometimes it is just from excitement of wanting to get something done, but usually it’s when I have too much to think about.  I can’t sleep when I have to much ruminating in my brain.  I am a worrier so when there is something to worry about I worry 10X more than I should.  I have been better though…post school things are much more calm and many of my stresses haved chilled out too!

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I have a hard time falling aspleep ( borderline insomnia I guess ) .   I just worry a lot.     Nyquil works,   but i don’t rely on it.

Have you ever had a pro massage ?     They work like a charm and completely knock me out.      I get them every few weeks and sleep amazing for a day – two after them ( plus just feel better about life in general after getting them ).   

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Honey bee
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I’m a terrible insomniac. I have such a hard time falling asleep if I’m stressed, which it seems like is all the time now. I really don’t want to have to start taking sleeping pills again, but I need some REST. :-/

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