(Closed) intense pubic bone pain….. 25 weeks

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I had that when I was pregnant with my daughter and it was SO hard to pinpoint and explain.  All I know is it went away on its own.  I know that’s not really great news, but at least you know you’re totally normal! Good luck, toots! Hang in there!

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I’m going through the exact same thing. It’s miserable! The only thing that helps is sleeping semi-propped with a folded thick blanket inbetween my legs. Before getting out of bed, I have to bring one knee to my chest (as best as I can at 32 weeks pregnant) and roll out that way. I think I have roughly 8-10 pillows (including the boppy pregnancy pillow). 

I talked to my doctor about it and he pretty much just laughed and said it was my bones getting ready for labor (the relaxin hormone being unequally distributed) and it will only get worse with time. It was very discouraging. 

I don’t take Tylenol for it, because I truly don’t think it would help. 

I feel your pain and hope you learn some coping techniques! If it gets unbearable, to the point you are crying and nothing is helping, you could try to go see a physical therapist to give you stretches and what not. I’ve also heard accupuncture might help? Good luck!

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I have read it can be as common as 1 in 4 women.

I am only 12 weeks but have been dealing with pain since 8-9 weeks. Everything I’ve read indicated SPD doesn’t come on until much later in pregnancy, but I know they are not phantom symptoms because I never heard of it until I Googled the specific pains I have been experience.

For me, it feels like I’ve been riding a horse all day or someone punched me in the crotch. Pain is more instense walking down stairs or when I shift my weight putting one leg at a time into pants. I can cross my legs but if it’s been too long before I uncross them, it hurts to spread my legs back apart.

Some women describe an audible clickable sound when they walk but I’ve never experienced that.

I am really worried that because I have symptoms so early I will have to have physio or crutches as some women do in late pregnancy.

For severe SPD I’ve read you should not let your midwife/OB force you to spread your legs wide in stirrups during delivery as that can cause more pain.

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I had intense pain in my groin/pubic bone area from week 20 on. When it first started i thought maybe I pulled something? But it got super intense and was excruciating when I would part my legs to get in and out of the tub/car…or even turn over in bed. Tylenol helped some…as did strategic pillow placement but some days were aweful. Honestly it never went away until a few days after I have birth to my twins. I did get used to it though. 🙂 I had read tidbits about “SpD” but I dunno, I don’t think it’s a recognized true blue condition at least where I’m from. I mentioned my pain to my OB who palated my hips and pelvic bones and pointed out how baby is sitting f right between these bones, stretching and stressing the area and that I should consider it my “new norm” she reminded me we can’t expect everything to be the same while your body endures the Stressea of pregnancy. like I said it went away…I think I delt with the pain for a couple weeks and now it’s gone totally and Im 3 weeks pp. 

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I have this too, but in the back… like the same joint but on the “butt” side. It seems to flare up unpredictably, but is a low-grade soreness the rest of the time.

The only thing that seems to help is ice!

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globalmargaret:  I haven’t had any experience with what you’re feeling but I’m a huge fan of my chiropractor for pain (back, hip, knee, shoulder, you name it) before I was pregnant and he’s been of help to me since getting pregnant (I’m 30 weeks now). I’m not sure if you have a chiropractor where you’re at but it might be something to consider? That totally sucks and I hope you get some relief any way you can!


AnonymousCupcake:  I think you might be having sciatic pain? I’ve had it during my pregnancy starting at 8 weeks and it sucks! A warm/hot bath with epsom salts, ice like you said, hamstring stretches and some types of exercise seems to help me. Running and hiking up and down steep terrain sometimes brought it on or made it way worse, but biking, core, walking, swimming seem to alleviate it. It actually hasn’t bothered me lately….knock on wood! I commented on your other thread- how did it feel after your workout??

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globalmargaret:  totally SPD! With my 1st it didn’t happen until the very end so I thought it was part and parcel. With my 2nd, I thought I was going to have to quit my job at 25 weeks and end up on bed rest.  I couldn’t play with my 3 year old kid, couldn’t switch the laundry, do groceries, sleep, nothing. I was depressed because I didn’t know how I could cope another 15 weeks. I cried every day. My doctor had said to take Tylenol and a warm bath.  HA.  

I found a chiropractor geared specifically to pregnant and post partum women.  I was always a bit of a skeptic when it came to ‘alternative’ treatment but I was desperate.  And I swear to goodness I felt better after walking out of my first session.  After two weeks I was fine.  if I missed a couple sessions I could feel it but much less severe.  it was an absolute lifesaver.  Don’t give up, it doesn’t have to be like that. Good luck!!

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I have very mild pain in that area. I’m also 25 weeks. I believe it’s normal and body just shifting about. If it is too much to bear then I would definitely recommend going to see a doc. For me it just feels like stressed muscles.

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