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Bumble bee
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I read the article, and I have to say, WHO are these girls picking as their bridesmaids?!  How long have they known these girls?  I guess I’m lucky, but I ended up with bridesmaids that never once complained (except for my Maid/Matron of Honor, but that has nothing to do with the wedding, it’s just how she is.  And she’s my sister, and NOT having her would have been a scarier option).  I picked out the dress and they all told me they loved it.  They may have been lying, but if they were, they never let on.  They also threw me an amazing bachelorette party and bridal shower.

Who are these jealous, petty girls who can’t put their own feelings aside and be happy for their friend?  Why would you want to be friends with someone like that anyway?

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Busy bee
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Haha!  Yeah I read that this morning and thought wow…!  I just don’t understand why a friend would act like that.  I haven’t had any issues but one of my BM’s had an issue in her friend’s wedding from the other BMs!  One actually cornered her and told her that she was the least of the bride’s friends because she had known her the least amount of time (she and the bride had been friends for about 2 or so years)!!!!  Can you believe that!  Sigh, I don’t know why people get crazy at weddings but to act like that and think it’s ok is beyond me!

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Sugar bee

I read this morning as well!  I think it goes both ways though.  I think that some brides can be real b!tches as well as bridesmaids.  There needs to be reasonable expectations but also people need to choose friends wisely for this type of role.

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Bumble Beekeeper

Wow…. this is why I usually hang out with guys. Thank god my Bridesmaid or Best Man and Maid/Matron of Honor are sane.

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Helper bee
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i would have no idea how to handle a situation like those mentioned in the article.  i dont think i’m going to have any issues with my bridesmaids since they’ve been wonderful so far.  i’m very thankful.

on a side note though $350 for a shower?  each bridesmaid?  for me, that’s expensive!  maybe some of the bridesmaidzillas would be avoided if the bride was more upfront about how much money the wedding process going to be and if the bridesmaid was upfront about how much she can afford.  i feel like so much can be solved if people would just be calm and polite and honest to each other in these situations instead of getting angry.

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Sugar bee
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I read this article and it hit really close to home. We had “groomzillas” at our wedding. Men can be underhanded, jealous beyotches too, it would seem! 🙂

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Bumble bee
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my bridesmaids:

have ignored all my attempts to get everyone together for a luncheon.

have decided they can’t afford to throw a shower.

don’t like any of my dress selections, but don’t take the time to go look with me.

criticize every single wedding plan i make.

didn’t show up to my engagement party.

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Buzzing bee
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Wow. This stuff makes me feel so lucky. I have had NO problems with my bridesmaids. None. Granted, I only have three, and one has done pretty much all of the stuff.

My BMs are all either crazy busy with their own lives or live on the other side of the country. They are struggling with cash. They have to travel for my wedding. So I have made some problems for them. But other than my BMs being awesome, here have been the keys to my success with them.

– they got to pick any dress they wanted. Just had to be grey. If I had wanted a more uniform look, I was just going to pick a major designer like Dessy and have them pick any dress of the same color, fabric, and length. But it sucks to spend money on a dress that doesn’t make you feel awesome.

– I have demanded nothing of them. Asked, sure, but never demanded. And by ask, I genuinely asked, as in they were free to say no.

– I’ve made every effort to minimize their out of pocket costs. The shower was simple but fun, the bachelorette will be simple, I am paying for their hair and makeup, I didn’t require matching shoes, etc.

– Only about 20% of our conversations are about my wedding. I think it is crucial to focus on the friendship at this time, not just on the wedding.


Some girls are just crazy, but I think you can avoid pushing some over the edge by trying to lighten the load.

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Busy bee

wow…I have started to hate hanging out with women, and this would be one fo the reasons why lol. I have issues withs bridesmaids (mostly my Matron and older sister) and since she never had a “wedding” she has attempted to steal the show ever since…argh

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Helper bee
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I had a bride maid that was too hard to handle and i which with my sisters… she pretty piss but here what she was doing…

  • was always saying she would go to a bridal show and every last minute she would cancel
  • never wanted to talk about wedding and when she did it wasnt helping me it was when i get marry i’m going to have this.. (she knew it wasnt helping)
  • told the girl black tea length bride maids dresses she pick out a dress that was an inch away from her private part 

I ended up getting feed up with her being it was starting getting to the point a year count down sooo i went on the knot website and got told i was a bridezilla for even thinking of getting rid of her… and that bridemaid dont need to help with the wedding.. my though on that was what the point of a bridemaid… so after she was late for my birthday and i had to wait 2 hr to blow out my birthday candles i realize weather it wedding or birthday or anything if it wasnt about her she didnt overly care and why would i want that as my bride maid… sorry about my rant… it nice to get it off my chest:)

but anyways now my sister are bridemaid and even though they are thousand of miles away they are helping more than ever.. im glad i change it!! i keep thinking if she was like that a year + from the wedding she would be imposible to deal with a monthbefore the wedding and even worst for the day of the wedding  

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