Interesting things you as a child/your children have said

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My daughter used to call cucumbers cumbercu’s and my son called called popsicles siclepops. 


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In the 2008, I went door to door for Obama. My older son often came with (I would wear him) – he was 1.5. We also went to some campaign events, full of patriotism and such. I’m guessing this may be why he started calling the American flag “Obama”? 😂

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I called my grandma “Deo” for no reason. I just learned d’s first and so everything was said with a d! And grandma turned into Deo. But we called her that forever! In fact, both my brothers called her that and so did my little cousins. It was easier to say than her long, German, last name, so all of us younger cousins called her “Grandma Deo”

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lauralaura123 :  there was awhile when my daughter couldn’t pronounce “T”s very well, but also liked to climb and crawl around and get into general mischief. She would inevitably get stuck somewhere and start screaming “I SUCK! Help momma I suck!!” We’d laugh so damn hard lol. She did it once in the supermarket and the entire deli counter was roaring with laughter. 

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When I was 4ish, I exposed my grandpa as a cheater. laughing

I was ‘helping’ my grandpa’s girlfriend pull weeds in a flower garden. She made a comment on how good of a job my mom did when she planted them. I told her, nope, my mommy didn’t plant these. She tried to correct me, but I was sooo stubborn and I knew I was right, so I kept saying that my mom didn’t plant them, and ‘Judy did’.

Judy was another lady my grandpa was seeing at the same time. However, I don’t remember now planting the flowers with her, but I know I must have. 

After a few back and forths, she must have known I was telling the truth. I remember her dropping the garden tools and stomping off to find my grandpa. That was when she found out that he was getting around. 

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Ha – we were just reminiscing this last weekend!  My daughter was exposed to the almost constant tv ads about “don’t drink and drive”, she was around 5 or 6, and this caused her terrible angst.  At that age, there was no understanding that the ads were referring to alcohol!

So there we’d be, me driving with my water or soda pop, and she was so scared.  Later, she decided to tell me I needed to stop drinking and driving, she was so upset.

So many things we don’t think about!

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…………and same daughter, her biological father was a craps dealer.  So she heard the word craps a lot.

So when we would do something in crafts or at school during her Arts and Crafts time, she would always say Arts and Craps

what a great memory!

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20sparklingyears :  I did the same thing to my mom when I was a kid… got so upset about “drinking and driving” when she was drinking soda haha

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With the infinite wisdom of a four-year-old, I announced (as loudly as possible) at a family reunion that I wanted to be a Jeep when I grew up. Upon being told this was not possible, I proclaimed that a dinosaur would do instead. 

Also used to be convinced that black and white movies meant everything in real life in the “old days” only existed in black and white as well, and when my grandma asked if I wanted a red or blue Popsicle, was amazed and overwhelmed about how she not only knew there were colours, but could correctly identify the difference between them – having grown up without color TV, of course.

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I had a student completely flabbergasted that my name changed after marriage. Knowing this kid’s parents shared a last name I asked didn’t he wonder how his parents came to have the same last name? He thought you were supposed to marry someone with the same last name as you, and that the reason so many of his classmates’ parents had different last names was because they broke to rule. I think that kids dating pool in the 6th grade expanded tremendously that day….


For myself, as a toddler I was well known for tripping and falling down as kids do… and when someone would offer help getting up, I proudly proclaimed I’d pick myself up thank you very much. 

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lauralaura123 :  I worked as a nanny for the first 3 years of a little girl’s life. When she was around 18 months, she couldn’t say “mommy” so she said “Muddy”. Well my name is Mia, but she couldn’t say that either – instead she said “Meat.” 

For 3 months straight, she referred to me as Muddy Meat (as in, Mommy Mia). So she had a Daddy, a Muddy, and a Muddy Meat. 😂 

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One of the kids I used to look after would say cop porn instead of popcorn. 😂

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My now 7 year old daughter called everything “grilled” as “girl”.  So she wanted girl cheese, girl chicken, etc.  

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When DS1 sang “Ba, Ba Black Sheep” he said, “Ba, ba beep beep.” Just adorable.

And in the less-than-a-stellar-parent category, when he was very little, Dh and I were about to grill steaks. Dh asked how I wanted mine and I replied, “Bloody” (I prefer them quite rare). . . which became DS1’s first word. Oh, and then there was the time when he was about two and stomped his foot and said, “Dammit, dammit, dammit!” I couldn’t deny fault in that one because I am the only one who swears in triplicate. 

When DS2 was in Kindergarten, they made a packet for Valentine’s Day. The teacher asked each of the kids questions, and one of them was, “Who will you marry?” DS2 wrinkled his nose and said, “Do I HAVE to get married? I guess my sister.” Another boy in class replied, “I don’t want to get married; I want to be free. i want to be like Uncle Gary – King of my own castle!”

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