(Closed) International Love :) (Americans who have found the non-American one)

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Busy Beekeeper
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Amazing! Congratulations!

I love international love stories!

I don’t have e-pics, but I’m an American marrying an Argentine πŸ™‚

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My husband and I are an international couple as well.  πŸ™‚  I’m American and he’s Dutch (from the Netherlands in Europe).  I see God’s hand all over our meeting – there is NO other explanation!  

We ‘met’ via an online MMO (massive international game) that we both play about 3+ years after we originally started playing.  Anton was part of a small group of guys that started a new corp (in game group) and it just so happened that I knew a couple of the other guys and they kept bugging me until I joined as well.  I recognized Anton’s character name, but I’d never talked to him before.  Since he was one of the leaders, he’d put his MSN messenger info into the corp forums.  I added him and we started chatting about game things at first, but then moved on to become good friends who talked about pretty much anything and everything.  

Neither one of us thought anything more then just friendship about each other, actually we’d not even considered the possibility of more since we knew that we were 6k miles away from each other in real life and would likely never meet.  God had other plans for us though!  Each year the game (EVE Online) puts on a big meet up held in Iceland, called Fanfest.  I’d gone the year before and had a blast, so I made plans to go again that year (2008).  Unbeknownst to me, Anton had ALSO gone the year before (but we hadn’t met) and loved it, but he’s much more shy then I am and he didn’t think he knew anyone specifically that was going to Iceland that year.  

One day (a few months prior), I happened to mention to him that I was going.  He went dead silent and then said “Wait.  You’re going to Fanfest?!  I wanted to go, but I didn’t think anyone I knew was going!”  2-3 days later he had his trip booked and we’d exchanged phone numbers and planned on meeting!  Believe it or not, we still weren’t thinking on a level any higher then “Cool!  I’m going to be able to put a face to the name and voice of one of my corpmates!”.

I had a few guys that I’d met the year before ask me to go on dates with them in Iceland this year, and one of the dates happened to be the night that Anton was arriving.  I met Anton at the hotel and we went to where everyone (and the guy I was to be going on the date with) was hanging out.  Pretty much 5 minutes after I met Anton in person, I knew he was someone very special and I couldn’t help holding his hand and leaning against him whenever I got the chance.  I went (VERY reluctantly) on the date, but ended up cutting it short, because honestly all I wanted was to be back with Anton!

It took me a few days to convince Anton that I liked him (for some reason he doesn’t think he’s the wonderful, warm, amazing man that I do) and once he knew, the rest is history!  We spent the entire vacation together and were so sad to say goodbye at the end of it.  Once we both got home, we immediately started planning for him to come to California to visit me!!  

We were engaged 10 months after our first ‘date’, on September 11th, and were married (legally) on April 16th, had our wedding on October 15th.  πŸ™‚  Immigration’s been interesting (I say that very tongue in cheek), but thankfully we are just about done.  We hit the 2 year mark for the temp greencard in June of 2012, and once we have his permanent greencard, then we are done for dealing with the fiance visa portion of things!  I can’t wait!

Here are some of our pictures.  Our first ‘date’ in Iceland (he’s actually the taller guy without his arm around me.  :P):

Our 2nd ‘date’ in California:

Our engagement pictures:

Our civil ceremony:

And, our wedding:


If you want to see more of my pictures, there are a ton already posted in these links:



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My Opa moved here from the Netherlands right after the war so this actually makes me second generation dutch technically tho I am a born and raised Canadian who is married to a born and raised Polish guy. Funny too because Poland is actually what ended up bringing us together! My now husband and I have been really close friends since 2001 when we met in college. We did everything together whether it was parties or just hanging out. We would make a habit of a weekly/biweekly dinner/movie night of just us. In 2007 he decided to move back to Poland to live and work there but after 11 months he discovered that he missed me more then he missed his own family. We would talk on Skype but it just wasn’t the same. So anyway when he did come back our friendship connection had somehow changed to something more, not to the surprise of anybody around us. We dated for 4 years and it just ‘fit’. We can still hang out and laugh and talk til the early hours, still hang out and do absolutely nothing, say absolutely nothing and still enjoy our time together. He is my closest friend and now my husband. Finally got to marry him this last August!!

Pic#1 is us when we had first started hanging out in college

Pic#2 is us on one of our vacations we took to BC

Pic#3 is us at a star trek museum(yep that’s me the nerd) about an hour before he proposed

Pic #4 is us on the wedding day

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What a fun thread! I’m American and my Fiance is a Canadain who was born in China. We met on a music message board over 8 years ago and he propsed while we were on vacation in August. Smile

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This is a fun thread. Thanks for starting it!

My fiance, who’s Haitian, was originally my Creole tutor. We met during my first month in Haiti. He became my go to person for questions about the school where I was working, the culture, and the language. We became good friends, and then he declared his undying love for me. I told him that was crazy, he didn’t know me well enough! He encouraged me to ask questions and get to know him better, and he asked me questions too. (We used a book called Intellecutal Foreplay to start discussions. We highly recommend it.) Anyway, we fell in love and decided to get married. Now there are only 76 more days until I’m married to the love of my life!!

Here’s my favorite picture of us.

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Lovely pics & a wonderful story! I am an American marrying a Nigerian. We have been dating for over 2 years & I travel there often. I am looking forward to incorportaing both of our cutures into the wedding!

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Sugar bee
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I love reading about everyone’s story’s!  πŸ™‚

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Hello ladies! I just became engaged about a week ago to my wonderful Frenchie after 5 years of dating. Here is the bling:

We met when he studied abroad for a summer at my university. My best friend (now married to a French man as well) was the RA for a house full of French men and introduced us (because if your best friend has a house full of 24 French guys all to herself, you expect her to share, right?). He visited me twice afterwards and we had a 9 month long distance relationship before I studied abroad in Paris, and move to France right after graduation. Finally, we have reached the point in our relationship that instead of filling out two forms for US customs, we only have to fill out one per family. And maybe, if we are lucky, I’ll be able to stand in the short EU passport line at the airport Wink

In all seriousness, I’m so excited. We are having a short engagment and I’m a little nervous about planning the wedding, but I’m so thrilled to marry the love of my life!

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Ooh, great thread! I’m American and my husband is Indian. We met four years ago when he bought the house next door. πŸ™‚ We had two weddings-a wedding in India, then the U.S.  I love seeing/reading everybody’s stories on this thread!!

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I am so glad you made this thread!! I can’t post pics because I’m on my phone but here’s our story. My Fiance was born in Bosnia and he moved to the USA when he was 13 because of the war in former Yugoslavia. I am from the USA and all of my grandparents immigrated from Europe(Italy and Russia). We met on the Internet and have been together for 5 and a half years , I was raised very “Italian” so we had that european family in common an it’s very important to us. I have been lucky enough to go to Bosnia and Croatia where his grandparents and the rest of his family live. I love learning about the culture and I’m trying to learn the language so when we have children someday we can teach them. We were supposed to get married in Croatia at his uncles place on the water but his sister is in school here and wouldn’t be able to make it. I made the decision to have it here because she is so important to us and we are going to croatia/Bosnia/Italy on our honeymoon , so we will be able to celebrate with his family when we are there. I hope more bees catch on to this post , I would love to hear more stories!!

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@Au Jardin:  Yeah that is a nice plus!  We found out on our trip to the Netherlands recently that even though I am a US citizen carrying a US passport, because I’m married to an EU citizen, I can join him in the short line!  Such a NICE perk!  πŸ˜€

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