(Closed) Internships?! Getting frustrated. Any tips?

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@NoOneYouExpect:  I’m graduating with my B.S. in EE in just over a month ( as long as all goes well)! Hopefully I can help you out a little!

What kind of companies have you applied to? Generally what I have noticed is that smaller companies ask more technical questions, and larger companies ask more behavioral questions. I  think it also depends on the industry.

Also, when you submit resumes, try to make sure you’re kind of tailoring it to the job description. My school offers mock interviews, maybe you could see if your school has those.

Personally, when I interviewed for my internship, I didn’t get any technical questions. I also never got any when I interviewed for full time. I have however heard of classmates getting some.

Feel free to ask me any questions you might have, I’ve been through quite a few interview for our field!

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@NoOneYouExpect:  Oh wow, you’re experience has been WAY different than mine. I have never been asked about any programming languages besides C++, and even then, it would be considered an extra, not a requirement. I only had one interview for my internship, but from what I’ve seen, they just want to know your competent, not that you are a master in anything.

That being said, I haven’t applied to anything in communication systems or power. It’s  all been defense for me. What region do you live in? Just curious, I go to Penn State.

Phone interviews, SUCK. They’re awkward and so hard to judge how the person is taking what you are saying. Does your school hold any career fairs or any in the closest big city? Those have been beneficial for a lot of my classmates.

As for cover letters, this sounds terrible, but I hate writing them, and successfully avoided applying to jobs out there that required them. 

Also, I did get my internship last year with like three weeks of my semester left, so don’t give up hope!

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@NoOneYouExpect:  Have you thought about/applied for any co-ops?  It may put you back a year in graduating, but it would look even better than an internship (and you would be making a decent amount of money doing it).  This late in the semester it may be easier to get a co-op that would be work summer/school fall/work spring/break summer/work fall/last semester spring.  My SO ended up doing that (the place he co-oped only hired students who were 21+.

Try askamanager.org for resume/cover letter/interview tips.  It’s a great resource.

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@NoOneYouExpect:  Wow, sounds like the area you are in is doesn’t even want electrical engineers, they want computer or software engineers! That’s terrible! I assume you also want to stay in the area, but maybe looking elsewhere might not be a bad idea.

What, I haven’t heard of submitting video interview questions either! I have heard of skype interviews though. For wanting to get to know you better, I assume that is similar to the tell me about yourself question. I have usually said something to the extent of:

“I’m a college student that is looking to learn a lot from an internship/position that will help me learn and grow as a student and as a person. I want to challenge myself and want to get out there and see what it is like to implement things I have learned in school, as well as learning new things that I might not get the chance to in school.”

As for watching the videos you record, maybe don’t watch them! Have a friend/SO/classmate watch them, tell you what they think, and that’s that! Overthinking them will just stress you out more!

Ah good luck, I hope you get something! Us girl EE’s are hard to come by! You’ll have to update me, and feel free to ask anything else!


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@NoOneYouExpect: My very first job was advising and placing students in internships with the federal government. Have you checked with usajobs.opm.gov? Some agencies do offer internships especially summer ones. However, I will advise you that you may have to relocate for some position during your internship period.

Before I started working for the government, I was an intern. I had 3 internships in total with one being a co-op. My very first internship was during my sophomore year in college and it had nothing to do with my area of study. However, it helped me build my resume, made some very good connections thru networking and I got an internship in my area of study which then led to a co-op. What I’m trying to say is to try to look for internships within your field but do not just concentrate on just one specific branch of it. Also, not sure if you are doing this but check out all types of internships….paid and non-paying ones.

If you need any advice or questions feel free to PM 🙂 GL!

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