(Closed) Interracial coupling still a taboo?

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This is an amazing website… http://wearethe15percent.com/


From their “about” page… “In May, Cheerios posted this new commercial on youtube. It sparked a firestorm of backlash, and (naturally) the comments on the video have been deactivated.
When my wife and I watched the video, it felt great to (finally) see a representation of our own family. Especially considering what happened at a Wal-Mart in Virginia a few weeks ago.


We created this site to publicly reflect the changing face of the American family. According to the 2008 census, 15% of new marriages are interracial. And yet, it still feels rare to see something like the Cheerios ad represented in mainstream culture.


If you’re in an interracial marriage, or family, and live in the US, please see how to send in your photo for consideration.

(For what it’s worth, you may not receive an immediate response about if/when your photo will be published — but we’re replying to everyone whose photo will be published.)”

Thanks for participating. We are the 15 percent!”


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@MrsBonJovi:  lovely post! I never knew that Cheerios commercial was so controversial!!! I just thought it was cute! 

I know there is a wedding website similar to stylemepretty that is exclusively multicultural weddings but the name of it escapes me. I will have to do some looking!

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I’ve smiled and said nothing. I refuse to step down to others’ level of being uncomfortable to the idea of people from different cultural background dating or marrying each other.

I’m Southeast Asian Chinese. My Fiance is Canadian Caucasian (half Brit/half German). If my grandma was alive, she would probably be wagging her finger. My great-grand aunt met my Fiance (when we were just dating), but she never really questioned my dad or myself why I’m dating a Caucasian. However, my own ma and pa was against me dating a “white guy”. I laugh at their stereotype though; all they knew about the Caucasian culture is through Hollywood television. I’d just tell my parents that I’ve tried dating people from the same race; it feels like I’m dating my own brother. (Yuck! Incest!)

I am, however, aware that my own kids would be called “mutts” or some other racial slurs. You can’t run away from racism; in any shape or form. I would always reply, “Yes, love knows no colours nor shapes. Just like how God doesn’t care if we are black, yellow, brown or white, we’re all pretty in His sight. As long as we obey the law, who we love isn’t anybody else’s concern.”


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I been apart of an interracial relationship for years and for the most parts we havent came across any real issues besides some very odd looks. We also just moved to the Bible Belt this passed summer and we were expected to come across some criticism but have yet. From what I know I am the second in my family to bring home someone who wasn’t Caucasian. Besides my SO is part Afro-Cuban and German/Dutch decent. And I am typical blonde with brown eyes. I have never been with a guy that fit the norm exactly and I warned my parents when I realized that I wasn’t going to bring a guy home that was the norm I told my mother once that if my relationship with my SO didn’t work don’t be suripse if I brought home a guy that was a Mulism, Hundi, or a Buddist or someone along those lines but things did and are working out for the good. If I wasn’t on my mobile I would share a pic of us but at last I can not. 

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While I am black irish and indian and my fiance is black and mexican…we really arent seen as an interracial couple…just a black couple..I do have to say though that I had a boyfriend in the past that was white, so a black girl dating a white guy was just wrong to some people…I never realized how big of a deal it really was until I dated that guy years ago…his family (especially his father did not like or approve of it. This thing that shocked me most was when we would go out like to the movies it was mostly guys of my same race that would give us dirty loks and say ignorant things…I think interraccial relationships and children are beautiful and shows how far people have come not seeing color anymore, although some havent let it go…best wishes to u and all the other couples ๐Ÿ™‚

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@bebero:  maybe I shown the wrong pic. My hair is  straight but I have the typical curly hair and other then that I don’t know. When I was growing up I was around white people (and some native people…But that is as Brown as they get up in northern Ontario when I lived there) all the kids at school and a lot of adults would never guess I was mixed (or when they found out the kids would inform me I wasn’t because I looked white…ummm ya that happened ). But when I go more south or to the states I would have just people (black) makes statements that let me know they knew I was mixed…as a child you could understand how this blew my mind. Hahaha

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@Sweetpeaontheweddingbee7:  I have heard friends, family members and others who are black like me say stuff like that too saying white and spanish girls and taking all the good black men…not true and very rude and ignorant to say..I hate when people say stuff like that…even though my fiance and i are both black it still offends me when people make rude comments about interracial couples..love is colorblind and you too make a beautiful couple ๐Ÿ™‚  hope you can live a happy life and ignore all the negativity

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Where I am now (San Fran bay area) nobody blinks an eye at interracial couples. Where I grew up – Texas – yes, racism is alive and well. I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore!

Two of my best friends are an interracial couple – she’s white, he’s black – and they are from Ohio. She said that black women stopped her on the street in Ohio to scream at her for stealing “one of their good men”, and that when they went to extended family events on her side, they got stared at a lot. They now live in San Fran, too, and nobody pays any attention!

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I’m sorry you are being treated this way. Interracial couples actually make me really happy- It makes me feel like the world is moving in the right direction. Every time I see one I smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I am Caucasian and my husband is Chinese American. We live in upstate NY. Our mixed race marriage has never been an issue, and I can’t imagine being the target of racist remarks. The ignorance of others can be truly appalling. Beautiful couples pictured here! 

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