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I’m very sorry to hear that your mom isn’t supportive of your relationship. I’m not in an interracial relationship so I can’t give advice but I did just read a great article in this months Cosmo about Interracial Couples and some of the hardships that they went/are going through. Might be good to pick up the mag and take a look.

All I can say is hang in there. Your mom should be happy you found someone that you love and loves you and want to share your lives together.

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You know it makes me so mad that you’re going this! I mean I’m not going through the situation that you’re going through now..but I do know what its like because that same stuff happens in my family as well. Let me just say this….do what maks you and your fiance HAPPY. If your mom is against it and some of your family members or his is against it….OH WELL! Because you know what…they are missing the point! Your folks should be happy that you found love and someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with…and not be looking at color or the fact that he may not be their ideal son-in-law! Honey people are always going to talk no matter what it is…so don’t even stress yourself over that. I know you want your mom to be on board with the wedding and I know it hurts….I understand what you’re going through. I had to tell my friend that if her mom won’t accept her fiance because of his color (being black)…then how in the world is she going to accept you and your future kids? Sometimes people need a wake up call in order to get it together. And since your mom still wants nothing to do with him but still going to attend the wedding….personally I’d tell her stay home because you don’t need that type of negativity on your wedding day about the man you love!

But talk wth your fiance tonight…make a decision but remember to do what’s best for the both of you. Its your wedding and I want the both of you to be happy! I do hope that your mom will have a change of heart and hope that things work out for you. If you ever need to talk feel free to send me a message if you want.

Hang in there girl…I know its tough but you’re going to get through it!

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I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s “problem.”  I feel fortunate that my family and my FI’s family are both happy with our union but I am very familiar with racist and biggoted family members. 

I’m from a corsscultural family (American-English-Japanese) and so is my Fiance (Turkish-Japanese).  When my mother was getting married to my dad, her family was happy with the union (my mother is Euro-American) but my father’s mother (Japanese) wasn’t so happy, even though her husband/my grandfather is mixed too (English-Japanese raised in Russia).

I think that you need to do what you feel is right when it comes to your wedding day.  You should say to your mother that you found the person you are supposed to be with, that you love him and that your wedding day is your day to celebrate it with family members and loved ones. If she can be happy for you and be pleasant and help you with the process, you would love that but if she isn’t then you woud be deeply hurt.  Also, tell her you want her to be a part of the celebration, and that you know she has a bigger heart than she is showing you right now.  That she raised a daughter who fell in love with someone despite his skin color but for his substance and his personality.  If she’s still fussy after that, then I think you and your Fiance should talk about having a smaller wedding or maybe even a wedding away from all the drama.

Personally, I’m not inviting some members of my family to my wedding because they won’t add to the happiness of the day.  For example, my mother’s husband has betrayed my trust (and also he’s biggoted) so I don’t want him at my wedding or anywhere close to my event site. I’m happy with that decision and feel a clearn conscious because I want to be happy that day and not have someone making snide remakrs about me and my Fiance, or make anyone else feel uncomfortable.

There are many online yahoo groups that are for people in mixed relationships and it might help to talk to some ladies in one of those groups.  Also, to connect with other mixed couples you might want to check out http://www.lovingday.org – there’s a section of the website dedicated to mixed couples and the organization is named after Loving vs Virignia, the court case that made interracial marriages legal in the US. 

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Do you think there is hope that your family will turn around?  Or is it utterly beyond hope…

I am half Japanese and my Korean Father-In-Law had many good reasons he did not like Japanese (because of the war)… Bee blogged a bit about my first meeting with him here:


I figured I would give him 10 years to come around… but actually, it took a lot less than that!  Which was a relief, because if it had been beyond hope that he would ever come around… we would’ve had to make some really hard decisions as a couple.

Good luck!!

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I’m so very sad that you are going through this ๐Ÿ™  I’m Canadian (Scottish-German background) and Fiance is Korean.  We live in Korea where interracial or even intercultural relationships are much less common and much less welcome than in my Canadian experience.  Future In-Laws were quite upset when they finally found out about me (3 years into our relationship – I was a ‘secret’ to them until then).  It took a while for Fiance to convince them that he wasn’t changing his mind and was not giving up on our relationship.  They finally agreed to meet me, and the situation has been good ever since.  I know a ton of relationships which have been derailed here by inlaws – but in those cases only because one person in the relationship cares more about what their parents think than keeping their romantic relationship.)  However, every single interracial marriage I know here started off with family drama but eventually subsided (in one case, my friend’s father refused to talk to her for a year after he found out she was dating a British guy..and they lived in the same house!!!  But eventually he came around and paid for her whole wedding).  I think it helps to know that you aren’t alone and there are many casese which look hopeless but have turned out for the good.

On your wedding day I hope you can surround yourself with people who support you in your relationship, and I hope that over time your mother can see your committment and accept your Fiance and your marriage. 

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Oh wow. I’m so sorry to hear you are having to go through all that. We are an interracial couple (I’m white; he’s black) and we have had our share of difficulty. My family wasn’t on board for a while, but once they got to know him as a person, they fell in love with him. Seriously. It is an absolutely miracle what has happened in their relationship. My husband and my mom will talk on the phone at random times, just because! A few years ago, I wouldn’t have even dared to dream that would ever happen!

This is easy to say, but hard to hear – be patient with your family. Give them time. I know it feels like it’s already been a long time, but let them go at their pace. They may not be okay with it before you get married. But hopefully someday they will be.

We had one guest say he didn’t even want an invitation after he saw our save-the-date with our picture on it. He is THAT against interracial marriages. But we just brushed it off and moved on. I know it is a lot more difficult when it is someone like your mom saying hurtful things.

My heart goes out to you…I hope the situation improves soon!

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I just realized you and I have talked about this before. Once I saw Des Moines, I said, “Hey, wait a minute…”. ๐Ÿ™‚

You know my story, and know that it has worked out. I’m praying yours does too!

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I am in an interracial relationships but we are very lucky to have very supportive families. I am really sorry that you are going through this and it truly is unfortunate that your mother can’t see past a books cover. I pray that she will come around and that you will be able to have her attend your special day. If she doesn’t don’t feel guilty if you did everything you could. 

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Oh my word how my heart goes out for you and your whole family drama!  I too am a white girl “making a mistake getting married to a black man” – to quote the world’s greatest mother!
My Fiance and I have been together for three and a half years and I love him more and more every day – espically since my family is chaulk full of crazy and they have made it crystal clear to him, to his face, that he is not a welcome addition to our family.  So much so that I have not seen or spoken to my mother since Mother’s Day of last year.
I had a really hard time as my family was really close.  We are a small family and we got together at least once a month and my mom and I were really close at one time and to top it off my cousin was my best friend.
Once they realized that I was not going to change my mind based on the color of his skin, they tried to bring up things that were so not an issue.  They tried to tell me that if I chose to marry him they would not be there and that they would not support me or give me their blessing.
When that didn’t work, my cousin chose to dig the knife a little deeper and tell me that my grandparents would never have approved of him (both of my grandparents are gone) and that if I ever really loved them I would not choose to marry my Fiance.
People, even families, get ugly and crazy when they don’t “win”.
I have had people tell me that they will all come around at some point and embrace him and love him like I do, but after 3 1/2 years, I’m not thinking that is going to happen.
The BEST advice I was ever given was to expect that they will NEVER accept our relationship, they will NEVER come around, they will NEVER get over his skin color.  Once I was able to HONESTLY realize that, and get over the hope that one day they WOULD change, I was able to move on and continue with my life.
I’m 34 and he is 36 and we are planning on having at least on child in the next few years.  I find it very sad that my mother and other memebers of my family will never know any children we do have because of their issues.  It also sucks because I have a 13-year-old and she doesn’t see any of the members of our family either.
All I have to say is that if you love him and he loves you, it is enough. It really and honestly is. 
I am not inviting my mother or my aunts or cousin to the wedding.  I will send out an announcement after the fact but that will be it.
Yes, it sucks more then anything in the world can suck.
Yes, every girl dreams that her wedding day she will be surrounded by their family, to include their mothers.
Yes, it is NOT how you pictured your day to be.
You are going to marry the man who makes you happy and above all, and I speak as a mother, a mother should want her child to be happy above and beyond anything else.
I will leave you with this…
I LOVE the movie Steel Magnoilas and I really love the scene where Shelby tells her momma that she is pregnant and M’Lynn gets all pissy and Shelby asks her what she always said when the kids were growing up.  M’Lynn answers that she just wanted them to be happy, and Shelby tells her that having a baby would make her happy. 
If you haven’t seen the movie or haven’t seen it in a while, watch it.  You will see that while family is family is great, but friends are better.
I really do hope your mom gets over her issues!
Let me know if you need any support!
I’m totally here for you!!
When is the big day??
Do you have your dress?
Are you at least having fun planning regardless of the drama?
Please say yes, because it should be fun and exciting!!

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i agree with many other bees here – what’s the most important thing to you? i know it’s a really horrible position to be in to choose between your SO and your family. but if they are not supportive of you two solely because they believe you shouldn’t date someone of another race, it’s probably a good idea to move on. i am fortunate that my mom and the future in-laws have been 99% supportive of us practically from the beginning. other members of my extended family have been more subtle about their, shall we say, disappointment that i didn’t end up with an african american guy (my FH is white, blond haired and blue-eyed to boot!). but at the end of the day, everyone realizes it’s our ultimate happiness together that truly matters, and if i’m still happy with this guy after 4 years, and he’s not stealing my money or beating me, he’s gotta be a least a decent guy ๐Ÿ™‚

i have faith that some hearts will be overturned in the years to come. but i say live happily ever after, and if your families eventually get on board – great! if not, try not to let it eat away at the beautiful thing you guys have going!


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I’m late to the party as usual- damn crazy work week!  Anyway I just want to offer my support and sympathize with you on the whole unsupportive family! F Stripes and I are going through it too and well, there’s no making it sound pretty, because it sucks!

I’m so happy that you guys are sticking to your guns and going forward as planned and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your family comes around too.

I think the only way to create the world we want to live in is to live and love boldly and openly and hope that by our example peeps (including our own families) will eventually come around!


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Ohh, I totally know how you feel.  Well, sort of.  I hope you managed to sort it out.  I’m glad that your mum will at least turn up and that you had the courage to tell her.


My post is somewhat similar, but you’ve come much further than I have http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/dead-scared-to-tell-anyone

I wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful wedding day.

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