Intrauterine Growth Restriction

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One of the mamas in my birth group had this! Her little girl was born super early, 29 weeks I think, due to fetal distress. I’ll see if she wants to weigh in 🙂 Her baby (14 months now) is a perfect little thing! 

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My son had IUGR. My midwife scheduled an ultrasound at 32 weeks because I was measuring small (baby was measuring fine at my 20 week anatony scan) and also because of my slightly high blood pressure. At that 32 week ultrasound, my son was measuring small. He was in the 5th percentile if I remember right. From then on, I had bi-weekly ultrasounds (called biophysicals) where they basically had a check list of things to look at. My son passed with flying colors every single time. He was perfectly healthy, just small.

At my 36 week check up, my midwife was concerned about my placenta aging too fast (basically working overtime to try to get extra nutrients to my son). My son was also only gaining an oz or two between ultrasounds.  I was induced at exactly 37 weeks. My son was born 4 lbs 12 oz, perfectly healthy. No NICU time, lungs were fine. 

He is a very healthy and active 2 1/2 year old now! He is still a peanut, but we (my husband and I, and his ped) believe that is more genetics because my our families are all short/petite! 

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mrss9 :  My sister in law had this. She delivered at 38 weeks due to it and my nephew was a little peanut! Now he is a healthy 2.5 year old and perfectly on track for height and weight. 

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Do you know what specific concerns came up? Is your baby overall small, or disproportionately small? (I had a bunch of extra monitoring for concerns about placental issues, they said that typically with at least placental blood flow issues the head would be bigger and the legs/body would be smaller). I didn’t end up having issues, but there were some concerns when my son dropped from 75th% (measuring about 2 weeks ahead) at 32 weeks to 25th% (about a week behind) at 36 weeks. My doctor wasn’t concerned, said he was very proportional and since I had been a smallish baby he was probably just small. He was smallish (sub 7lb) at birth at 39+2, and has since grown back up to the 75-80th %. 
At almost 31 weeks, you are in pretty good shape probably, I know plenty of 32 week babies who are 100% fine, if it were to come to that, and it sounds like they aren’t at a point of drastic action either way if she went almost 3 weeks without telling you and is just advising further monitoring. My guess is they will keep tabs and be ready to induce if baby stops growing. But hopefully it ends up being no problem at all! Good luck!

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Understandable! Try not to stress out too much, I’m sure your doctors will keep you super informed. As a bonus, I got to see my baby two times a week and had a ton of ultrasound pictures! The tech even did 3D for me each time for a minute 🙂 

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mrss9 :  Me! And contrary to what they say, you CAN do something about it! Start taking 1 baby aspirin, and start eating. Specifically the Brewer Diet. I went in at 28 weeks and came out with suspected IUGR. She was measuring 3 weeks behind on belly and femur. I researched and researched and found the Dr. Brewer Pregnancy Diet. For the next 6 weeks, I drank 4 16oz glasses of WHOLE milk with ovaltine powder per day, and ate lots of chicken and cheese and bananas. When they remeasured her at almost 33 weeks, she had caught up. She was 7lbs 5 oz at birth at 39+2 csection but her cord was small and short. She was actually my biggest planned csection baby by 4 ounces! She was my 4th. 

You can help your baby. The doctor told me there was nothing you can do and I didn’t believe it. I simply was not eating enough and I was not eating the right kinds of foods. So mama, head to the grocery store, get that whole milk, chicken breast, cheese….you need calories, saturated fat for babies brain and PROTEIN! And SALT….because salt is what keeps preeclampsia away, which contradicts what drs say. Salt keeps your blood volume up which pushes those nutrients through the placenta to baby. I didn’t follow the diet exactly, I tailored it to myself, but it totally helped me and my little chunky, who is now 6.5 months old. This is also a great breastfeeding diet.



Here’s more info:

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Hey there bee Mama! Congrats on your bun!

I’m the mommy bee that kittyyogi was talking about earlier. I’m sure you’re feeling scared and overwhelmed and you’re probably googling iugr and reading every single article you come across. Stop googling. Your bun will be fine! 

My case was a little different. My placental malfunction caused a slew of pregnancy complications and my babe was born at 32 weeks and severely iugr, weighing only 2lbs and 5oz. She was in the NICU for a while but, honestly, besides being super mini, she was fine. Breathing on her own and everything.

If your babe only has iugr and they’ve seen no other complications like notching in the uterine artery or anything like that, you’re just going to have a perfectly petite little munchkin. Iugr just means tiny. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m always available to chat. 

Here’s a pic of my Scarlet Rose, hanging with her new boyf 😍

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My LO was a severe IUGR baby, had an ultrasound at 29 weeks and she measured 3+weeks behind

Was in hospital for a few days and was told I would likely deliver between 32-34 GA but she kept growing 😉 she was Frank breech so my high risk doc decided at 35+5 to perform a planned csection at 37+0. She was born 5lb4oz and perfectly healthy. She is now 14.5 months old and still 3rd percentile for weight since birth! I think the doctors just want to be safe these days but I believe my little gorgeous peanut was never IUGR, she just is tiny!

It’s hard not to stress, but just know that the doctors will take care of you and your LO! All the best 

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I had IUGR with my daughter who is about to turn 1! Near the end the doctor sent me for stress tests to make sure everything was good. My daughter measured small the last few weeks of my pregnancy… I think she was 10th percentile. My doctor induced me at 39 weeks and I delivered a 5lb warrior who was as strong as ever.. no nicu. She grew right on target and gained at normal intervals. At almost 12m she is still small compared to other babies her age, but she always hit milestones early and has been growing no problem.

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My best friend’s oldest had IUGR. She stopped growing around 31-32 weeks I think but they didn’t catch it until 35 weeks when my BFF got pre-eclampsia.  Baby was born at 36 weeks, about 4.5lbs. No NICU time at all and she is now a healthy, smart, sassy 6 year old. 

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mrss9 :  I just went through this with my daughter. She was born Sept 17 at 36+6 (technically premature). They were going to induce me on the 18th at 37 weeks for IUGR, but decided to induce me sooner bc of my Blood Pressure and suspicion of pre-E. They caught the IUGR at 28 weeks. The final ultrasound on Sept 16th, baby was measuring 4lbs 8oz, 4 weeks behind. When she was born, she was only 3lbs 12.5 oz! Definitely a shock to us all. She’s doing amazing now and as scared as I was, everything else was normal with her. She was so incredibly active in the womb! Don’t be worried at all. She only spent 10 days in the NICU to be big enough to go home in her car seat lol. She’s 1 month and 4 days now, up to 5.5 lbs so she’s catching up! At least the doctors are aware of it and they can plan accordingly. I didn’t like being induced because I wanted to go into labor naturally, but it was kind of nice to plan around the date. Sending well wishes to you and your baby!<3

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