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My husband is just about the nicest man you could hope to meet. Anyone who meets him is just blown away by how sweet and helpful he is. He would do anything for anyone. 


I love how hard he works for us and never complains. He tells me I’m beautiful /sexy / intelligent / amazing about 30 times a day and thanks me for how hard I work and everything I do (I thank him too and compliment him often too. It’s just how we are, we make sure we don’t take each other for granted)


I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have been poorly for the entire time, he has treated me like a princess and does his very best to ensure I don’t lift a finger. He’s going to make the most perfect Daddy and I can’t wait to see our daughter in his arms. 

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Mrs_Beer :  Wow, you’re so pretty! 

OP, My husband is awesome too, just like everyone else’s! He’s quite a bit older than me (14 year gap), and we were introduced by my best friend. She thought he’d be perfect for me and she was right.

He’s ridiculously smart, he’s one of those people who remembers everything he reads, and he reads a LOT. He’s the only person ever who has made me feel ok with the medical issues I have, and never made me feel like an inconvenience – he’s always happy to work around what I need. He drives me to hospital appointments and waits around for hours for me. He’s never complained or even rolled his eyes.

 He does all the cooking and most of the housework, because he gets home from work before me, so we can spend more time together in the evenings. He’s always thinking about other people before himself, me and our cat especially. He’s the most selfless and generous person I’ve ever met. This week alone he’s been ferrying me all over the place because my car is broken.

He’s also a great cat-dad, we’ve had some seriously spoiled kitties!

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kittycatcat :  awww thank you. That’s so sweet of you to say.


Nice to hear of another amazing cat Dad. We have three and they are very spoilt! 

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lili91 :  I love this thread! Thank you for starting it. 


My husband is Eric, he is in his late 20s. We met at university and have been together for 6 years this year, and married for 2, we also have a 6 month old son. 


Eric is an attorney, he’s super intelligent, hardworking and reliable. 

He can also be goofy and fun. He loves football, as well as many other sports. 

He’s one of the kindest people I know, he’s really forgiving, and really helpful. 

I would not want to spend my life with or raise kids with anyone else but him 😊

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I love this thread and love reading everyone’s posts!  
My bf and I have been together 4 years and known each other 6 years.  We met bartending together.  We were both in relationships and so we were just pleasant acquaintances with each other, but I enjoyed his smile and overall pleasant attitude in an otherwise extremely toxic work environment.

  He became single and later I did and our friendship quickly blossomed.  He was 9 months sober (and now almost 5 years!) and had a lot to learn about himself and I was coming out of an emotionally abusive relationship.  Sounds like it would be hard but it wasn’t, because we decided to treat each other with respect and trust and love.  Even after an argument, we quickly apologize and talk about what hurt us in that moment.  I love that we treat each other as equals.

we both love music, he is a fantastic drummer.  He loves the stock market and business and baseball.  Our thing is going to Phillies opening day games.  I have travelled more than him so I know he loves travel but that hasn’t become a huge part of our life together yet.  My dog I brought into our relationship is his first dog, and the first man I’ve ever seen my rescue dog so comfortable with.  He values his family and respects my family so much.  We both love food.  I can say “let’s go on a healthy eating streak!” And he will say yeah awesome! Or I can say let’s binge eat Mac n cheese tonight and he will also agree! He’s a great cook.

i got him into coffee and we bought a Jeep together early on (a leap of faith!) and to this day we love grabbing a good cup of coffee and going for a drive, especially in snowy weather.  I probably influence the TV shows we watch more, I showed him Mad Men.  I love sitcoms and we love the basics like The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, That 70s show.  I love true crime stories but it bums him out, but he will watch them with me.

we love candles and staying up late. We both aren’t picky eaters.  We both grew up with single moms (but with very loving and supportive families).  I always classified our customer service when we worked together as “cheesy”, as there are bartenders who will cuss a lot and shoot shit with you and then there are the ones who are asking you about your day and staying upbeat and that was us.  I loved that.

he is enthusiastic and gets excited for the little things in life like I do and moves at such a slow pace that, while I still enjoy being on time, it’s helped me relax more and enjoy the moment.  He is literally so present in every moment, and it’s a contagious thing.  I love getting caught up in those moments and in us on our days off.  He makes time stop, even if it’s in the middle of the grocery store aisle. 
He won’t love a picture of himself on the internet, but here’s one of us from like 3 years ago.  It’s a picture of a instant photo I took.  His kindness and big heart makes my eyes tear up while writing about him.  Relationships aren’t always easy, but I do feel if you have the right partner a lot of things will fall into place.




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My husband, W, is absolutely the opposite of what I thought I’d ever want or need, but he has proven to be my biggest cheerleader at every turn. He’s ridiculously smart and kind in every situation unless people are rude on public transportation! I literally almost ended things when we started dating because I thought I was too snarky for him. I didn’t want to “ruin” this quintessential nice guy, but my salt and his sugar mix well! He’s patient with me and constantly surprises me with sweet little gestures, and I certainly would not like to live live without him. 

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lili91 :  where to begin. And where to finish! 

I’ll keep it short! SO and I are each other’s best friends! We act like each other now that we live together. We constantly pause a 30 minute show to discuss important moments, and end up taking two hours to finish it! We Send memes and Jokes and photos throughout the day. We are both very competitive In anything we do, exercise, games, debate, so there’s that. We both are on the same page with exercise and diet and keep each other on top. He also eats whatever I make him lol. So it’s not always super healthy, sometimes it’s just waffles I feel like having and he is a good sport about it! We definitely finish each other’s “sandwiches” lol. We already know what the other is thinking or about to say when we’re out and about and start laughing before he or I even says the joke or whatever it is. when we begin to argue, we end up saying something like “oh…doesn’t really matter” and then get it on lol. He is a for sure sweetheart, always so attentive and gentle around me. He is super supportive with everything I do. He is super sweet and nice to everyone he meets. He is an extremely intellectual person; he always has a reasonable thing to say on most topics. 

we’ve been dating for 2.5 years now and he is my absolute best friend. 

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lili91 :  You are my favorite bee just because of this post!!!! I am late to add but I have to join in on the love. 

My husband and I have been together since high school…15 years! Married 5. He is my rock. He balances me perfectly. We are polar opposites but it works! I am such a dreamer and think out loud and he keeps me grounded and focused. He is very goal driven and determined (one of the things I admire most).

I don’t know how many of you have seen the cartoon clips from “The Awkward Yeti” but Heart (ME) and Brain (my husband) are the perfect description of me and my husband lol. This sums us up haha…

Maybe we have been together for too long but he knows me so well. I wear my heart on my sleeve so when I am having a bad day he is there to immediately cheer me up and try to crack his awful dad jokes to make me smile. We love sports (we are super competitive) and love the outdoors. We are definitely foodies and it’s so much fun to try new dishes, but he is by far the better cook.

Best of all, he is an amazing dad! Even when I was pregnant, he was always there to help me and support me. He wanted to be involved throughout the whole process. Once our daughter came, I knew he was meant to be a dad. He adores her so much. He pitches in and helps with everything. He has never shied away from diaper duty, feeding her, laundry. I had to exclusivley pump and did so for the first 10 months and it was HELL. I would sit there crying as I was pumping and he was always so positive. He helped do allll the dishes that go with pumping and feeding. He literally would tell me how amazing of a mom I was while I sat there feeling like a cow lol. I can’t imagine having another partner to share this experience with.

It’s nice to share this with others but now as I type this, I know I don’t tell him enough just how much I appreciate him. Thanks for the reminder to do this. laughing 

He hates pictures so I will spare him.

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