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I adopted two “teenage cats” within 6 months of each other.  I initially kept them separated in different rooms with separate litter boxes.  Then, I would bring things with the other’s scent on it and rub it on them.  Our first cat kept trying to get into the room because he was so curious and would not stop chirping!  Finally, after a week or two, we let them at each other and I honestly thought he would never stop beating on her.  They get along pretty well now, even laying on the couch next to each other, but #1 still beats on #2 at least once a day.  Good luck!  Cat #1 was a Christmas present from my Fiance and it was the best xmas gift ever!!! 

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Yeah, just separating at first is the most important part.  When we introduced our little one (she was 2 when we got her) to our then-5 year old, it was a SERIOUS test.  They really struggled and fought a lot. 

What really worked was we rubbed a towel all over the new kitty and stuck it under my older cat’s food bowl and then fed her.  She loveeesss eating so she associated happy eating time with the new cat’s smell.  Aside from that, just keep an eye on them to make sure they’re not fighting too hard/hurting each other. The kitten might annoy the older cat because it will have TONS of energy and want to play play play and your older cat probably wants to chill.


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Honestly, I’m surprised to see what pp said because I just brought in kitten # 2 and threw her in the mix. They do have seperate litter boxes and food trays….and both are girls.

At first I heard hissing and stuff but they mainly stayed apart…after 3-4 weeks they were fine. Now it’s been 2 months and they play alllllll the time! They also fight sometimes too but it’s usually over the yarn ball or something silly that lasts 5 seconds

Can we say YAAAAY??? NEW KITTY!!! I am so excited for you! My Darling Husband makes me promise not the visit the kitty adoption center because my little “visits” are what led us to 2 kitties….ooops:)

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@jaguar: Is he decalwed by any chance? Just because if he is then their little fights won’t be as bad:)

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I would designate one “safe” room for the kitten.  When you first transport that little baby, put a blanket inside the kennel so the scent rubs off.  Then allow your current cat to smell the new kitten’s blanket.  Keep the kitten in the safe room, door shut for a week.  Then slowly introduce them by kenneling the kitten in the same room as your current cat.  When you notice there’s no hissing, you can start allowing them to be around each other supervised.  After a month or two, they’ll be good to go and soon enough they won’t know what it’s like without the other. ๐Ÿ™‚

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we tried because we were given that advice.  the first one, we decided it was best because she was just spayed and we didn’t want her to tear her scar.  boy was it difficult.  we tried to sneak her in but our other cat was too smart and knew something was behind the door.  she kept sitting near the door and knocking.  during the day, they would both sit with the door between them and try to communicate with each other.  we couldn’t keep them separate for very long.

the second cat, we didn’t even try.  we just let them both work it out.  they’re not best buds but they tolerate each other.  i think they have a love hate relationship because they are forced to share the same home.

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