(Closed) Introducing two cats: Not going as well as planned…

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Feliway is not cheap but it’s definitely a good idea to try it. We had some non-recognition agression/jealousy from our older cat when our younger came back from the vet after surgury, and I think it really helped. Apparently when one cat gets all different smelling (injury and vet office antiseptic smells, etc) its like a whole new cat to the one who stays home. She would just walk up to him and hiss out of nowhere and try to kick him out of his own crate/bed. It’s been about a month and they’re back to normal thankfully.

When we first introduced them we did basically the same as you are doing- for our super mellow older girl it took her about a week to come around to feeling motherly/friendly to our 8 week old boy kitten. My  close friends have 2 boy kitties, she told me it took them closer to 4 weeks to relax around eachother. From how territorial your cat A sounds I think you are rushing things a bit. Give them more time to simply coexist on opposite sides of the door, feeding cat A as close as he is comfortable, but stop trying to push him any closer for at least a few more days. Basically at the end of the 15 days, which you are less than half through, you want to see progress that tells you it’s possible for them to get along eventually, not necessarily have them be done with the process. They don’t need to be buddies yet.

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newlywednewbie:  I’d be shocked if they’d already successfully integrated. In my experience, it usually takes a full week + before the resident cat calms down a bit. You’re doing the right things but you are moving pretty quickly. I’d slow it down for the next few days, try to relax, and make sure that you give cat A a lot of attention. His safety and security are threatened, and spoiling him a bit will help him get past that.

Good luck and thanks for rescuing a second cat! Within the next few days your cat should stop growling and then you can have the formal introduction. I’ve heard that it helps to make them smells the same with a few drops of coconut oil, which they really like. Just remember that if by the end of 2 weeks you have peace, you’re doing well. It might take longer for them to become bff and fall into a routine.

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When we introduce a new cat we keep them seperate for two weeks. We allow them to explore the other cats areas when the other cat isn’t in there or introduce scent to each area through swapping bedding. And we feed them on seperate sides of the door which we place ajar. I would personally wind it back and start a slower introduction as there’s obviously a little anxiety being experienced. No matter what though cats take a lot of time to decide how they feel about a new family member…. Just be patient…. It’ll work out 

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newlywednewbie:  defintely stick it out. it took our first cat a month to sort of tolerate, not like, the new kitten. Now, a year later, they are buds. 

Sounds like Cat B has already bonded with you guys. Don’t give him up! That would be so tramatic for him to have to go back to the shelter. 

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I have four cats. It can take a very long time.  A few days is nothing.  I do suggest that you buy some baby gates.  They are great for letting them see and eventually sniff each other before they can touch.

Definitely don’t put a cat in the carrier.  It will get really stressed out and defensive. I learned that the hard way and it ruined weeks of effort. 

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Keep trying. Id say give it at least a month or so to really give them time to adjust. Back off the feedings and let cat A eat in peace in his normal place. Keep cat B confined since he seems okay and not stressed. This IS cat As house after all. You’ve only been at it a week, it feels like forever but cats take a LONG time

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Just wanted to say that we did this recently,did it all by the book and it STILL took about a month before we could even have them in the same room. Now they’re buddies 🙂 cats are like people,our resident cat clearly felt very very angry and offended that we had brought in another cat. Now he’s over it and they’re totally fine and play together etc. It just might take longer than you were expecting.

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As another PP has recommended, Feliway was a lifesaver when we introduced our rescue cat. 

Our original cat is still territorial and will give the occasional swipe but it’s nothing I’m comparison to what we dealt with when we first introduced them.

It does take time and patience. Don’t get disheartened. We had a cage we placed the rescue in (a large dog crate) so the two cats could see each other and interact but unable to hurt each other. If this is feasible for you, I recommend it. 

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Feliway + treats when they do have good interactions.  Once you get there, interactive playtime with a wand, and more treats! Collars do help BUT last night my resident cat Darwin got his stuck around his jaw and head and woke me to while he was struggling.  Poor thing was exhausted and sweaty, trying to wake me to fix it, and he cut the side of his face!  try the diffusers first….

I’m in the process of introducing my new foster kitten to my two resident cats…. patience is a virture, and definitely coddle your resident cat!  Once they don’t care about each others smell, start with a little sight.

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newlywednewbie:  share with us a kitty update! I too am  contemplating a new cat for our resident cat who seems to be bored out of her mind and need as much motivation as possible lol

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I agree. Slow introduction just stresses my cats out. They need to see each other (supervised) and work out their power dynamic for themselves in my experience. My cats go outside a lot and come into contact with new animals all the time coming in and out of their territories, and they always work it out. 

A lot of cat behaviour is posing and threatening… Even though they sound awful I’ve very rarely seen cats actually attack each other, they usually just face off until one backs down. When I introduced my cats the older established one was stalking around the house and hissing because she could smell another cat and she was NOT HAPPY; then she rounded a corner and bumped into the new cat; there was some sniffing and then they immediately became best friends. 

I’d personally try just putting them together (with one of you guarding each cat) and see how they get on face to face. I’m not an expert of course, but it’s ALWAYS worked out for me. 

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