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@Cheesy Potatoes:

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@LittleMissPolkaDot:  Hi, Date Twins!! Smile


When is your wedding date?  October 20, 2012.

How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) I am 30, he is 49.

How did you meet?  Through a mutual friend.

What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I’m a legal assistant, and he hauls Haz-Mat cross country.

What is your theme? Rustic/vintage/elegance… We both love the rustic style (burlap, mason jars, etc.), and our venue is a replica of a turn-of-the-century plantation settlement, so that adds in a bit of vintage,, and I just like the elegance of pearls and things πŸ˜‰

What are your colors? Burgundy/green/blush/ivory

How did he propose? On our very first date, we had cheesecake, and so it’s something special to us, and I make it on a fairly regular basis for him because of that, so when he requested cheesecake on New Year’s Eve, I thought nothing of it.  We got up New Year’s morning and he asked for a piece, which was slightly unusual since he never eats before his first cup of coffee, but I got him some, and then turned around to pour his coffee.  When I turned back around, he said, “Will you share cheesecake with me for the rest of our lives?”  I started to say sure, and take a bite, and that’s when I saw the ring sparkling in the cheesecake!  Needless to say, I cried πŸ™‚  And of course, I said yes!

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When is your wedding date?  October 19, 2012.

How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) We are both 29 right now and will be 30 by our wedding date.

How did you meet?  We met at Boston Beer Works on May 25, 2007 and have been together ever since.

What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I work as an Instructional Technologist and SO is a Retirement Councelor.

What is your theme?  Rustic vintage elegance ( @Harley Bride-to-Be: love your theme :-)).  We are getting married at an old New England Barn.

What are your colors?  We are still trying to figure that out…

How did he propose? SO planned a very special pirate themed proposal which totally caught me off guard (even though I knew a proposal was coming soon).  You can read more about it here: http://bios.weddingbee.com/topic/my-pirate-themed-proposal



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When is your wedding date? October 12, 2012

How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) I’m 29 and Fiance is 30.

How did you meet? In early summer 2007, I left my ex and moved an hour away from my hometown to start over. I left my cushy 9-5 for a job as a server at local restaurant. As it turns out, he was working as a shift leader there.

I remember thinking he was a cutie — and I just loved to watch him walk away, if you know what I mean. I never said much to him. To be honest, I wasn’t looking to get involved with anyone.

Another co-worker had a crush on a friend of his. She asked him to set up a night where all three of them could go out to the bar. He agreed to — with one catch. He pointed at me and told her to “get that cute little blonde girl to come with us.” Of course, I was oblivious to this whole exchange. I didn’t know the girl at all, so I was definitely surprised when she approached me with an invitation to the bar. (It wasn’t until several weeks later that I learned about their deal.)

That “first date” didn’t amount to much. I was a little interested but I kept to myself the whole evening out of shyness. But eventually, we went on a few more dates. And the rest is history.

What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I’m a photographer (and I continue to work part-time at a restaurant). He’s a restaurant manager (at another restaurant).

What is your theme? Haven’t quite nailed this down yet. But I’m thinking a jazzy/old South/garden theme. LOL!

What are your colors?

How did he propose? For a couple years prior to our engagement day, we’d talked about getting married. He was the one that brought it up and made it very clear that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We even browsed jewelry displays on several occasions. But for quite a while, there was no ring and no official engagement.

Then one day in July 2010, we stopped at a local jeweler to get my necklace cleaned. We did the usual — migrating toward the ring case while we waited. Then, on a whim, he told me to pick one out and try it on. So we sat trying on several different rings and admiring them under the little magnifier thingy. (What is that thing really called, anyway?)

When I’d finally chosen one, he whipped out his card and headed to the counter.

So there you go. Our official engagement was on!

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@Stellar Magnitude: Shut up! You are not 29! I saw the photo, guessed your age (21/22) and then scrolled down and gasped. 


  1. When is your wedding date? Sometime in October 2012, we’re doing a Destination Wedding but we haven’t booked yet πŸ™ TA is saying it’s best to wait until all the promos are out for next year. 
  2. How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) I’m 27, he’s 30
  3. How did you meet? My coworker introduced us. She used to date his best friend but they stayed friends when she broke up with the friend. 
  4. What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I’m a Realtor and Fiance is a Business Analyst. (I just realized how grown up we sound yet we act like children 80% of the time.)
  5. What is your theme? None right now, I’m pretty open to a lot of stuff but I’m waiting to book the resort to kind of work from there first & see what works best with the setting! I would like to go with a very classic, elegant theme but if our resort has that Mexican hacienda feel then I would rather go with the flow. 
  6. What are your colors? Navy blue and light pink ATM but it may/will change once we’ve booked the resort. 
  7. How did he propose? We went for a walk after a late lunch and he kept leading me through the tulip gardens. As the clock struck 4pm he saw this as the perfect moment to propose. He said “Do you know what time it is?”, pulled out the ring, got it on my finger and then started crying. I was like, uhh??? are you ok??? why are you crying?? I am totally not a cryer in situations like this! Anyway, I loved it but I loved hearing all the stories of how he almost proposed more! Apparently he tried slipping on the ring while I was sleeping but I kept waking up and his mom told him it was a bad idea but I thought it would have been sweet. 

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So excited to plan with you guys for the next year!! Smile

  1. When is your wedding date? October 20, 2012
  2. How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) 33/34
  3. How did you meet? My coworker introduced us. She is married to his best friend.
  4. What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I am in sales and Fiance works for the airlines.
  5. What is your theme? I am leaning towards doing a peacock feather themed wedding
  6. What are your colors? deep purple and olive green
  7. How did he propose? super long story of events that lead up to the proposal,  but short version is he had an elaborate plan but ended up not being able to wait and proposed at our house


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When is your wedding date? 10-12-12 How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) I’m 22 and he is 23. How did you meet? A mutual friend of ours introduced us when I was in 9th grade. What do you/ Fiance do for a living? I’m a full time college student (graduating in December!) and I work part time. My Fiance is in his 2nd year of medical school. What is your theme? I have no clue yet. What are your colors? Ugh… I change every week. I keep going back to black and white though. How did he propose? The day before Easter he told me he wanted to give me my Easter basket. I immediately knew what was happening. He told me to open the card first. The card said to find the golden egg. So I found the egg. I was convinced the ring was in there… I opened it up and it was a folded piece of paper. I was like WTF? So I opened the paper and it said to turn around. When I turned around he was on one knee!

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Ugh… My iPad wouldn’t let me space everything out.

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@finallytheone:lol, your proposal sounds a lot like mine Smile

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When is your wedding date?

October 19, 2012. It will be the 5th anniversary of our first date.

How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share)

I am 27 and FH is 29.

How did you meet?

We met through a mutual friend a few years before we started dating and nothing came of it. We met again a few years later through the same friend and hit it off.

What do you/ Fiance do for a living?

I am a full time nanny and Fiance is shipping manage for an online guns and ammunition company.

What is your theme?

No theme. I don’t really understand the “theme” thing.

What are your colors?

Teal and orange.

How did he propose?

He didn’t. I picked out the ring (my best friend’s father owns a jewelry store, she and I went to pick it out, it was so fun!), he bought it and gave it to me. He was to excited to wait so he gave it to me as we were getting out of the car going into a bar to celebrate my sisters graduation. I looked horrible and we have no pictures of the night. Pretty boring.

@BreeninBoston: Hey “Date Twin”!!

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  1. When is your wedding date?   October 20, 2012 (Our 10 yr anniversary is 10-21-12, so we wanted to keep it as close to the date as possible).
  2. How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share)  Me…26 (almost 27) Fiance…28
  3. How did you meet?  Through my best friend. They went to high school together.
  4. What do you/ Fiance do for a living?  Me…Teacher.  FI…Marketing
  5. What is your theme?  I don’t have a set “theme,” but we will be sticking to a romantic/rustic fall theme.
  6. What are your colors? Boedeaux (bridesmaids dress color), cream, gold and chocolate pallete used throughout the wedding.
  7. How did he propose? He wanted to catch me off guard.  At the time, we have been together for 8 1/2 years, so I was ancy to say the least.  With that being said, Harry knew he was going to have a hard time surprising me if he planned something elaborate and out of the ordinary.  I would’ve known right away.  Therefore, on Memorial Day 2011, since his whole family was together and my best friend was there as well at his family’s BBQ, he decided that was the day. He also had my mom and sister in on the plan and they came in as soon as he proposed. Of course, I was cooking in the kitchen and was a hot sweaty mess, but he totally caught me off guard and I would have it no other way. I ran away from him in hysterics screaming, “Noooo!” because I couldn’t believe it. Haha.  I love him πŸ˜‰

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We finally picked our date and venue, so I’ll play! 

When is your wedding date? October 6, 2012

How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share) 25/26

How did you meet? Not too proud to say, but at a bar. But we just exchanged numbers and then had a traditional first date, and the rest was history!
What do you/ Fiance do for a living? PhD student doing cancer biology research/financial representative
What is your theme? We’re having the ceremony and reception at a historic hotel (think 1920’s, art deco), so I’m thinking classy, vintage, and elegant. We are huge Mad Men fans, so maybe we’ll throw some of that era in there as well.
What are your colors? Plum, chartreuse (I wanted a fancy way to say lime green – though maybe not such a bright lime color), ivory, and either gold or silver, can’t decide!
How did he propose? At dinner with my family! It just happened a couple weeks ago and I posted my story already, so I’ll summarize: He plotted with my dad to get everyone together for dinner when we came into town for the weekend. He printed out a “special menu” with an adorable proposal written out, which the server passed to me right when I sat down. He was sitting next to me with the ring box open. Of course I said yes!

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Ok Just joined today thanks to a friend who is getting married this Nov


When is your wedding date?

Oct. 13 2012 πŸ™‚ B/c that is a rad date!
How old are you/FI? (only if you wanna share)
Both 31 – He is a cpl months behind me though:)
How did you meet?
Craigslist! Huzzah!!  I had been living in NY/NJ for the past 3+ years and got sick of it, so took a gig (which turned into two) editing TV shows in Chicago for a couple months.  I had no friends there and no life to speak of – working 14+ hours a day 
for those months! One random night when my producer and assistants had gone home early, I decided to put an ad on CL for a sushi buddy. He responded, I didn’t really find him attractive (really, it was a bad pic!) but we chatted on gchat every night for a week and ultimately, through sheer tenacity, sweetness, and an uncanny ability to figure out what I wanted for dinner a few times, he won my interest. (sushi, pizza and wine – ahhh I miss you, Chicago and newness!
What do you/ Fiance do for a living?
Well for 8 years I worked as a video editor for national and cable networks on different shows. The news, court tv, etc. But the economy tanked in NY and Chicago so I’ve taken odd jobs here and there, and right now – nada.  I miss it a bit.
He is the head of IT at a hospital up here in BFE Wisconsin – which is why we moved from Chicago where he was head of IT but making less. πŸ˜›  <3 Chicago πŸ™‚
What is your theme?
Well ever since I was a child in Texas (San Antone!) I’ve loved fall. I’ve always loved bright colors (thank you my little pony) and had them in my hair, so I guess fall appealed to me for that, and it always feels NEW!  So we have yet to pin down a venue, but our theme will be of course fall, romantic, but also with some rich gemstone colors -and Red as it is my fave. We are also letting everyone know the ceremony will be extremely theatrical.
What are your colors?
oops i think i kinda just said – prolly reds and some fall colors and rich tones and we’ll see what all compliments each other well.
How did he propose?
I wish I had a better story for this one… We’d always now and then say, “hey, wanna marry me?” and “yes!” to each other since I moved in, but never even talked about rings till a friend got engaged. I was like ‘I Guess we should find one’ and started looking.  When we found 2 we liked, I was uber excited, so he decided I needed an engagement ring to wear until the ‘surprise engagement’ he was planning this coming October. He ordered it and it came when neither of us were home – via FedEx.  I was working on casting Big Bro and he was at work at the hospital. The next day I knew it would be at the Fed Ex facility so insisted we go pick it up!  The video of me holding the big FedEx box is one of the cutest videos of me ever πŸ˜‰  Unfortuately he just wanted to go home after that so I wound up crying until he took me to where we had our first sushi date and proposed :<
Then when walking home from work a cpl days later, we stopped into a French spot for a kir royal and he asked if this was what most French restaus in France looked like. I said he would see soon enough – and he had the strangest look on his face. I knew i had blown his proposal… He should have kept his mouth shut! His idea was to take me to dinner at Per Se in NYC on a spur of the moment trip (I wouldnt know about somehow apparently) then from there fly to Paris for a week. ALAS! But hey, October isn’t here yet and I have another engagement ring waiting for me somewhere…
So while we are engaged I have another proposal coming, and it better beat the first one πŸ˜›


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