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@MsGinkgo:  It helped Fiance understand me a little better ๐Ÿ™‚  I’m definitely more of an introvert.

I like this one too:


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Hmm, I’m an introvert but I’m definitely not that delicate. Once in a while I’ll skip a night out in favor of staying home on the couch but I don’t analyze it that much!

We did the Meyers-Briggs personality test at work and then had several discussions about it. What was interesting is that there were like 6 people, including me, who are INFJs- allegedly one of the most rare personality types. I wasn’t really sure what to make of that- either it’s not as rare as they say or my company attracts a very specific type of person!

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I’m an outgoing Introvert. When I’m around people, I’m very talkative and enjoy it. But I have to get my alone time or after a few days/weeks I’m just sooo exhausted (even if I get a good nights sleep). 

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@MsGinkgo:  That is me!  I love spending time with people but I need an equal amount of time to myself.

My best friend is constantly getting irritated with me because she expects to do something every weekend but I cannot and will not keep that up!


But there are a few people that I could be around every day because I don’t feel like I have to entertain them.  My SO is one and my Mom is one to some extent.

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@MsGinkgo:  For some reason it’s not letting me open the URL at work, but would it happen to be the “battery” description? That’s the best way I’ve ever heard of explaining the difference between introversion and extroversion, and it’s what finally made my Fiance understand and respect why I am the way I am.

It goes, every person has a social battery. For extroverts, they charge their batteries by spending time with other people, and their batteries deplete when they’re alone. For introverts, it drains their batteries when they’re with other people, so they need time alone to recharge their batteries.

The second I explained it to my Fiance in those terms (I’m a classic introvert) he totally got it.

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Super introverted.  And poeple never believe me because I am social as needed, but neeeeeed time alone to recharge. Fiance is introverted too, but I am a bit more so. I have learned to limit my social circle so I can spend enough quality time with each of those people to maintain deep relationships that feel mutually cared for rather than stretched and obligated (even if I like them!).  Sometimes I wish I would be able to effectively maintain more friendships, but I just can’t and stay happy and whole.

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My Darling Husband is an introvert and I really liked the ‘guide’ you posted. It explains it well, even if it’s a little condescending. I have found that I have quite a bit of introverted tendencies also.








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I’m sort of middle of the road. Sometimes I feel like I neeeeed social interaction to be energized, and sometimes I feel like I neeeeeed to be alone for an entire day to be “recharge”. I find large, impersonal group events draining, such as huge parties, concerts, and even church, however I would stay out with a small group of friends almost indefinitely.




My Dh and I are both more introverted than extroverted. We enjoy social events and are seen as outgoing and friendly, but we greatly value our downtime at home together, relaxing. I get edgy if I don’t have at least one day a week I can stay home and not see anyone other than Darling Husband.


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I’m a hyper introvert. I don’t even like interacting with people on the phone let alone in person. While I love spending time with my friends, I still have to take time to prepare for outings ahead of time then need some intense quiet time (no tv or radio even) afterwards. People are often shocked to find out how much of an introvert I am because I can be just as outgoing and gregarious and LOUD as the rest of them, haha. 

The week of my wedding was so exhausting between the last minute vendor meetings/communications and social events with family and friends, especially those that came in from out of town. I spent the three nights prior to the wedding day at a hotel with my Maid/Matron of Honor, so I never got any time to myself. Again, I love them all and had a ton of fun at the parties and the wedding, but I have to admit my favorite time of the whole week was sitting in our hotel room, quietly congratulating ourselves, and reading the cards.

Darling Husband is a bit of an extrovert. He didn’t realize just how much until I pointed it out to him and actually considered himself an introvert at one point, silly man. It works pretty well for us because he draws me out more than I would naturally be, and he is learning how to be more at ease in times of quiet.

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I am a definite introvert. It sometimes causes tension between Darling Husband and I. He’s pretty good about being understanding though. I saw this online the other day:


 We both laughed reading through them because some of them seemed as though they were written specifically for me – especially #15!

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@ktcs:  OMG all of it! #11 is why I stopped carpooling to parties.

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I’m definitely an introvert. I enjoy social interaction to a point but I get so exhausted from it and Darling Husband just doesn’t understand why.

 @ktcs:  I love that list! #19 happens to me alllll the time. I get really excited to go out but I’m always ready to leave way earlier than Darling Husband.

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in my psychology and counseling education I learned a real measure of introvert/extrovert  is which charges your battery and which drains you: being around people or being alone? It’s not that all extroverts don’t like being alone and all introverts don’t like people. I like being alone, but if I’m alone too long I crave being around people again which charges my battery. An introvert can like being around people perfectly well, but prolonged social interaction may leave them feeling drained after a while.

That being said I’ve never met an introvert in my life because my secret talent is bringing out ‘introverts’ and people that think they’re ‘shy’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol! My coworkers were recently talking (innocently) about someone being shy/reserved and I was like “so and so?? They’re not shy at all!” and they were like “chillin, you probably never met a shy person in your life!” haha I died. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m full blast on the extrovert scales, and i absolutely love both extroverts and introverts! hahah go figure ๐Ÿ˜‰

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