Introverts – What do you do for work?

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Worker bee

I run my own agency. For the first few years it was great because we all worked virtually and I could have meetings, go to yoga, relax, have more meetings, check in on my team, etc, at my own pace.

Now that i’m growing the team and we have an office I feel much more smothered by attention from people on all sides. My solution is to hire people to manage the people lol. That way I can still go off and do generally what I want to do to get a respite from it all.

So yeah, having something flexible is most important to me, I find that I really do need to be able to stop what I’m doing, cancel things if i’m too over-socialised, go to the gym etc when I want. but it’s my business so it’s a trade off. i can design it how i want, but it means i’m also constantly (and i mean constantly) stressed out about it.

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Blushing bee

Doctoral researcher in applied statistics. I teach at the university too, which I actually enjoy a lot – it feels like acting or performing. 

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Bumble bee
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Engineer. Mostly a quiet office job but they’ve recently made me the “Support Manager” as well so I have to answer phone calls frown

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Bumble bee

Engineering firm. Huge mixed bag of characters there but most of them are also introverts. It’s mostly heads down working hard environment during the day, and those who want a chat usually takes breaks in the lunchroom. I think this industry would be ideal

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Buzzing bee
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So many interesting careers on this board!

Mine is boring. I work in an administrative office. I deal with customers on the phone one week per month and am polite and nice to my coworkers, but don’t usually chat them up. It’s a fine job; the pay is decent and it’s about 7 minutes from my house so I get to go home for lunch every day and relax with my dog. 

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Bumble bee

Big time introvert here.  I find being around too many people utterly exhausting.

I’m a Service Delivery manager for a research based education group at a medical school.  I have six direct reports and about fifty million people I interact with on a weekly basis.  SO watches TV and I read at night; on the weekened we go out and do things with others, but at night, I have to decompress.

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Blushing bee
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Software developer. The bulk of my communication with other people is via email. It’s great πŸ˜€

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Bumble bee
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I work from home as an IT manager. LOVE it. 

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Bee Keeper
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I’m a molecular biologist. I spend most of my day to myself, with a few meetings here and there. Honestly, it’s a bit too much alone time, I like it better when there are a few people around. I work in government, so schedules, agendas, and such tend to be quite rigid, which I do like. The one part of my job that stresses me out most is conferences and having to chit chat and network with people, but thankfully, most scientists are pretty awkward, so I’m not so out of place. 

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Bumble bee
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Fellow graphic designer here! I work from home as a contractor and it’s pretty ideal for me since physically being around people all day wears me out. I want to slap whomever decreed that the open office concept be standard for the tech industry. It’s a big part of why I stick to freelancing…

Most of my communication is through phone/email/text, but I do occasionally have face-to-face meetings. The in-person meetings are so infrequent that it allows me to tap into my social energy like a reserve and turn up my customer service charm. I definitely would not be able to handle doing it all day. Just tell me the thing, leave me alone, and let me do my work.

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Busy Beekeeper

I’m an introvert but wouldn’t consider myself like needing any kind of special treatment because of it. I will say that the worst job I ever had was in sales – that was def not a good fit for my personality type haha. Now I have the ideal “introvert” job – I work from home as a copywriter/editor for a content marketing firm. I interact with coworkers once or twice a week over our intraoffice chat system and we have a phone call maybe once a month at most. My true colleagues are my cats!

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Busy bee

I’m a prosecutor. Obviously I get nervous before jury trials but everyone does. I like having autonomy and control over my own cases. Depending on the field of law and the workplace, law can be either team-oriented or pretty solitary. Mine is a mixture of both, and I’m happy I’m senior enough now that I have an office with a door I can close when I want quiet time. 

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Sugar bee
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Depending on the organization, I’m an administrative assistant or office manager. I’m basically like team Mom. There is a high amount of people contact and networking required to do the job well, but I have a great deal of influence/soft power. Over time, I have completely changed an office’s layout to maximize privacy for workers and warmth and welcoming for clients, scheduled meetings and conferences to keep my least favorite coworkers at arm’s length, and memorized everyone’s habits and preferences to best meet their needs and alert my boss if I think someone or an entire team is unwell so s/he can “decide” to move a deadline or let me schedule a fun activity or retreat. I’ve also networked with other departments and made friends with someone on each team so if necessary, I can call my IT bestie or my maintenance buddy to fix my shit, and I’m extra nice to the custodians so they do a better job on my floor. I also order the supplies and snacks and take pride in customizing them to meet everyone’s individual preferences. Like a real mom, people rarely appreciate me until I’ve moved on but I know how important I am and where I fit into the organization. 

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Busy bee

I’m very introverted. When taking Myers Briggs I scored 90% introverted. That being said I am an INFJ so I can pretty easily act extroverted but it takes a tool having to do that for long periods of time. I’m a wildlife biologist so I spend a fair bit of my time alone or with another person or two. We have meetings semi often but I’m not bothered by them. I actually like the human contact because spending days alone or with just another person gets lonely. The best is for me is when I like my partner because then I feel like I can talk freely and we have fun. There’s nothing worse when you cant stand your partner because you have no choice but to be stuck with them for days sometimes weeks on end in the middle of nowhere. 

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