Introverts – What do you do for work?

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Busy bee
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My husband and I are both introverts and both, interestingly enough, teachers. My quota for social interaction is usually pretty met by the end of the day, though I’m comfortable enough with hubs that I can still carry a conversation with him after work…..just not with other people. I think that’s part of why I feel like I’m not “missing out” on social interaction even though I don’t do much outside of work–I get so much of it during the day with coworkers, students, etc. 

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Busy bee

I am a horrible introvert.  And I’m an attorney.  I HATED private practice for a big law firm because I had to schmooze and constantly engage in client development to establish a lucrative book of business.  I went in-house about 12 years ago and it fits my personality much better.  We solely for one client – the corporation – but service different departments.  I handle employment law matters.

Ironically, I grew up in the theater and was a dance major in undergrad.  But performing is much different for me than having to engage in small talk.  I loathe it. 

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wolfeyes :  I think it has to do more with occupation and responsibility than the specific industry.  Most introverts might not do as well in sales/marketing roles, but I am sure there are exceptions.  On the other hand, you might excel at jobs that require intense thinking and concentration.

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Worker bee

Hi there, R&D engineer here ^^.

Not much talking needed except for the occasional meetings (but big ones… gosh!)

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Helper bee

I’m quite a private and loner person and I don’t feel the need for social interaction, but I still enjoy it in a quiet environment.

I’m getting my license as a midwife and I find deep satisfaction in the one on one connection with patients. It is also nice to have some quiet time for organizing my work, check to-dos, prepare materials etc. I have terrible teamwork skills though.

I also work part time as a college student advisor and it can be really tiring, but I enjoy the problem solving and organization. It can be partially done from home which is a big pro.

My boyfriend, much more introvert than me, is an IT and it’s perfecet for him. Introvert friends are in psychology, statistics and office administration.

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Worker bee
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I’m a huge introvert and work at a bank as a commercial credit underwriter / analyst. I get one day a week at home and most of my job is analyzing numbers and business plans. It took me a long time to open up at my place of employment (2 years almost) and I now have some co-workers that I am friendly with though I keep my distance for the most part. I do have to speak to customers and also some co-workers a couple times a day but for the most part I am left to my own devices.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’m an engineer. For the most part it’s great, as many other people are also invetroverts but unfortunately my managers have me pegged as an “extrovert” within our company (which is probably true compared to most of the other engineers) and are pushing me to move into more of a client communication role vs design. 

eurasianbee :  *shiver* phone calls. I hate taking phone calls. I think I might hate making them even more.

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Bumble bee

I see a few lawyers on here! My hubby is very introverted and is a legal litigation partner. He really dislikes company, and even wears earplugs and earphones at work when he can get away with it. We had to really readjust our expectations because social events “drain” him whereas they energise me. He likes his me-time. 

Other introvert-friendly jobs I’ve seen with friends and family include academia, scientific research, IT, carpentry and engineering. 

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Busy bee

I am a Licensed Relationship Manager for a large bank in the US

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Blushing bee

Police officer.  

When not on a call I spend my time alone in a car with my music or a podcast. I love it!!!    Unless Im training someone, but I only allow them to freely talk for one hour of our 10hr shift, unless its work related.  I also make them go far away from me on our lunch break!!!  I have to spend 10 hrs only 5 inches away from them….you can smell their breath or their hair or BO every time they squirm…….   men smell when they get stressed and we go thru a lot of adrenaline dumps a night.  Lol.   

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Busy bee
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I’m a high school teacher. It seems like it is a strange choice of preofession for an introvert and honestly, I am often exhausted at the end of the day. The truth is I chose teaching BECAUSE I am an introvert. Teaching forces me to interact with th world, and it involves my love of English literature as a subject. I feel like I am a lot stronger, and I am no longer terrified of talking in front of groups. 

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Helper bee

I used to be a car insurance claims adjuster and I was on the phone with people all day long. Cried anytime someone raised their voice at me or called me names (which was often due to the nature of the job). 

I now work as an accountant and it is MUCH more my style. 

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Buzzing bee
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I’m a nurse. I interact with people all day at work. I keep my human interaction to a minimum on non-work days. I interact with my husband and do errands. I need a lot of alone time to recharge from work. I still really enjoy my work and I seem to have a lot of introverted nurse coworkers. 

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