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I have done it before. I am back to counting macros again as I feel like it works better for me. I started my fitness journey about 6 and a half years ago and had been counting my calories since I started. Earlier this year I started intuitively eating based on my experience of how much I ate and how I know how to eat healthy. Do you count your calories now? I would just make sure you don’t overeat on portions and just make sure you are getting enough calories in 🙂 eating intuitively definitely lessens the stress. I mainly count my macros now to make sure I get in enough calories for my workout intensity. 

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I do! I have spent a lot of time intermittent fasting and watching macros, so I now know *about* how many calories any given food item I’m eating is.

Also, I’ve always been a picky eater who prefers whole foods and simple meals, and it’s relatively easy to eat intuitively with those preferences.

I generally don’t eat breakfast, because I’ve never liked breakfast. It makes me feel full, sluggish, and tired.

So in that way, I naturally do my own moderate take on intermittent fasting. (1pm to 8pm window)

I also eat small portions, and I eat slowly so that I can stop before getting too full.

I also regularly eat things like doritos, pizza rolls, and mochi – because I like them, and because I’m aware that having an occassional treat is not going to make me gain 5 lbs. 

I don’t involve emotion in my eating, either. So when I eat doritos, I don’t feel disappointed or ashamed in myself. I don’t feel like it’s “bad” in any way, actually. 

B/c 90% of the time I’m eating simple, whole food meals that are very low calorie.

I usually have a large berry salad for lunch, with a snack of almonds and or yogurt with honey, or just green juice, or a can of tuna fish. 

For dinner, I usually have a portion of meat and a portion of veggies and every now and then a small portion of carbs – polenta or rice. 

In general, I try to eat LOTS of veggies FIRST (and do whatEVER you gotta do to make them taste good, at least in the beginning.) Then meats, then whatever starchy/yummy thing is in front of me last, when I’m starting to fill up.

But mostly, I make sure to drink a TON of water, and to work out at the gym or attend barre classes a lot. Keeping your body active is half of the equation for being truly healthy.

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happybridetobe1988 :  There’s some really good articles out there! So start there for sure 🙂 

 I used to track macros/calories very strictly and it got to the point of obsession. I highly recommend trying out intuitive eating because honestly, can you see yourself tracking macros/calories for the rest of your life? I couldn’t.

It does take a while to find a balance, because some days you will eat more and some days will be less. The biggest thing is letting go of the control that comes with tracking. You might gain weight at first and that’s okay, if you’re listening to your body it will all balance out. 

Include tons of fruits and vegetables and lean protein. It’s all about getting back to basics instead of being caught up with numbers. Use your judgement- don’t eat a huge bowl of ice cream every single night, don’t eat half the pizza etc. but realizing that eating those foods in moderation wont ruin everything is very freeing!

You can do it!

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happybridetobe1988 :  Isn’t that just… eating? 

Haha, I kid, but I think before doing something like this, it would be important to make sure your gut is balanced.  If you don’t always eat well (over or undereat) or eat the wrong types of food, or aren’t a health weight, or are skinny fat, or have parasites, your gut bacteria can get all out of whack which results in your stomach brain makes the wrong amounts of hormones to send to your brain about satiety, hunger, cravings etc.   Essentially you’d be following the wrong instructions.  I’d make sure to take plenty of probiotics, maybe do a gut cleanse and speak with a nutritionist and/or doctor first. 

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I do this. It’s been really great. My weight used to yo-yo a lot. When I first went to intuitive eating, I def. put on weight. But over the years I have gotten thinner without effort.  My weight still fluctuates with the seasons, but the range is much smaller. 

I pair it with a general rule that I can eat unhealthy things as long as they’re amazing. So, can I eat my favorite dessert when I am at my favorite restauraunt? Absolutely yes. Eat an amazing burger at a great burger place? Yes.  But the mediocre cookies being served in the office cafeteria? Nope.  McDonald’s burger? Nope. 


Part of the key is making sure you don’t reach for sugar when craving it, and to be more thoughtful about making sure you have enough fat/protein to keep you full and to head off the sugar cravings. 

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