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I did Invisalign!  Well, I did regular braces 5th-7th grade.  Wore my retainer through high school, and then stopped when it didn’t fit anymore (didn’t realize I needed to get a replacement!).

As an adult, my teeth shifted and didn’t have much space to floss.  So i did Invisalign for about 2 years.  I liked that I could take them out to eat and not worry about food getting stuck in brackets and all that!

But you have to wear them 22 hours/ day, ideally.  So people would call it the “Invisalign diet” as I used to eat snacks throughout the day, but changed to eating my meal and snacks all in a small amount of time, lunch and dinner (because you have to brush your teeth after before putting them back on!). But I did lose some weight during it!  Not planned, but I liked that!

I had attachments which made taking my top tray difficult to take off sometimes.  And then had IPR (forget what it stood for) that was almost like they flossed between my teeth with metal.  This was to allow space for movement without removing teeth.  Not pleasant feeling but here it is, gosh, I think 6 years later?  It’s not a struggle to floss.

And yes, I wear my retainers faithfully!!  When I had to pay out of pocket this time, no insurance coverage, I do NOT want to go through it or pay for it again!

Any questions, ask!  Granted I don’t know what kind of updates or changes in the process have happened since I ended treatment in 2013, but I was overall happy and glad to not have had to do traditional braces again in my late 20s.

Last note: my teeth aren’t perfect, there is one tooth that I realize didn’t align and looking back, should have considered a second refinement, but overall I’m much happier with my smile then what it was before Invisalign!

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Currently doing it and I love it! I’d echo everything from the pp regarding the snacks and sticking with it because of the cost. My insurance covered 2500 of it which is usually around the top end of ortho coverage from dental insurance. Im so much happier with my smile already (had all the braces and things as a kid but everything shifted) and have been doing only 7 months! I have another 7 or so to go. It’s so great because you can live life and its just going on in the background. As long as you are disciplined and wear them (I have a dental bag with toothbrush, paste, floss and retainer case with me at all times) you’ll get the results! Good luck!

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taylor95 :  I did Invisalign Express and though I did not enjoy the process, I love the results and am so happy I did it!  I did not have braces growing up and was fortunate that my teeth were pretty straight to begin with.  I had some crowding and wanted a wider smile, which was accomplished in 3 months. 

The biggest thing that I wish I knew before I got them, was about the attachments.  When I researched, it seemed like not everyone had attachments and that if they did, they seemed to have more serious cases/more work that needed to be done.  Au contraire.  I had quite a few attachments (14 I think) and I didn’t even need that much work done.  I was personally very self conscious of the attachments, however, friends who have also done Invisalign were not bothered.  I was thrilled with the results though, and will take the 3 months of no teeth pictures!! 

I also really love that it got me into really good dental habits.  I have always been good about brushing twice a day and would floss *almost* every day, but now I now floss after every meal.  I have some hereditary gum issues, and was told at my last checkup that my teeth and gums are perfectly healthy – a huge change from almost needing periodontal surgery!  I also researched my dental insurance before booking it (I had planned on doing Invisalign for probably 7 years before committing) and made sure that my insurance covered a good bit of cosmetic dentistry.  They covered about $2500, which was ~40% of the total cost in my HCOL city. 

ETA: I just did my treatment last year and am happy to answer any questions.  Invisalign has updated their guidance to recommend changing out trays every week vs every two weeks, so that sped up the process a lot for me. 

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I had them my first year of college. No real complaints, but I found it super annoying to have to find a place to take them off every time I wanted to eat / drink anything but water. And I felt pretty self-conscious about the trays, but that was over a decade ago so maybe they’re better now.

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I did them and loved it.  If I were you I’d look into seeing how people like the cheaper option where all you do is send in your mold to a company and they send you back the trays.  Invisalign is great but I think it cost me about 4-5 grand. 

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I did it. Took like 8 or 9 months and I’m very happy with the results. However, the first two weeks are hard. They weren’t painful for me as far as teeth shifting goes, but I got sores in my mouth as I got used to the trays, and it was  an adjustment getting used to taking the trays out when I ate and brushing my teeth after I ate anything, even just like a cracker or something. But it got substantially easier after 2 weeks and I barely noticed them until the process was complete. I have heard from other people though that they had sores the whole process.

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I have it right now! Amazing choice. I have Invisalign Lite and I’m about halfway done, on tray 7/13 of a 5-month plan. In total, my dentist charged $3500 and insurance picked up a part of that. I do have attachments but they’re hardly noticeable and my teeth look so much better already. I had IPR done, too, which is interproximal reduction. A little uncomfortable but no pain. How often you change trays is totally up to your provider so even though one-week switches are approved, not all dentists are comfortable with that. I started with 14-day switches and recently dropped down to 10. I’m happy to answer any questions!

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Supernurse :  I would definitely not suggest that route. Companies like Smile Direct Club are cosmetic fixes, not functional ones. They only move the front six teeth and can only push teeth out or pull them in, unlike Invisalign that can move the whole mouth, rotate teeth, fix tilt, correct bite, etc with the use of attachments, bite ramps, and rubber bands. Because of this, Smile Direct Club can cause really serious bite problems for people who aren’t good candidates (and they don’t seem to turn people down, so a lot of really poor cases make it through). Dentists get $50 for each plan they approve, and a lot of them go through dozens of plans a day. There’s no way anyone is really looking at them. There are a few pending lawsuits because of how irresponsible it is to move teeth without even doing x-rays to make sure teeth and gums are healthy enough to move. If you check out the Smile Direct Club subreddit, there are quite a few people who are now in normal braces, paying thousands to fix what DIY treatment caused. Anyone who had braces and experienced really minor movement from not wearing retainers will likely be okay but anyone with existing bite problems or anything past mild crowding and gaps should sprint in the other direction. But they don’t tell anyone any of this yet continue to accept cases that any ethical provider should have denied. 

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Following this because I’ve been interested for years but cost was a big factor in deciding to do it. I stopped wearing my retainers (had top and bottom) and my bottom teeth moved horribly. 

Question for those who have done it – did anyone have experience with Invisalign with having missing teeth and/or implants? I have two bottom molars missing that I do need implants for but they are SO expensive. These bottom molars are also the reason my bottom teeth moved so bad when I quite wearing my retainers. So I’m assuming I’d have to have the implants done and then do the Invisalign? 

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