(Closed) Invisalign: Has anyone used it?

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I did Red White and Blue which is the same thing as Invisalign. I did not wear them as long as I should have and did not even finish with my 5 sets. I only got through set number 3 but then I stopped because Im an idiot.

When did you notice a change in your teeth? I noticed a change in my teeth after set #2  – other people also noticed a change and the change was even more noticeable after set 3 but it still felt like I had a ways to go

How long did you wear them? About 6 months….I was supposed to continue up until my wedding but I hated taking them out to eat/brush and then having to put them back in. I would rather have just gone with braces where you can do everything the same.

Did you have braces before? Yes, I had braces for 18 mos in high school. I never wore my retainer though!

How much did you end up paying? I dont remember exactly how much it was. I think it was around $150 every time I went for a new set. So around $750? Thats not totally accurate though.

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My best friend is doing this now, so I know most of the answers, but not all.

1) I noticed after a month – she the same.  It was a very slight change though.

2) She got in in September, and still has them.  Will probably be done within the next month or so.

3) ? Don’t know

4) She had braces in middle/highschool but also didn’t wear her retianer for that long afterwards.

Honestly, her teeth look fantastic now.  I think it is a really good deal if you want to have nice teeth but don’t want to have braces.  She was really sensitive about them at first, because she thought they were noticable.  But really they aren’t at all.

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Briefly, I had pretty big overbite and I never wore braces.  Three years ago, I got invsalign and after 9 months, I had a beautiful smile.  My manager wore braces as an adult for 2 years and mine was done in 9 months!!  No one could see them on me unless I pointed them out.  You get these brackets put on some teeth if they really need to shift and those you can see when you don’t have the trays in.  I’d say in 6 weeks, I noticed a pretty big difference.  I was also stupid and never went back to get my permanent retainer in as I moved, so I still have to wear a retainer everynight (which I think you have to do even if you get a permanent).  I paid $4500, but I think it was worth it.


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I had ’em. It was probably about a month before I noticed a difference. Wore them for about 1.5 years. And I paid $5500 bucks. Great experience with them. (Never had braces before.)

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@muckmoo1: I have a 11-month treatment plan with the possibility of going longer if I want to do any last min corrections/tweaks. I’m 7 months into treatment now and it took 6 months to truly notice a significant difference for me. I never had braces before but I hear Invisalign is much better than braces. My teeth are fairly straight, just wanted to correct twisted canines and give a more straightened, uniform look to my smile!


Here is a link where a good amount of us bees answered questions relating to Invisalign…hope it helps to answer all your questions! PM if you have any more!




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I’m getting my invisalign trays this Thursday (ah!). My total cost was $3795 for nearly 2 years of trays (in Chicago). I thought it was a pretty good deal.

For those of you who have had Invisalign, did you have problems with cavities developing during the treatment?

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@futuredain: I was really scared of getting cavities, but last month at my 6-month cleaning my dentist told me I have no cavities and the cleanest teeth he’s seen in a while! I think as long as you adhere to really making an effort to floss regularly and brush your teeth after every meal/snack, you’ll be fine! 

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I’m just finishing my Invisalign ($5000).  It’s going to end up being almost a year and a half with a month-long break for the wedding.

I noticed changes right away, but slowly if that makes sense.  After about 6 months, all of the issues I was most concerned about were not noticeable!

I also had braces for 4 years from 8-13 and quit wearing retainers after HS…stupid.

Ask about gum recession.  I didn’t have an issue with this until recently and it’s getting pretty bad on just one of my lower teeth.  I didn’t even know it could happen.  

As far as the number of teeth to shift…it might be more than you think.  I only had 1 tooth that I had an issue with, but it still necessitated a lot of movement of everything else.

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I spent around $4000 and it definitely helped my teeth. It wasn’t perfect and I still feel like I need more trays to keep improving. 

However I am having plenty of dental problems from my dentist clearing room for the trays to fit. I now have larger spaces between my teeth which my new dentist is saying I’m close to cavities because of the space. 

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@muckmoo1: Whoah, you really did luck out, that’s a great price especially with your insurance coverage. I was just going to warn you that it likely won’t be very much of a discount for your teeth being in not too bad of shape. That’s what I thought going into it, my top teeth appear just about perfect, but my bottoms are crowded with a couple teeth really noticeably crooked, so I didn’t think it would be a full price kind of a deal. (thought I would only even have to have a tray on the bottom… nope! they won’t do that!) I can’t remember but I think the total cost of my 10 month treatment is like $4,300, and that was with a $500 off special they were running.

Be forewarned, the first week or so with your trays is a BITCH!! zomg!!! I also had braces years back, but I don’t remember them being nearly as painful as my trays were for the first few days. Also I got a bunch of awful canker sores on my tongue from the irritation, and probably the worst part was the fact that the damn things were SO. EFFING. HARD and painful to take off that it seriously made me want to skip meals rather than get them off to eat, lol!! It’s bad. Oh plus you talk like an idiot for like 4 or 5 days. Awesome, no?!

But it does get better. They remain a pain in the ass, convenience-wise for me 3 months into it, but I can already tell my teeth have shifted so I got my eye on the prize… 7…more…months!! Can’t wait to be done. Best of luck to you and your teeth!! 🙂

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