(Closed) Invite for Female Dr and Husband?

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i addressed them the following way:


mr. john smith and dr. mary smith


mr. john smith and dr. mary jones


i think you can do that, or just use:


mr. and mrs. john smith 


i dont think i’ve seen mr. and dr. john smith though.


and i’ve seen mixed ones about:


dr. and mrs. john smith (if husband is doctor). i went ahead and used it even though some say to do dr. john smith and mrs. john smith. lol. i didn’t have enough room, so one site said it was ok to use dr. and mrs. john smith so i said, heck, that works for me. ๐Ÿ˜› 


but i had the same question too. ๐Ÿ˜› 

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Worker bee

I believe the Dr should be first – wife or husband, doesn’t matter.

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christine is right, and if the person is a doctor, they should be addressed as such. they worked hard for those letters!

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I had to look into this for my own invites and here’s what I found:

The Dr. is always the first name.  Dr. Jane Jones & Mr. Jack Smith or Dr. & Mr. Jack Smith.

I would NOT skip the Dr. for Mrs.!  It’s disrespectful.  And, as was already said, that’s a lot of school to disregard for (the sexist) Mr. and Mrs. Male!  ๐Ÿ™‚

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I’m totally having this issue, both with medical and PhD drs…

add to it:

The Rev. and Mrs. xxx

Dr. and the Rev. Dr.  (or The Rev. Dr. and Dr.?  Drs.?)

Mr./Dr. and the Rev.

and (I think my current fave): The Rev. Canon xxx and the Rev. yyy.

Oy vey.  Emily Post apparently didn’t think through some of the people i know! 

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Good question!! I would agree that you need to include the Dr. part.

I would disagree with using Dr. and Mr. Jack Smith.

Either use: Dr. and Mr. Smith

of Dr. Jane and Mr. Jack Smith

Most women do not like to be referred to as Mrs. Jack Smith, if a woman is a Dr. I think she would be less likely to agree with this ๐Ÿ™‚ I would never want to be Mrs. "husband’s first and last name"

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It is considered rude to separate a man’s first and last name. My fiance is a doctor and I work for doctors so I had this come up quite a bit. I even asked females who are doctors (and husbands not) to make sure to get it correct.

 It should be (according to the majority): Doctor Jane and Mr John Smith. 

If they are both doctors it can be The Doctors Smith or Doctors John and Jane Smith

If there are two different last names and the female is the professional, her title is supposed to come first (though I’m not 100% certain if this is proper etiquette or not)…Doctor Jane Smith and Mr John Harris


Hope that helps! 


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Although you actually use the title Dr. only for a medical doctor.  Not for a PhD.  The correct usage for a PhD, if you feel you must use a title, would be Mr. John Smith, PhD.  However, that usage would be normally seen in a professional listing, not on a social invitation.

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Musingsfromhere-  If it helps, the only Father Doctor I’ve ever known, which is kinda the same as Reverend Doctor, always referred to himself as Fr. Dr. not Dr. Fr.  So, I think it would be right as Rev. Dr.  

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About PhDs, I know etiquette says that you shouldn’t use Dr., but I am still planning to. I think it would be weird to all of a sudden start referring to my mentor, for example, as Ms. Gonzalez instead of Dr. Gonzalez. Plus, like medical doctors, all of my PhD friends worked hard for that title and I don’t think it’s fair to demote them back to Mr., Ms., etc. because of etiquette.

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I’ve got "Capt. and Dr." on my list.  She didn’t take his name, though, so it won’t be an issue. 

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