Involuntary Treatment, need advice

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I hope your sister will receive the treatment she desperately needs. Prayers to you and your family during this extremely difficult period.

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Cheekie0077 :  Your post could have come from me.  My older sister has had an eating disorder for probably about 5 years now (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, self harm, attempted suicide).  She was diagnosed with a personality disorder.  She’s been to all kinds of treatment facilities and kicked out of all of them for her lack of cooperation or doing crazy things (running away, police had to go find her, climbing trees so they can’t get her down, fire department came, etc.).

Things are miserable at home, too.  It’s terrible to say but it was a relief to get married and move out of the house.  It was terrible smelling vomit, finding bloody knives and not being able to wake her.  She usually refuses to go to the doctor but recently she was put on a heart monitor after she was having chest pains.  She doesn’t want to get better even though all of her organs are failing.

I’m so glad you sister had that EMT to give her the push she needed.  Now she needs to stay motivated!!!  My sister has bits of motivation that fizzle out really quick, and it goes downhill very fast from there.  It sounds simple to the rest of us, but just having the will to live means the difference in mental health.

I feel weird giving advice since my sister is really bad off right now.  But I would say just make sure she knows she’s loved.  It’s easy to become frustrated with people with eating disorders because it’s so hard for us to understand.  I can tell my sister perks up when I just have conversations with her that aren’t about her eating disorder.  I always tell her I enjoyed spending time with her when she’s around, because normally she keeps to herself and away from everyone else.  When I tell her that, it’s one of the few times I ever see her smile.

Prayers for you and your sister!  I know it’s hard, even for the family.

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Cheekie0077 :  I hope your sister stays in the hospital and gets the help she needs.

I am not a doctor or lawyer but my Fiance is an ER physician.  I asked him in general about guardianship and he said it is really, really difficult to obtain.  Basically, not only would your sister need a psych consult, the psychiatrist would basically having to certify that your sister is not in the right mind to make medical decisions for herself, and unless she has a history of attempting suicide or hurting others, it is not something the psychiatrists do easily.  And even once the doctor signs off on it, it can take a while to go through the legal system and your parents to actually get the guardianship.  This guardianship applies to all medical decisions and what the court is saying is that your sister will never be able to make a decision for herself again as I’m not sure how it would be revoked if she ever were to receive full treatment and be cured of her disorders.

I’m not trying to be discouraging, but it is a big deal.  Unfortunately it sounds like with this admission, since she did make the decision to finally go to the hospital, that could be seen that she was still in the right frame of mind.

I’ll say a prayer for her.

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Cheekie0077 :  I am sorry to hear your sister is so ill and in renal failure. There is a long road ahead, as I am sure you know. I think you absolutely need to push on the lawyers – call more until you connect with one. I am a lawyer, but not in your area, so I can’t say precisely how guardianship works where you are, or even emergency orders, but I would definitely push to see a lawyer if she keeps refusing treatment, or discuss with a psychiatrist possibility of an involuntary psych hold if needed.

I am a former anorexic/anorexic in recovery/overexerciser (I don’t really want to say recovered as I still deal with some disordered attitudes and eating, and non specified disorders even almost 20 years later though I am not longer in a life-threatening situation).

All I can say is it is not a matter of watching a movie (though I know the movie referred to in here) or whatever that is going to get her on the path to health. The problem with anorexia, as I am sure you know, is not only does it change your body, it changes your brain and your entire way of thinking and perceiving. It is incredibly complex and involves many things, including potentially genetic predispositions, hormonal balances, and so on. It also involves things that lots of those not dealing with it may not “get”, like endorphin rushes from not eating. Recovery is complicated, and there are varying schools of thought as to what “recovery” should look like too. I am confident your sister does not WANT to cause any of you hurt, but she is very, very, very sick, and not just in terms of the renal failure.

In her case, the addition of BPD adds greatly to the complexity.

I hope your sister and your family are able to get the help you all need. And yes, I do mean the rest of her family too as I think it would benefit you and your father, your mother and so on to talk to someone professional – this has been a LONG journey for all of you.

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