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I have just finished designing my e-ring with my Boyfriend or Best Friend and I am so so happy we did it together! I am VERY picky about little details and since I plan to wear this ring for the rest of my life, I wanted to get something that I absolutely adored. I did make sure we both have imput into the design though so that my SO didn’t feel like it was all me. I have no idea when or what the proposal will be and like I said to a friend of mine who thought it was a bit untraditional -“He’s got the rest of our lives to surprise me with jewellery!!”

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It’s not untraditional, just unhollywood.  movies and romance novels would have women in passive roles.

It seemed strange seemingly going ‘unhollywood’ and defining our roles re engagement ring once we started out but we hit our stride and got the hang of it. I completely looked after the design aspect of my engagment ring during meetings with jewellers and my guy deferred to me totally on it as he knows now that it is something I am to wear the rest of my life, a constant attachment.

He looks after the financial aspect.  we work as a team and it has strengthened our bond if anything as we are getting used to working together now and laying good foundations for future major decisions in life.

Dont’ sweat it, enjoy xxx

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I can see why it might be a good idea to be involved. But I disagree with it. Several friends of mine have gone this route, where they shop for the ring together. I know one couple who shopped together, then she decided to change her mind three times before settling on a ring. She literally took it home and returned it, then he proposed with the new one. Then after the proposal she returned it again and picked a different one. I was like holly crap, how’s he suppose to please her if she can’t even pick it out herself.

As for me and my Boyfriend or Best Friend, he’s in the ring shopping market. I have absolutely no problem with him taking the initiaitive and time to pick it out completely on his own. Afterall, I figure he’s paying for it, and its up to him what he wants to buy. Except I adviced him to not worry about getting something big flashy and extravagent, I don’t want him to go broke. That’s silly to me.

I completely trust him with my jewelry and fashion style. We’ve known each other for ten years now. He’s bought me tons of jewelry before, earing, bracelets, etc. and everyting he picked out was exactly my style-> HE JUST KNOWS ME. The way I look at it, even if he picked out something not my style, I wouldn’t care- cause I would know he took the time to think of me. Im not worried, I know he’ll get it right though- he always has.

And who says you have to wear this one ring the rest of your life. That’s what mile stone anniversaries are for. I figure he’s going to get something reasonably priced ( I hope), so i’ll be looking to upgrade once the next 10 year anniversary comes!

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Absolutely, browneyedgr1 on the point that the point that you’d love the ring because of the gesture. If the canadian just surprised me, I’d be thrilled to but that’s not how it worked in our situation.

My mother had a three stone ring and I always loved hers and had a particular design in mind. As we’re not having a big wedding – 20 people – or indeed big honeymoon, it’s become really special to us and rather momentus.

I don’t agree though with any comments re upgrade. In ireland, it’s not that common right now and I would like to be still wearing the ring my guy proposed to me with when I’m 80 – I’m sentimental like that 🙂

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