(Closed) iPhone 5S or Galaxy S4, which would you buy?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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My fiancé has a galaxy and I hate it. iPhone all the way!

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Honey bee
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I have the S4 and I love it, especially with the Jellybean 4.3 update that I got this morning. I thought it was going to be bulky at first, but you get used to it. iPhones seem so small to me now.

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Helper bee
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I have a Samsung Note 2. It’s not a Galaxy but basically has all the features. I have an iPod Touch and have been a Mac user since 2006 so I have experience using both operating systems.

My 2 cents: Go with the Galaxy. Otterbox in general is bulky, even with an iPhone 😛 The lcd just breaking? Well, the pro there is if your iPhone screen were to break you’d have to probably pay an arm and leg for Apple to fix it at the Genius Bar OR buy a new phone. Whereas I’m sure you could easily buy and replace the Galaxy one yourself. When I wanted Apple to replace my iPod’s home button they said it was gonna cost 200 bucks. No.

In My Humble Opinion, Apple is falling behind in innovation. I mean, as far as the new iPhone goes, it’s just getting to be on the same level as a lot of Android phones. iPhones are a little too small to me. They might have better materials, but I put mine in a case so not like I care. I guess that’s one pro for you if you get an iPhone, there are so many more cases available to you, custom or mass produced. I don’t know, I just don’t see anything cool and new with iPhones (but I also get annoyed over the sheeple effect they have).

I love how well integrated my Google account is with Android. That has made my life a hell of a lot easier. Apple is a lot less user-friendly in the customization department because they want to keep their product very cookie cutter.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I have the S4 and I LOVE it!


I love being able to “side load” programs, I’m not locked in to apple or googles programs. Like neither phone supports flash, but I side loaded it, pulled down boat browser and I can watch flash videos.


Its easy to customize, I could easily download a stable custom ROM. I choose to leave it, I like how Samsung has it layer out.


The screen is amazing, photos are camera quality (16 mp), and I can move music and movies to SD cards so they don’t sit on my phone going up space.


Widgets. I love customizing my widgets. Apple doesn’t have widgets.


The s4 comes with the 800 snapdragon, processes are noticeably smooth and fast


I love being able to turn off all the processes I don’t like or on ones I do and not have to look for them. One finger drop down notification menu or use three fingers and get the features menu. Smart scroll at first was annoying, but now I love it. NFC control is great. Never realized how cool that was going to be until I picked up some tags off amazon cheap. I use all the Google features like keep, wallet, translate, calendar, and drive, they are just seamless.

Battery life, I get 8-12 hours of heavy to moderate use ( like watching movies) or three days of stand by. So far, its onlyntaken me just over an hour to fully charge. One good thing is you can pick up extra batteries off of amazon or from Samsung.  I usually have a few extra in my purse. First things I bought were screen protectors, a case, and extra batteries. I always forget to plug my phone in. Being able to switch out my battery is perfect compared to a dead phone.

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Helper bee
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I have the iphone and love it. Never had a problem that I can recall. I like for my phone to be a phone and provide me with internet. I don’t need a ton of crazy features that are cool, but never used. Fiance just got the S4 and hasn’t been happy (this one replaced his much better working, older version Galaxy). He had like 3 dropped calls in the first day, and it refuses to pick up 4G. Our smart TVs, soundbars and tablets are all Android. So, I couldn’t convince him to go to iphone. However, he said he will be returning it. We also have Verizon, which is the most prominent service provider in my area. 

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

@lovekiss:  Good! It lasts all day, and I’m on it a ton.

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Sugar bee

I have a Samsung tablet so the S4 has been great so far.  They work very similarly. I have heard that iPhone users found the S4 to be too hard to use but I can use it just fine and I am crappy with technology. I have child sized hands and use it just fine, no dropped calls, 4g when it’s available, etc. It’s also my first smart phone and so far so good!

ETA The S4 also uses a universal charger so replacement chargers are cheap!

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Helper bee

I thought that I’ll give my 2cents since I get to use both side by side for the past two weeks. I find the s4 to be way to big and a little bit… I don’t know how to put it other then sensitive. I do like some features but not enough to really enjoy the phone. On the other hand I really like the 5S and every day I enjoy it more and more. The touchid,although not necessary, is fun to use. The size is great for my hands even in the otterbox. For me the iPhone wins I know in the next 3 years I will get every OS update(upgrade) and if I have a problem I can take it to the Appl Store and it will be fixed. With the S4 I’ll be lucky if I see an OS update (upgrade) after the first 18 months. For me those things are important. If you go with the S4 wait until Thanksgiving it’ll be cheaper. If you go with the iPhone then go to your local Walmart they discount it a bit and would be like to have all three color choices. 

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Helper bee

@lovekiss:  I actually asked the bee about this before I think, and I was convinced to get the S4. It has been the best investment I ever made. I’m in love with it. Everything is so fast, all of my accounts are connected (2 gmail accounts, calendar, docs, facebook, etc) There are differently colored blinking lights for each notification so you know if you want to ignore than vibration or not, haha.

The phone is not flimsy at all. I opted to get a case brand called incipio (from amazon). It was the combination of best reviews/ best price. Its not as bulky as an otterbox but offers just as much protection as the commuter series. I’ve dropped it 3x now and its been good, although I did have a few heart attacks. I’m also just SUPER careful because this phone is my baby, I’m seriously in love.

And the phone is kinda big at first, especially when coming from a small phone, but you get used to it in less than a week. Now when I see people with iPhones I think they are so puny and how do they read anything?! The screen is so clear too I’m still amazed every day at how it looks like I’m reading a book.

The battery lasts alllll day, and only takes about an hour to charge, its pretty amazing. I feel bad charging it overnight now when its full when I go to bed, but thats just habit from old battery technology.

I just read an article for a friend thats phone shopping and the s4 definitely has the best camera by far. 13MP, so clear. 

Ok so this has been a fangirl post, haha but seriously, you will NOT regret this phone. 

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Bee Keeper
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@lovekiss:  My husband and I have the S4 and im so glad I switched. I used to have an iphone. 

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Bumble bee
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@lovekiss:  you should add a poll. iPhone 5S, no doubt. iOs is pretty easy to learn how to use, and will always beat android. Sorry not sorry.

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Busy Beekeeper
  • Wedding: February 2013

I’ve had both the iPhone 5s and he Galaxy s4. I absolutely HATED the Galaxy! It was so uncomfortable to hold and use because of it’s large size, and I really didn’t like the OS. It also had terrible battery life and the quality of the speakers was very low IMO. I returned it within 14 days.

I just got my iPhone 5 this week, and I love it! It’s so easy to use, and it’s got great battery life and speakers. It definitely feels higher quality than the plastic Galaxy.

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Helper bee
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I’ve had both Android phones and iPhones, and I have to vote iPhone. Yes, you don’t get all the cool customizable options that you get with Android, but technically speaking I feel like Android just isn’t quite there yet. Android has been greatly improved over the years, but iOS is still smoother. I can’t really describe how to word it, but just scrolling through screens, opening and closing apps, even just typing is so much smoother on iPhones. Not to mention EVERY Android phone I’ve ever owned starts to lag after about a year of use. You’ll be trying to scroll between your homepages and the graphics aren’t keeping up with your touch. I dunno, maybe it’s just me, but I notice those little things.

I also know that a lot of people like to complain about how iPhones haven’t had any revolutionary changes these past few years, but honestly a cellphone is a cellphone. Some years the trend is bigger ones, some years it’s towards smaller ones. But you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I had my iPhone 4S for nearly 2 years, and at upgrade time I went in with an open mind and tried out a ton of different phones. Even after almost an hour of playing around and really liking a few Android models, my choice was still so clear. I went with the 5 (the 5S wasn’t out yet), and even playing with my friends’ S4 and Note II I have zero regrets. My only regret is that I didn’t wait a little longer for the 5S because I have some serious cellphone envy. I want the gold one so bad!!!  😉

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