iPhone owners: some questions

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Helper bee
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I have an iPhone 7, which is already big in my opinion. The rest of my family have the 7 plus, which is huge lol 😅. As far as not having a headphone jack, since I got my phone I realized I don’t listen to music with headphones that often. The only thing I needed was an adapter to connect my aux cord in my car to my phone. Other than that I feel like it’s like any other iPhone I’ve had before this, just bigger ☺️

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Helper bee
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I dont have one but it’d annoy me because I like walking/jogging with my phone. I see people with armbands for those huge phones and it just seems reidiculous – like they may as well strap a laptop to their arm. 

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Busy bee

I have an SE too! I love it but honestly, after using other people’s phones (my parents have the 7 and 7+ and my husband has a Samsung galaxy 8), I’m not sold on either company. I think whatever differences they used to have is blurring over time. Whatever company comes out with the next good small thing has my vote. 

Samsung does make a line of small phones but I’ve never seen their new line in person. Their old line was pretty cheap, the type they would sell for prepaid lines. 

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Helper bee
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I like the bigger one. I use my screen a lot and so having it be bigger is nice. I mostly went with the bigger one because it has a better camera and that’s one of the more important phone features for me. I am a one purse type of person, it’s either in my back pocket and I have no purse or in the one purse I do carry so I haven’t had any trouble with that. 

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I think the newer iPhones are simply too big to handle. I love my 5S! 🙂

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Busy bee
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I jog with my 7 plus and it doesn’t bother me. I also do long distance trail rides with it, and it still doesn’t bother me. It did take a little while to find a jogging sleeve which would fit it, but now that I have one it has been fine. I love the picture quality and the ability to use my phone as a TV. I can also do some work on it now, because the screen isn’t too small. 

Using smaller iphones drives me nuts now. I get migraines from trying to read the smaller text – so I guess that just means that I am getting old. 

However, Fiance is toying with the idea of downgrading from his plus because it doesn’t fit in his uniform pocket and that is a real pain in the butt for him. I don’t need to fit my phone anywhere super tiny, so I guess it depends on what you do with your phone. 

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Sugar bee

Ugradedvto the plus not too long ago and I love it. I had the 6, and upgraded to the 6SPlus. My sister has it so I was able to see it and use it a bit before purchasing. I wouldn’t go back. 

I didn’t want to deal with the no headphone jack, and the wireless charging, nor did I want to pay the price for the 7, 8, or X, so that influenced my decision too. 

I’d recommend it, but I also don’t use super small purses, so that wasn’t a factor for me. Still fits in the back pocket of my jeans (with a wallet case) if it needs to. 

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Helper bee

I have the iPhone 7 and I really like it. I did not like using the Plus, it is a two-handed device for doing anything other than just holding it – and my hands are not small (I can palm a men’s basketball.) I use mine for exercising, sometimes with an armband and sometimes not. I choose to use wireless headphones with Bluetooth to circumvent the headphone jack problem, especially if I want to charge it while listening to something. I do occasionally use the provided lightening jack headphones. 

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Helper bee

I just went from an iPhone 6 (normal size) to a iPhone 8 plus. And I’m so happy that I went for the bigger size! There’s nothing not to love about it 😊 

And don’t worry about the headphones. The new iPhones come with an adapter so you can use any type of headphones with it. 

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Helper bee
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I just upgraded from a 5S to an 8. It feels huuuuge and I couldn’t imagine having gone to the 8+

The only reason I got the 8 over the 7 was the wireless charging. I actually was happy with the 5S and would have kept it except it liked to crash/reboot multiple times a day…

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Busy bee

I was still using a 4S last year until I upgraded to a 6S (standard size) and I loooove it. I will continue to use this thing until it breaks or Apple stops updating it…whichever comes first. I’ve dropped it several times now without any case whatsoever and it’s still in perfect condition.
I usually hate huge phones, and I was so used to the teeny 4S that I was a bit nervous about how hard it might be to get used to the 6, but once I used it for a few minutes I adored the size…not too big, not too small. Sound quality seems better than my laptop (which isn’t necessarily saying much, it’s a cruddy laptop…but still), and as far as I know it works just as well as any other iPhone…though I do like to keep things simple, so I don’t need any super fancy features to begin with.  

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Busy bee
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I have the 8. To be honest, I don’t see it to be much different than my 6S. It’s the same size, slightly lighter, and has more space. I got the 64 gb but now that I have unlimited data I stream Spotify anyway. The iOS and the processor are supposed to be faster, I don’t see that much of a difference. 

My mom owns the 6s plus and I think the size is totally ridiculous! It’s as big as her damn head! Personally I don’t like phones that big. If I want web browsing and game apps, I do it on my iPad. 

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Helper bee

I prefer smaller phones. I’ve been trying to cut back on phone use and I already have a tablet and laptop so it influenced my decision not to get a large phone. 

I look at a phone for contacting people mainly, if I wanted to research etc I use my laptop. I also have small hands and wanted it to easily fit in my purse, back pocket etc.

It just depends what you want to use your phone for? Some people use theirs for reading on commutes, have poor eyesight so need bigger text, etc. 

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