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@mrssoontobeh:  I own several apple products. I’ve also owned windows products, android phones, web OS phones, ran linux on netbooks, built stuff, etc…I consider myself a well rounded techy nerd (who married a programmer, for pete’s sake). Part of the “magic” behind apple’s products is that they FEEL GOOD. By that, I mean that they are beautiful to look at or to hold in your hand. They feel like little works of art in a sense. Their OS runs like butter and the developers take great pains to push out a great product, not rush and put out buggy crap (for the most part). I think aestetics has a big part in the allure of the iphone. If you set one down in front of me next to say a Samsung galaxy, I’d choose the iphone 1 for it’s size and 2 for it’s aestetics. Oh, and the phone itself is going to be freaking awesome.

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Meh. I have a macbook, and I do love how it was designed and how it runs, but it’s far from the greatest thing ever. Apple fanatics sometimes freak me out with their adoration/cult-like worship of steve jobs and the company.

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Pfft, I don’t get it either.  I have an LG chocolate.  It makes calls, it sends and receives texts.  I daresay you can do a whole lot of other stuff with it too, but I’d never use it for any of that (apart from occasionally using the mp3 function).  I wouldn’t bother getting an iphone, but maybe if I used my phone more then I’d consider it.

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I’ve had a Blackberry, an Android and an iPhone. I have an iPhone 4 now so as of today I’m 2 models behind and have no desire to upgrade. I love my phone but I don’t need all the newest stuff. The iPhone OS does run a lot smoother than the Android OS in my opinion. I have seen a lot of glitches in Android and Blackberry but I never seem to come across any of them on the iPhone. I feel even the apps run better although the majority of them are created by a third party. There are more apps available too. I also have an iPad but rarely use it. We bought it secondhand and I’d rather just use my phone lol.

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I guess I’m an apple nerd, although I don’t really care a lot about steve jobs I just like things that work. I could write you a novel on why the macbooks I’ve owned kick PCs ass but since you asked just about the phone, I’ll limit to that. 

I did pre-order the iphone 5 after having an iphone 4 for the last two years. I have never personally owned an android so I can’t have as good a comparison as someone who has owned both– however I have used various android models. The thing about an iphone is that it is just EASY. I got my iphone 4 after never having had a smart phone at all ever. And it was obvious how to do exactly what I wanted to do. There are no menus, stuff isn’t hidden, it works, and its FAST. My mother in law has an android that she just got in May and we stayed with her for a week soon after. I spent half that damn week trying to figure out how to do stuff on her phone so i could show her because it was so confusing. Things are hidden, not well named, and it was really hard to figure out. Not to mention it was slow as all get out and the graphics didn’t look nearly as good. Maybe I’m just too dumb for android (and I suppose I would eventually figure everything out if it was my phone)… but a lot of people are not techy. So ease of use is really important. 

As for why I got the iphone 5… I have had my current phone for over 2 years so I was due for an upgrade and I’m excited about the camera improvements to the iphone 5. I take thousands of photos on my iphone because it is so convenient, so that is something that is exciting to me.

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I’ve had various types of phones.  A Blackberry, a few Androids, and some random startphones.  I have an iPhone 4s right now.  Everything just works so seamlessly!  I’m a hardcore PC user who isn’t an Apple fanboy at all, but I love my iPhone.  I don’t have an upgrade for another year, so I’m not going to run out and buy the latest and greatest.  If the iPhone is still the best next year I’ll definitely buy it, but if something better has come out I wouldn’t hesitate to buy that instead.  I love my iPhone right now, but I’m not going to stay with it if it’s not the best.  Right now it definitely is.

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Meh…I’m the only one out of my friends who doesn’t have an iPhone. My phone is not even a smart phone. I figure that I’m addicted enough to my computer, plus we’re saving a ton of money spending $10 a month/phone.

I think the attraction to the iPhone is:

– Integration between phone and computer

– More apps than any other phone

– Trendy, status symbol

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I got the iPhone 4s after going through 4-5 different androids in under two years. After a few months they become way too buggy, and flat out stop working. Fiance has had his Droid Razor replaced probably 4 times in 6 months because one phone owuld end calls, the next one rebooted all day for no reason, and now the orientation is screwy and holding the phone horizontal does not change the screen. 

I’ve had the iPhone for about 6 months and generally have no complaints. I miss the menu, back, and search buttons, but it’s an adjustment.

I’m by no means an Apple Head and I would NEVER stand in a line to buy a phone, that’s basically the same as what I already have, but I have had a macbook for 4 years. most PC laptops turn to slow garbage after 2. I will likely keep it for another year or two.

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I felt the same way about Apple for awhile.  FI helped change my mind when he bought me the 3GS back in 2010.  My Android would freeze, turn off, and just be really lame.  It even burnt my sim card.  He also convinced me to buy a MacBook after my 2nd PC laptop died within a year.  I have to admit that I’ll probably never look back or go to another company.  It has nothing to do with trend, the name of the product, etc. for me personally  My overall experience with Apple products has been positive and I’m happy that my money is being well spent.

ETA: Fiance has had his MacBook Pro for about 4 years now and still works good!  Mine is about 3 years old.

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Honestly I played around with an iPhone and I wasn’t impressed at all. My android is amazing and easier to use, plus does all the exact same things. I’ve never had a problem with my phone or my previous android but 6 of my friends cracked their iPhone screens! I drop my phone daily (not on purpose) and the thing is still running like the day I bought it. I do have an iPod but I don’t even use it lol. They are so over priced too, your definitely paying for the name brand but theres other phones out there just as good. I don’t get the hype either.

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Ok I have been rocking blackberry for 5 years.  Yes FIVE.  I always liked them. I have never had an adroid or iphone.  I am in the process of switching over to the iphone because my cell bill will chop in half.  I waited for the 5 so that I could get the 4 for free.  I also have a macbook and an ipad.  I was over windows when my laptop in college needed to be reprogrammed 4 times in 2 years.  And I wasnt doing anything major on it, just school.  Then I got the macbook and that was it for me.  Other than the ridiculous price, i do appreciate the quality in the OS.

ETA: I realize this makes me sound like a huge apple snob, im really not. =/

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Blackberry, Android and Iphones here. I HATE the Iphone with a passion, I’m not a fan of any of my apple products to be honest. I love, love, love my Blackberry. As long as BB makes a phone with a keyboard I’ll have one I my hand. I have all the same popular apps that Iphone has only I find they work better and I have more control. So ya, I dont get the Iphone craze either.

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@Rrabbetsgirl:  LOL word for word my husband said this last week! He’s obsessed with his Blackberry and hates Apple products.

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I have a macbook (from 2007) and a iphone 4s. Prior to getting both apple devices, I had a HP laptop and a Droid Incredible 2 followed by the Droid Razr Max.

My HP laptop would run extremely slow after about 4-6 months. I used it for college – surfing the net and typing papers. It was hard to have multiple programs open at once and would freeze whenever I moved between programs too quickly. In the 14 months I had it, I had to wipe it and reinstall everythin 3 times just to get back to the faster processing speed. Then I bought a macbook. The big thing for me was the battery – it would last for an entire 4 hour class without being plugged in. (I went to 2 computer stores and at that time couldn’t find anything that would last as long that was windows-based.) I have been using the computer for 5 years, every day, rarely shutting it off. It still works very well, I have no issue opening multiple programs or moving between screens/programs. A few months ago I purchased a new AC adapter and battery.

The Droid Incredible I had worked well for a while, but then the screen froze up. Verizon replaced it. It again worked well for a while, but I started having issues with apps closing randomly and a long delay between pressing the screen and a response from the phone. I upgraded to the Droid Razr Maxx, the king of all phones. After a week the touch screen froze, so they replaced it. Then I started having issues with voice command starting while the phone was just sitting there, or the phone making phone calls on its own. This would happen when the phone was just sitting on my desk, while I was listening to audiobooks off my phone in my car, or while I was running. After a lot of run around, they replaced it again, but the same issues came back on the new one. I found a few other people online and at work who had a Droid phone with the same issues.

I got the iPhone 4s. I haven’t had a single issue with it. The battery lasts almost long as I was getting with the Razr Maxx. I can use it just about all day and charge it overnight. It charges to full faster than the maxx. No issues with the screen, apps or anyting else. Plus the camera on the iPhone 4s is WAY better than on the Droid.

I think that windows and Android have a tendency to release products and software when there are still issues. It seems that Apple focuses on developing a solid product before releasing it, so users have fewer problems with the device once they get it.

I don’t like that Apple is so proprietary, like SONY cameras are, with adapters and such that don’t interface as well with other non-apple products. They also come at a premium price, especially the laptops. However I am confident, through my own experiences that I would have paid the price of my macbook several times over had I stayed with a PC laptop.

I don’t think that there is much that apple provides that you can’t find elsewhere on other products, but knowing that I have a solid product that will last is important to me. I also have 2 ipods that are 5+ years old and I’ve never had a problem with them either.

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