(Closed) iphone v. droid: the showdown

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    I love my iPhone. I think the convienience is worth the money in the end. You pay a little more, but you get a lot more out of the phone!

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    I love my Droid. We have great service through Verizon. My internet is really fast compared to my friends with iPhones. I love having a real keyboard (although Fiance can’t type on it because his fingers are too fat).

    Can I also just say that I love that every 3rd person doesn’t have my phone?

    I’ll admit that I think the iPhone looks cooler, but you can’t really beat the thousands of free Apps in the Android marketplace, and how smooth the whole systems runs.

    I love that thing. Especially after the DEVIL of a BlackBerry Storm I had before this phone.

    (Ooh, also, my Camera on my Droid is so nice that I can use it instead of a digital camera! iPhone’s cam is only 3mp, Droid’s is 5mp)

    Also, if you want to store music on it, it’s expandable to 32 GB. So my former collection of digital camera, iPod and phone are now just reduced to my Droid. Oh, and GPS too..Haha

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    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE my iPhone.

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    Team iPhone!! Apple just announced the new ipone (OS4) which will be shipping this summer!!!

    Especially since I just downloaded (only 3.99!) the best couch 2 5k app ever 😀

    I haven’t ever used the DROID though, so I have nothing to compare it too.  I do know in my house in LA I can’t get any Verizon service but I get perfect at&t service. When I lived in Tucson I could only get Verizon service and at&t sucked. It really just depends where you live.

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    i’m an avid apple lover. i wouldn’t trade my mac for anything. that being said, i would get the droid. ATT blows. sorry if that’s offensive to anyone, but everyone i know with iphones has nothing but trouble with their service. if the iphone was on verizon, i would recommend it, but sadly it’s not. i’ve heard really good reviews for the droid, plus i have verizon and can attest to it’s awesome coverage and speediness. there’s a new droid phone coming out called the incredible and it’s similar to the iphone in a lot of ways – easy browsing, TONS of apps, etc. you should check that out. i think once you get verizon you’ll realize how terrible your service really was.

    i have heard rumors of the iphone coming to verizon… they’re probably not true, but one can dream!

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    All I know is that I hated having AT&T back in the day.  Once I switched to Verizon I never looked back!  So, since you said yourself that Verizon is cheaper and has better service, why don’t you just switch and hope that the iPhone comes to Verizon by this summer like some of the rumors are saying? 

    Also, I have a set of cousins…one sister has the iPhone, the other sister has the Droid…they BOTH say that they prefer using the Droid over the iPhone.  So yeah, more food for thought…

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    @JanieLeigh: It REALLY depends where you live how bad ATT service is. I have perfect service where I live now, but had sucky service where I used to live. I had the WORST Verizon service where I live now (zero signal in my own house).  I will admit that overall I think ATT has worse service :/

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    We have both—an iPhone on AT&T and a Nexus One (similar to Droid) on TMobile. The iPhone is mine and I love the phone, but the service is abysmal. About a third of the time it doesn’t work simply because the network is jammed up. The NexusOne is a better phone if for no other reason than that it’s newer—I suspect Apple will add a bunch of its nice features in the iPhone 4G. But it does a number of things my iPhone can’t (better syncing with everything Google, tethering, option to have no contract) and has a far better screen and graphics. T-Mobile has been fine…we both switched from Verizon, and live in the one weird place in the country where we get no Verizon reception at our house, so that was a dealbreaker.

    iPhone may well be available on Verizon within the year, though, so if you don’t need a new phone immediately, I’d hold out for as long as you can and see how that pans out. Then you get the freedom of choice with a better network.

    EDIT: Oh, and if you go iPhone, definitely wait it out for the 4G. There’s nothing worse than buying an Apple product and having a new one come out immediately afterwards! With luck that might coincide with the move to Verizon, too.

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    yeah did you all see that the 4G iphone was left at a bar in San Jose, CA by one of the engineers who was testing it?  That’s how it was leaked today.  It was all over gizmodo.com

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    I have had an iPhone since they came out, and I am switching to Verizon when my 2 yr contract is up. AT&T reception blows.

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    I completely agree with ILikePink.  I just got a Droid and absolutely love it.  For me the real keyboard alone would be reason enough to get it (the keyboard slides out so that you can see the full size screen while typing, rather than having the on-screen keyboard take up half the screen–but if you prefer on-screen keyboard, it has that also).  And the google map GPS thingy is awesome and it imports all your gmail contacts.  I haven’t had any problems finding all sorts of fun apps for it.   Also, a 5 mp camera with a flash?  Yes, please! 

    I’m no huge fan of Verizon as a company, but I’ve never had a problem with the coverage, and my plan is cheaper than my friends who have iphones. 

    (P.S. I recommend the Motorola Droid over the other Droid, which I think doesn’t have a keyboard.)

    Either way, good luck picking!

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    I love love love my Droid! I love having the full keyboard when I wrote long messages and I love the integration with all of the Google products, especially the fantastic turn by turn navigation using Google Maps. I also get signal when my friends with iPhones don’t, which is very handy.

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    Do you actually use your ipod a lot? I commute 2 hours a day by bus and train, so being able to have an iphone is pretty great since I listen to music constantly. However, it doesn’t work like a normal ipod. You can’t just select a few songs to add to it, you have to create a new playlist and sync the whole thing again, which makes me incredibly lazy about adding music.

    The service isn’t fantastic. I lose 3G a lot. ATT just doesn’t seem capable of handling massive amounts of data. Now, there’s a rumor that Verizon will be getting an iphone — no idea when, but I’d wait for that, if possible. Also! The 4G iphone has been leaked, so I’d definitely wait on that 🙂

    I’ve never tried a droid so I have no idea, but I will say I’m probably switching devices once my contract is up.

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