(Closed) iphone v. droid: the showdown

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    With the INCallling, I only end up using about 57 minutes a month. Fiance, my family, and almost all my friends happen to have Verizon.

    I just always feel a little sad about how low of minutes I use, since we have unlimited calls and data.

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    I have a droid. Its AMAZING. I can check my email, talk on the phone, web surf etc at the same time. I have Sprint and i am so glad I have it. Its like a combo of the iphone and I have a ton of apps etc. LOVES IT!

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    I’ve never used a Droid, but R has an iphone and I steal it all. the. time. I love it because he goes on really long runs – like, 6 miles – and would never take his Blackberry. But now that he uses his iphone, I can get ahold of him if I really need to. 

    No complaints about the Apps or anything. The mail program is great, but I don’t have much to compare the phone to since I still have an LG Shine. 

    At&T isn’t too bad around here, and I got great service in pretty much every state I’ve been to. The one thing is that I don’t get service in basement areas or on the subway. Future Father-In-Law works for AT&T, so I’m always bugging him about that. (he’s an electrical engineer.)

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    I have the Goodle phone, which is an Android system through T-Mobile and I love it. I’ve had absolutely no problems finding apps that I need, and while my phone isn’t as pretty as the iPhone, the actual system is awesome.

    I’m an Apple fan (avid Mac user!), but I simply cannot stand AT&T’s customer service, so I just couldn’t stomach geting the iPhone.

    My vote would be droid ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I missed this earlier in this thread, but company discounts are negotiated individually with the phone companies, so you will need to check your company’s specific plan. It is the case with our state university system’s agreement that you cannot use the discount on the iPhone data plan (or on an iPhone purchase) but on Verizon and T-Mobile they apply it across the board. Annoying! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I’d have to choose the Droid, because I can’t stand AT&T. I had them for my home phone service for years with no trouble, but when I ent to cancel because I moved into my husband’s house, they screwed up and I ended up in collections. It took months to resolve. I also like how Verizon works best in DC’s metro system. Hubby has T-MObile and wants me to switch to that.

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    My fiance has a Droid and I’m going to get one soon.  I’ve had pretty bad experiences with both AT&T and Apple in the past, so I’m pretty prejudiced against the iPhone, but after seeing how his Droid compared with our many friends who have iPhones, there’s no question in my mind.

    BIG issue here is network access.  It depends where you spend your time, but we spend about 95% of our time Silicon Valley and the other 5% in New York – in both areas, the AT&T networks are totally overloaded.  It’s like our friends with iPhones are using dial-up while we’re on broadband.  Plus, HUGE problems with call dropping.  If you’re not likely to end up in a really populated, tech-heavy area, it’s not an issue, and the iPhone possibly becoming available on Verizon’s network might siphon off some traffic, but I’m wary.

    The other thing I really like about the Droid is that it has a keyboard.  I’m not a big touch-screen fan so this is huge.  There are additional advantages like the fact that you don’t have Apple deciding what file types are and aren’t acceptable, and acting as gatekeeper for all your apps and files.  Personally, I am not a fan of that but most people don’t care.

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    @ilikepink and @corgitales (whom are two of my favorite bees)  I have an iPhone, and already wrote a post here about loving it, and I drive a Volvo.  I have to stick up for my Volvo, which I also LOVE, and which I would much rather have than an Audi TT (the Volkswagen Beatle of Audis) any day!  Also the TT is about 10k less than the S80.  Ok sorry, but I had to say it.

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    I have a g1 android phone and it is the best phone ever.

    you can answer it with gloves on in the cold (not on iphone)

    you can talk and be online at the same time (i’m on t-mobile)

    you can replace the battery (take that apple)

    and you can expand the memory, since all it takes is micro sd cards and they come up to 32 gigs i think.

    iphones are great if you like things easy, go driod if you want to customize.

    i LOVE the android system.

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    I love my droid.  Really, REALLY love it.  I am a huge Apple fan, and we own a lot of their products, but AT&T just has terrible service around here.  I’ve never had problems with Verizon; their coverage around here is a lot better, too.

    One thing you might want to look into is if either Verizon or AT&T is running any ads right now.  We bought our droids in January, and Verizon was running a special at that time that gave us $200 rebates for each pdroid phone purchased.  We almost got them for free!

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    I love my iphone, but before making any decisions, the new iphone is coming out soon.  Gizmondo got a hold of one, so I would wait to see what the new one is like before buying either. 


    The new one looks pretty! 

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