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Commenting to follow.

This happens to me. Exactly the same thing. I haven’t been on an emergency landing (knock on wood) but have been across oceans, in little planes and big planes, you name it. It’s been in the past year that I’ve developed this fear, and it’s been with all of the accidents this year, and since last march. I have the dreams and it seems like something happens right after. I don’t think its as freaky as yours, because I’m sure it happens often but I only remmeber when the disasters happen.

I think may you, and me too, should see a counselor about this. I’ve been wanting to go and just learn some effective relaxation techniques, and a way to change my thoughts around. I wish you the best of luck. This fear really, really sucks.

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Dead fish.  They freak me the f*ck out.  They bloat up and float and their eyes gloss over and stare at you.  


I don’t even like live fish, because I know they die so easily, and then they’d be dead fish!

Totally stems from my childhood.  Three instances in particular:

1) My mom used to keep goldfish, but when they died, she wouldn’t clean them out.  They’d just float up and rot.

2) The lake at my homedown has a nuclear power plant on it.  This meant that parts of the lake were much warmer than they should be, killing large numbers of fish in that section.  My grandmother would take us on a boat out there, and have us go swimming/tubing in waters TEEMING with floating dead fish.

3) For his sixth birthday, my severely autistic little brother got three goldfish in a bowl.  He decided to move them around his room several times.  By the next morning, two of them were dead in the bowl and the third was missing.  A few hours later, I found it.  With my bare foot. 

Fiance keeps talking about how he wants a fish tank.  Not on his life.

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I am deathly afraid of snakes.  I will and I have hurt myself trying to get away from a snake.  People think its funny.  Once they know you are afraid, they try to scare you even more.  I am equally afraid of dead snakes and even fake snakes.  I can’t help it.  I love the woods and hiking but am almost too scared to enjoy them.  I know the whole “they are more afraid of you blah blah”.  No.  They are not more afraid than I am.

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Flying bugs, especially flies and bees because they’re so common. I absolutely hate the buzz sound and how they can change directions so quickly and get right in your face. Ugh my worst fear by far and I’m a pretty fearful person. 

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Flying. I truly hate it. I start to dread going on holiday weeks before I go. But I do go! Thankfully its not as bad for me as what you have explained. I find xanex helps…but there certainly has been a surge in flight disasters recently which is terrifying. Its so incredibly sad. Iv booked my honeymoon to Mexico for July next year, and I’m already freaking out a little, its over ten hours, that will be the longest flight I have ever taken!

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You should really see a counselor to get help for your fear of flying. It’s much more likely to die in a car crash than in a plane crash. I fly more than 20 times per year and the more I fly the less scared I am (even though I also had an emergency landing once, and several times turbulences). 


My irrational fear is of spiders. The smaller ones aren’t bad but I just hate big spiders. 

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I am also afraid of flying!  I took an online course that actually did help to some extent.  Between that course and some Valium I am actually able to fly when necessary. 

Here is the link to the class.


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I hate any kind of bug and NEEDLES are definitely my most irrational fear….

I was in the hospital a few years back and for the first time in my life they were trying to put an IV in my arm. I was screaming and swinging my arms around. four nurses had to hold me down I was flipping out. Then it was worse when it was finally IN my arm. I was absolutely hysterical. No one could calm me down I was hyperventilating I was so fucking scared. They ended up sedating me cuz I just wouldn’t calm down…. I’m still so upset just thinking about it….

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For me, it’s getting shot. I’ve never been involved in gun culture or anything where there would really be any reason for someone to want to kill me but then I watch the news and there is another mass shooter killing people he doesn’t know at a movie theater or at school because he’s pissed at the world.

It’s gotten bad enough that I don’t even like going to movies anymore. 🙁

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Dead spiders. They scare me more than live ones. And running out of money. I have an irrational fear that we will run out and starve and die. We won’t.

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