(Closed) Irrational fears – do you have them?

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My husband flies for a living in the Navy. I used to worry at first, but now that I know his crew a bit better, I don’t. His crew takes good care of him and he takes good care of them.

I am more afraid of him driving than flying — You’re more likely to get into a fatal car accident than you are a plane crash. I worry about him when he is deployed, though, not necessarily flying.

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Honey bee
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@FauxBoho:  Absolutely! I worry about the same things over and over, and they’re all apprently pretty irrational:

I worry that:

-BF will die in a car accident driving to or from work everyday

-our apartment will catch on fire spontaneously

-someone will break into our apartment and take/hurt our dogs

-the dogs will choke on a piece of a toy or food while we’re at work

-I forgot to turn the stove off

-I forgot to lock the front door, aiding the imaginary dog-napper.

It’s one thing to have these stupid fears, but I am ashamed to admit at least once a week I will leave work in a panic during lunch to drive a half hour home and make sure none of the above-mentioned things have happened 😡

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Honey bee
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The only thing I have fear about is that it would be hard to reach me if something did happen. I don’t worry about something actually happening, really. But if there was any kind of emergency, travel related or not, I don’t know how anyone would contact me since I am overseas. I hope his mum has my number! Or else it would be FB lol.

He does fly a bit for business though, and that doesn’t really bother me. I don’t think the plane is going to crash.

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Bumble bee
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I have anxiety issues, so I lay awake most nights, some nights all night, worrying about everything…


–  someone will abduct my children (from my house in a safe neighborhood with an alarm system… but I’m convinced someone will figure out a way around it)

–  someone will kill my husband and I in our sleep and leave my children parentless

– my husband will get in a car wreck on the way to work

–  my cancer will spread and I’ll die before they even know it’s spread

– the baby will be born with something horrible wrong with him due to my health issues this pregnancy (I’m completely convinced of this, even though ultrasounds and tests have not revealed any issues.. I’m 30 weeks pregnant)

– one of my daughters will fall off their swingset swinging too high and break their neck while I sit watching them swing

– my husband will have an aneurysm and drop dead in front of me (happened to a friend of mine on Easter and I can’t stop thinking about it.. her husband had no history)


I’m just constantly worried that something awful wiil happen.  Pregnancy makes it worse for me, plus I can’t use my anxiety meds.  I also have random weird fears like I’m freaked out by clowns, being the focus of attention by a lot of people, and having people know my personal business… I’m extremely private so I’m constantly worried someone I know will find out things about me.  

I’m a weirdo 🙁

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@badabing88:  Glad I’m not the only one.  I hate being a worrier, but I completely am.  I worry about the stove/locks a lot as well!  It drives me crazy because I’ll check it repeatedly and then convince myself I didn’t actually check.

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@FauxBoho:  Yes, definitely–you’re not alone in this. I have an irrational fear about almost anything and everything, but when FI is travelling it’s worse.


@badabing88:  Oh my gosh, so glad I’m not the only one re: turning off the stove/other hot things and locking doors. I actually searched for a hair straightener and an iron that turn themselves off after a period of time in case I do actually forget to turn them off (which, to date, has literally never happened… totally irrational). I also always worry that I forgot to close our garage door because I usually just do it without thinking (I have actually left it open one, though nothing bad happened… I guess we live in a safe area lol). And I have gotten halfway to work before and turned around to check if I closed the garage door… I was very very late, but I felt better afterward. =)

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@FauxBoho:  I am afraid of flying. I don’t know if that is irrational or not. I think it is perfectly rational to be afraid of either plunging to my death, or burning to death 😛

@badabing88:  OMG – we are long lost twins. I constantly worry I forgot to lock the door. I’ve driven home from work to check, and I’ve also gotten up and checked in the night. I am also afraid something will happen to furbaby when we aren’t home and I either hire someone to watch him, or have my mother go “check” on him.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

@FauxBoho:  Don’t feel bad – I have cried on every plane journey I have ever been on. FI tells me that I should just take drugs (like sleeping pills, not cocaine) so I stop being such a crazie. Perhaps he’s tired of me asking him, “did you feel that? does that mean the plane is broken? are we going to die?!” I’d probably get a little tired of that too 😛

I think I would have had an outright heart attack in the situation you described.

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@FauxBoho:  I feel that way sometimes when my husband is just going out with friends. I cant imagine how I would be feeling if he went away and it involved a plane ride! I try to push the crazy thoughts out of my head though but I do have them often

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My stupidest one about my husband is that he passes out on the driveway between stepping out of the car or house and nobody finds him until it’s too late.  (Why would he pass out in the first place?!!)  Whenever I hear a car door slam and I don’t hear his footsteps coming up the stairs within a couple seconds, I run to the window to make sure it wasn’t actually him.


Other irrational fears:


– I’m SUPER clausterphobic.  Airplanes are terribly awful for me, I hyperventilate, cry, feel like bursting out of my skin…I need to be drugged.  It’s not even that I’m afraid of flying because I’m definitely not, I’m just afraid of being stuck in the plane.  Also elevators are bad too, I always take the stairs.


– I am always terrified that I have forgotten to close my garage door after driving away and that someone will steal all my things.  I have driven back home on more than one occassion to double check.


– That I’ve left my flatiron on and my house will burn down.  Again, driven home on more than one occassion to double check. 


– That my mom or sister will get into a car accident in the winter if I don’t call them to warn them that the roads are slippery.  I only do this with those two, I don’t worry about it happening to my husband or any other people. 


– That my acupuncturist will forget about me and leave all the needles in my body and I won’t be able to get them out. 


I’m sure I’ll think of more as the day goes on…lol


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Well, I guess there is a probabiliy of something happening but the statistics say it is not very likely.  In that sense it’s not completely irrational since there is still a chance.  You just worry about that small probability more than the next person.


I have an irrational fear of seaweed – or any aquatic vegatation coming out of a lake for example.  Cannot swim over it.  I feel it will suck me in.

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