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@iluruby:  it might be time to change your birth control? When I was taking the pill, I’d go okay for a little while, then have issues with bleeding, cramping, libido etc, then try another. This continued from about 16 – 22. (Started on the pill at 16 for the same reasons as you). I did try Implanon for about 3 years (had it changed at 18 months due to bleeding). I have the Mirena IUD now, and occasionally have some spotting. I spoke to the nurse at my gynos, who say that sometimes your body can override the hormones and induce a bleed – I wonder if that’s possibly what’s happening with you? Stay off webMD (trust me, the Internet is not your friend when you’re worried!). Seeing as though you have been feeling off, it might be worthwhile having a full blood screen just to check everything else. My two sisters were vitamin B deficient, and it was amazing how much better they felt when they were taking the supplements – all picked up in a blood test. For the meantime, keep a diary of your symptoms/amount of blood etc, so that when you see the doctor again, you have all that info for them.

Oh, another thing I discovered while on the pill – taking St Johns Wort or Valerian would always make me bleed, so if you are taking any supplements, that may be the cause. Some aren’t suitable to take with birth control for that reason.

I once had an ultrasound that came back with ‘possible adenoma malignum’ – it said this in the report and I FREAKED out, for a whole weekend. Turns out that even when we, or sonographer reporters expect the worst, we aren’t always right (It was just thickening of normal cells, not cancer!). So try not to freak out, but stay in touch with your doctor. And try not to google, as hard as it is – but this will only make you more worried. The best person to get answers from is your doctor. Wishing you all the best.

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