(Closed) Is $1,150 too much to spend on a colorless diamond?

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@LilLis:  I sort of disagree with this in the sense that I would never want to be ripped off. If you can get a better diamond for the same price, why not?

It might look bigger to you bc of the way it’s cut – if it’s cut too shallow, it might face up larger than another .5ct stone that is cut deeper.

I wouldn’t buy a diamond without knowing the specs and that price sounds a bit cheap for a .5ct stone. Just call the jeweler and ask for the rest of the specs.

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And on the topic of insurance, my rule of thumb is to never bother insuring anything that you can afford to replace without being devestated. My personal cutoff is at $5k. Yes, something less than $5k may mean a whole lot to you, but having insurance on it isn’t going to replace the same exact thing or prevent it from being lost or damaged. Insurance has nothing to do with sentimentality. It has to do with financial protection. Chances are, in your life, you will probably never lose your ring or get it stolen. Most people don’t. But that rare 1% (anecdotal, I don’t know the actual #) that DOES get their ring lost or stolen freaks us all out that it might happen to us. Great. It’s always good to be cautious. But is that worth spending $$$ on insurance premiums per year? If you can afford to buy the ring all over again yourself, don’t bother. If you can’t without deeply hurting your finances, insure it. And remember, making claims on your insurance will drive your premiums up, too.. so is it worth driving your premiums up on your insurance just for them to replace a $1-2K item? 

Imagine that you don’t lose your ring for 5 years. In 5 years, if you pocketed what would’ve been your premiums for insurance, would that buy your ring back? In case it gets lost? What about 10 years? Do you really think you’ll lose it in 5 or 10 years? 

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@avamacbeth:  I agree with PPs so I wont repeat, but the ring sounds beautiful! I have a round stone a tiny bit bigger (.65) and I love it! 🙂

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@wrkbrk:  My ring is very similar to yours and it’s around 0.60.

My stone belonged to my FI’s grandmother, it was in her E ring and I’m so happy that it’s now continuing it’s journey for us 🙂

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If you like it and think it’s worth it based on what you see, I’d go for it.  I bought a few diamond piece from a jeweler in Thailand with no info other than her saying it was colorless and me looking at it and saying I love it and think it’s worth it.

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@madelise:  you are so right, I piad a rider for my ring for a few years. Then let it drop, now I look back and think that money spent was silly.

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@avamacbeth:  for a colorless stone? that sounds amazing! I would find out about the clarity though

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@something_orange:  Ooo I likey! Funny — this stone was also DW’s grandmother’s 🙂

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I also think $1100 is a bit low for a .5 carat round?

It might have big inclusions, or an inferior cut.

It’s so easy to get hypnotized staring at those sparkles the first time. The whole experience can be a bit overwhelming. I suggest going to a few jewelry stores to compare prices, and get used to what you’re looking for.

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@avamacbeth:  Hmmm… I don’t know honestly.  But for reference, my center stone was $3200 (I panicked when I saw that on the receipt Fiance gave me for insurance and future inspection purposes).  It’s a .85ct radiant cut, I color and VS1(?) I think.

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There are no deals in diamonds.

The Pricescope forum will be able to help you find the best ring within your budget.


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I am probably the odd girl out here with the price… My center is .51ct, SI2, color is somewhere between H-J, and is an old Eurpoean cut. I am almost embarassed to say what I paid. It was much less than what the price of your stone is. It was also from an estate piece (the gold ring was scrapped). I got super lucky!!! I would really want to know the specifications of the diamond. A person’s word is not as good as paperwork. Find out the specs, and if the jeweler says something along the lines of “all sales final” or “no returns” I would not make a purchase. Check on this as soon as possible! Good luck!

By the way, my original ring was not the clarity my Fiance and I were told it was, and when we got it appraised it was not for what we thought the price should be! We took it back, went to a different store, got the setting, and I looked for diamonds elsewhere. This is my dream ring!!!

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@madelise:  I am not sure that this is a person I would send to PS. THe people at PS are great if you want to buy a premium diamond. Not every one wants what the people at PS will try to talk you into.For $1,150 I can find some grear diamonds on the lower end of the half carat range (H-SI1-AGS 000 1-1.5 HCA). The dfference between a .46 and .6 CT roung diamond is significant and visible. Even more so if the .6 is fairly shallow.


My biggest gripe with Price Scope is that they want every one to buy super premium diamonds but that just doesn’t always make sense. If you have no intent to sell the diamond in the future then the specs dont matter much. I have seen many people buy a ring for a good price and then go on PS and be told they should have bought a smaller higher color and clarity stone when up until that point they were thrilled with what they got. If you are happy with the color and can’t see the inclusions then there isn’t a difference between J/I1 and E/VVS2 except price and resale value. All that being said PS is good at what they are good at and that is finding the best diamonds available in a given range of specs. I have a gorgeous 2ct AGS000 stone sitting at home waiting to go into my GF’s future engagement ring that they helped me find.


My advice to the OP would be to go into a jewelry store with a large selection and ask to see a couple of half carat AGS000 or GIA XXX stones, preferably something like .45 G/H-VS2/SI1 and .6-I/J-SI2. The in store prices would be probably be above her range but if she notices these are more beautiful than the ring she found then she can find an equivalent stone online. If she doesn’t see the difference or still prefers her stone then she can buy the ring she found.


1,500 is about what I would ecpect to pay for a half carat diamond and a nice white gold setting. I think if the OP is happy with the ring then it is a fair deal, I would encourage her to shop around though and get an idea of what else her 1500 could buy her. If she sees other rings and stones with certificates but still likes this one more then there is no need for the certificate or even to know what the grades are..


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@MakingHerWait:  I don’t totally disagree with you re: PS, but a large percentage of PSers have  G-J/SI diamonds (or lower). I’m over there too, and I’ve never seen anyone be told that they should have bought a higher color/clarity. Cut? Maybe, but generally that’s when someone is second guessing a purchase. I can’t recall ever seeing an “I’m engaged!” post with a blue nile ring and anything but congrats, unless further advice was solicited. The majority of PSers would be on board with an H/SI1, AGS 000 as in your example, if not prefer it as they do love their size over there. 

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