Is 38 children a lot for a guest list of 148?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2018

That’s a lot of kiddos! Are you on a tight budget? Also, some venues don’t charge for kids under 2 or 5 (this varies), so if most of them are littles, it might not cost you too much. We don’t have that many kids in my family, and my two nephews might be the only ones, so we aren’t restricting that. It’s not unheard of to not allow kids, but if you have a no kids rule I would apply it to everyone. Not just one group of people. Just my opinion though. 

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Busy bee

Gosh your wedding is going to be one huge playground. I would cut that list right down. We are having 1x newborn baby & a 4 month old baby. Any baby over 6 months is getting a babysitter. I have nieces & nephews ranging from 4 months to 9 years on our wedding day. If we invited them & our bridal parties kids, we would have over 20 kids at our wedding. No thanks! So just saying no kids. 

Ps what sort of wedding are you having? That makes a difference. 

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Buzzing bee
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Woah that’s a lot of kids. How long will the reception be? A 4 year old is going to need to be kept entertained whereas a 12 year old would likely sit with an iPad for a few hours. I’ve been to a wedding with 15 under 8s and they had a magician and face painting. Are all the parents happy for their kids to be watched by babysitters they may not know? 

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Helper bee

That’s quite a few kiddos! But here’s another question to ask yourself… how many of those parents actually will bring their kids to the wedding? We have 21 kids on our invite list (180ish guests invited total), but several parents expressed that they will be leaving the kids with a babysitter and plan on treating our wedding as a “date night.” So we’re estimating only around 8-10 kids will actually come. With that being said, you can’t bank on people not bringing their kids when making a decision. Either way, I agree with PP that you can’t invite some people’s kids and not others. I have seen people say infants and over 13 allowed, but that could potentially hurt some feelings too. 

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Helper bee
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There is no nice way to do this.  38 kids is a kids party no matter how many adults attend.  38 kids plus 2 parents for each kid is 114 guest who are just trying to not destroy your wedding.  You can forget about all eyes on you and a relaxed evening.  It will be an evening of trading of kids between mom and dad so mom can I get bite and Dad can have a beer.  If you pictured an all night party, that is just not gonna happen, but I could see this working in the afternoon.  As a parent, I did not enjoy taking my little boy to weddings, not because he was ill- behaved, but because my priority is parenting, not being a guests.  If you are ok with a lot of your guest missing things like cake cutting and the dancefloor and games being a kids party, then by all means invite them all!  If you pictured a more relaxed, adult setting with everyone enjoying the evening then I would leave the kiddos at home. Not everyone loves everyone else’s kids.

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Bee Keeper

That’s a LOT of kids! Depending on their ages (both the kids and the babysitters) two babysitters for 38 kids is not enough. Would you want to be responsible for 19 kids by yourself? Do you have a separate room to provide child-friendly entertainment during the reception? Yikes. is this an evening or daytime wedding?

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Sugar bee

We had about 15-20 kids 7 and under at our 150 person wedding and it was barely noticable. However we had:
– A TON of space for them to run around in and it was private property
– We had a booth set up with colouring and lawn games etc
– We had a couple of very good babysitters for both the ceremony and reception.

What is the venue like in terms of providing space and entertainment for them? 
You might be able to swing it, but I think it would be smart to limit it to children of family.

(Also Kids age 10 – 12 can usually look after and entertain themselves for the most part as well)

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: November 2018

Geekchick42 :  We limited children to nieces and nephews only. I really don’t want my wedding to turn into a kid’s party and with just nieces and nephews we are still looking to host over 20 children. 

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Sugar bee
  • Wedding: September 2014

Geekchick42 :  Your wedding is going to be totally over run with children, and 2 sitters is not enough for nearly 40 kids (IMO). If you are getting sitters, I would find a separate room and make it a kids room and the kids would have to be sequestered there. LOL

I think it really depends on the type of vibe you want at your wedding. We had a hard no on any children under 18- but we got married at a brewery and wanted a party atmosphere. 

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Helper bee

I have a huge extended family, so at every family wedding, there are always tons of kids of all ages, including newborns!  That seems normal to me, though I can see how it might seem like too many to other people.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a seperate area for the kids; they just do what everyone else does at receptions, eat, drink and dance, and they play with the other kids in the background.  Their parents are repsonsible for them, so it’s never really been a problem that I’ve noticed.

That playground sounds really nice, though, and it’s not likely that ALL of the younger ones would be in it at the same time, so it may not matter if it is only a small playground.  The older kids won’t need the playground or baby-sitter.  They’ll hang out with the other kids, and yeah, play with their phones.

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