(Closed) Is 60 lbs in 40 weeks Really feasible?

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    @aunt pol:

    Think about it like this: That’s about six pounds per month, right?

    If you aren’t a person who exercises/eats right, those pounds can come sliding right off without needing to kill yourself at the gym. 

    I totally understand the will power issue. If you like prizes/motivators and are a visual person, I highly recommend using SparkPeople.com.

    Expect to lose a lot of weight at first, once you start making the transition to eating healthy and exercising regularly. Toward the end you may get a bit frustrated, because your body will adjust to your workouts. When this time comes, plan on mixing up your work out a bit. 

    You can do it!

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    One thing that I didn’t take in to account is that my dress will take 2 months to alter.  So you might need to subtract some time from your 39 weeks to account for that.  Especially if you plan on losing that much weight because the dress will have to be taken in quite a bit.  I have three months to my wedding but only 1 month to drop want I want to drop.  🙁

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    2 pounds per week is a great goal!  However, I woudn’t beat yourself up if it didn’t work out.  Maybe keep 2 pounds the goal, but 1 pound loss per week a minimum. 

    See how it goes the first few weeks.  It may be really easy to loose 4-5 pounds per week for the first few if you are really diligent with fitness and a diet.  Plan that you will plateau and you will have to motivate yourself to work through that. 

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    It is.  But remember that the pounds will likely melt off in the beginning if your change is drastic enough and then it will taper a little.  Don’t get frustrated when that happens.  You’ll just need to push yourself to work even harder!

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    I would set behavior-based goals instead of scale-based.  Stress does weird things to a body.  If you focus on eating well, working that willpower, and exercising consistently between now and your wedding, you will lose weight regardless.  It’s doable to lose that much, but very difficult, and you can’t predict that you will lose a certain number per week, even if you’re perfect. 

    Your fiance loves you right now, so just remember that any weight you lose is a bonus. 

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    @aunt pol: Hey we are date twins!!! AND I’m working on losing weight too…40 lbs to be exact. Starting August 1st I put myself on a strict diet and exercise schedule. It just means I eat under 1400 calories and burn 2400 per day. That puts me at 2 lbs per week through the end of the year. I have a bodybugg so it is quite easy to monitor all of this. The food diary portion of the system is the most helpful for me. I know there are other websites available that offer this service for free. Logging my food has really changed my behavior about eating. And the best thing about it is I still lose weight without exercising as long as I stay under 1400. My bodybugg has calculated that even when completely sedentary, I still burn 1700 calories per day. So with doing nothing and eating less, I lose about 3 lbs per month. =)

    Right now, in order to burn 2400 per day I have to do a slow jog for a half hour in the morning and the elliptical for a half hour in the afternoon. My Fiance and I don’t subscribe to cable TV but the gym at the condo complex does. So while on the machine I get to watch shows I don’t ordinarily see like Say Yes To The Dress! That show definitely motivates me to work out. I’ve got to fit into the dress (especially since I bought it at a smaller size…eek!).

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    I second Sparkpeople because I lost 20lbs using it. I love that site. I only use the recipes though. I know one thing for sure, no matter how much you exercise, if you don’t eat healthy, the weight would not go anywhere. It might nudge around but the biggest component of weight loss is the eating right portion (notice I didn’t use that loaded word ‘d***’) Go ladies, you can do it.

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    Depends on your body and your habits.  For a lot of bodies – not possible, if you already have certain habbits (i.e. swimming three times a week) – very unlikely.  So hypothetically yes I think its possible to loose that much but it would take drastic change IMO and you’d have to have the right kind of metabolism.  People lose weight in different ways with different ease.  Are you eating healthy?  In the past did you lose weight easily?

    IMO even if you are eating well and excercising well it might be possible to lose that much – but it would mean becoming unhealthy – and I really don’t recommend it – the last thing you want to do right before your wedding is trash your health. 

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    I think the general rule of “healthy” weight loss is to not lose more than 2-3 pounds per week. Which means that 60 lbs in 40 weeks (or slightly less) isn’t out of the realm of possibility. You’ll probably hit a plateau a few weeks in after seeing great results, but don’t get frustrated! It’s just your body’s way of telling you that it’s used to what you’ve been doing and needs to be shocked into doing more by switching up your diet or workout routine.

    Good luck and keep an old outfit around for you to try on to really see the benefit (you may not lose weight throughout since you’ll be gaining muscle, so inches will be a better measurement of progress)!

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    Yes, no matter what you do, you have to remember that it’s 80% about what you eat.  Exercise helps, but if you don’t eat healthy, you will not lose anything.

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    You can, but it’s tough.  I lost 65 lbs, but it took me almost a year.

    I gained weight at Christmas, and plateau’ed almost all of the winter.  I have a theory that your body likes to hold onto it’s weight in the winter so that you don’t freeze.  So there were about 4 months where I didn’t lose much.

    I was working out 5 days a week w/o a lot of results.  In reality, most of the weight loss has to do with diet.  Eating the right amount of calories of the right food.  That’s the hardest part!  But it def. has the biggest impact.  Working out just helps your metabolism & helps to tone & build muscle.

    Also keep in mind that you will shrink w/o losing weight as well as you start to build muscle, especially if you are starting off w/o a ton of muscle.

    Switch up your workout routine often.  After 2-3 weeks your body becomes accustomed to the same workout.

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