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  • poll: Would you spend 8k on your wedding dress???
    HELL NO!! : (308 votes)
    77 %
    Maybe If it was my dream dress : (38 votes)
    10 %
    YES!! it is the one day you are allowed to splurge : (26 votes)
    7 %
    I just opened this thread to see the poll : (27 votes)
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    hnickel416:  Claire Pettibone dresses are so beautiful too!  Didn’t Kelly Clarkson wear one for her weddding?  It was such a beautiful dress on her. 

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    That’s more than my entire wedding cost! Including the dress! (My dress, veil, shoes, and alterations were less than $500). I just can’t justify spending more than a couple hundred on a dress I’ll wear once. But, that’s me and i don’t want to offend anyone. If the $ makes you feel ill, keep looking. If you have the $ and won’t regret spending it, good for you! 🙂

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    No one on here can tell you whether it’s worth it for you but I think from the responses, most of us are experiencing the same sticker shock you are. I was willing to pay a lot for “the” dress and at first was going to spend around $7k for a custom Lazaro but the price tag kept freaking me out. I mean, that’s an hour long massage every month for over 5 years!! How could I spend it on a dress for one day even if I loved it? In the end, I kept looking and eventually bought a dress, veil and headpiece for around $1400. 

    There is likely another dress out there that you’ll love that sits at a comfortable price point. 

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    Elle_bee:  I voted HELL NO lol. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money because that’s up to you, but I would only spend 8k+ on a wedding dress if I were a millionaire. Am I? No? Do I wish that I were? Hell yes!  I would love to buy a Galia Lahiv wedding dress but it’s just a dream to me. Anything mega beautiful like that is a dream. Could I buy it? Sure..but I wouldn’t be able to have any fun for a very VERY long time while trying to pay it off. What kind of life is that? This is the same reason I decided against dream Bora Bora for our honeymoon.  18k for two of us to stay at the St. Regis is unnafordable for us common folk LOL.  Side note, we both have “good paying” jobs by normal standards but we are still middle class with bills bills bills and life! I’m stressing that I will probably have to pay over 2k by the time alterations are done for a dress but I’m picky and I know I won’t find what I’m looking for for much less than that.

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    If i was rich… sure!

    However i would advise you to try a LOT of dresses before, so you’re sure that’s the one you want, who knows, maybe you fall in love with a less expensive one!

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    Elle_bee:  I too voted HELL NO, but that used to be one of my dreams many years ago, assuming my millionaire plans had come to fruition. However, today, my viewpoint has changed so much that I could never justify paying more than 1K for a gown, and in fact, my total look ended up just under 500. Many of the major wedding designers may make their prototypes here in the US but the bulk of their gowns are made in low-income countries like China, Korea and India, not in the US or Australia (or even Israel), so instead of trying to come up with $500-$2000 for a gown at David’s Bridal or another bridal store, I used the internet, did some careful research and found several manufacturers in China that sell direct to customers for a fraction of the cost (and instead of pennies for labor, they got to keep the entire cost of the dress). They will do custom work as well. If you try on several other dresses and still can’t get the Galia Lahav out of your mind (and China via the internet is utterly unappealing), then try finding a highly recommended seamstress/tailor and taking him/her pictures of the gown, with you in it if possible, see if they can custom design you something similar at a fraction of the cost (which possibly would also eliminate the need for alterations). In the end, you and your Fiance are the ones who have to be happy with your decisions, and if that will make you happy and you can afford it, go for it! 


    By The Way, I wouldn’t trade my $500 look for a $10K one ever! It was AMAZING!!!!! 

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    This happened to my cousin. She fell head over heels in love with a dress that started at $10,000. It was absolutely gorgeous. She looked and felt incredible in it. Being a smart cookie, she took a lot of pics of the dress: while wearing it, close ups of the details, etc. She went to a dressmaker and had the dress recreated. Her copy was identical (even matched the fabric type) and in the end, cost only $2000.

    So I’d take lots of pics of you in the dress and then see if you can get it copied. 

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    I voted “yes for the dream dress” and that’s b/c I like might be spending that much myself. It would be in Australian dollars though so more like $6k US. I started with a dress budget of $4k Australian but everything is more expensive here so I am thinking of doubling the dress budget. I don’t like it either but I’m really picky about what I want and don’t really want a replice so I might have to.

    But In My Humble Opinion once you get over a certain point it’s ALL ridiculous. And honestly, I think that point is like $200 or something, for a dress to be worn for 1 day – but it’s almost impossible to spend that little on a wedding dress. Most girls spend $1-$3k where I’m from. When you think about it that’s insane too. Try tellling that to a person in the third world and they’d say it was their whole salary for a month. They would literally have a fit if you told them the whole wedding budget. All that is just for one day too. All of it is ridiculous.

    So the only thing you can say that it’s all relative. Most everybody splurges on weddings everwhere in the world, even in places like India and where they’re poor because weddings are important to most people. It’s just for some people a splurge is $1k for the whole wedding and for others it’s $100k – the dress price will reflect the whole wedding price. 

    So I guess what Im saying is that it’s OK to pay what you can afford and deal with it if you feel guilty because we should all feel guilty in the end if we really thought about weddings and how much they are. It sucks, but what can you do?

    For me, I will be dealing with the extra expense by selling my dress afterwards and hoping to get back half of the cost of the dress. I didn’t want to do that to begin with but that’s how I will justify the splurge if it happens. Maybe you could do that?

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    I voted no because I would not spend that much and you sure as heck don’t have to. 

    The dress you want can easily be done for way under $8k. It doesn’t even have to be $2k. It’s not a complicated dress and there are a few out there that are similar and much cheaper, now the Israeli style of low back dresses is spreading to other designers.

    For example, I think the Essense of Australia dress is about $1500:

    You could lower the back on that and add lace appliques to create the look you want. Then add a godet of tulle to create the look at the back. 

    There is a Bee on here who had added lace apliques to the back of the Essense dress I posted above – can’t find the thread right now, but the dress looks great. 

    Not difficult, and with the money you’d save you could go to town on really elaborate lace. 

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    I don’t think I could spend that much on a dress… I went over budget on my bridal look, and now that it’s all said and done, I still kind of wish I’d tried harder to stay on budget. I love my dress, but I still feel guilty about it; it’s just a dress. In the grand scheme of things, the dress is an important part of the wedding, but not the ONLY part of the wedding. There’s a lot you can do with $8K. I would recommend doing a lot of shopping with an open mind and see if you can find something that comes close to giving you the same excitement the expensive dress does. That way, at least if you end up with it, you can tell yourself it really was worth every penny. And who knows, maybe you’ll find a dress you love just as much that is at a price point you’re more comfortable with. 

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    clairebbbear:  that’s me! And I am SO happy my dress reminded you of the Galia. You have literally just made my week! I like to think of my creation as a budget Galia esque dress that’s just a little bit more conservative than the extreme cuts you find on them.

    I did try on some ridiculously expensive dresses and I’m not sure what I would have done if I’d have fallen in love because I cannot fathom spending that much on a dress. Luckily they didn’t make me feel any more amazing than my Essense dress, which including all alterations is coming in for 1/3rd of  the price of a Galia so if I were you OP I’d keep looking and give some other dresses a  chance! You never know!

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    $8k is alot to spend on one dress for one day!

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