(Closed) Is a $10,000 Wedding Realistic?

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Ours was, but we got married in Alabama.

Search around for other caterers, consider buffet or passed h’orderves receptions.  We saved a bundle because we did a brunch wedding.  

 We considered the honeymoon separate–we paid for it entirely ourselves, whereas the wedding was a combination of parents and us.

 Don’t forget that you can try and negotiate with vendors (like a photographer) as long as you are respectful about it! Maybe they would be willing to customize a package for your budget…but they may not be.  

Cut out favors and consider just serving a limited selection of alcohol.  Because it was brunch, we got away with only having mimosas and bloody marrys.  I think we had one or two bottles of wine just in case as well.

Ask advice from other brides in your area and do as much research as you can!

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Hi Slicey19,

I’m planning my wedding for 65 people in New England for $6000 (this does not include a honeymoon). Fiance and I sat down and figured out what we could save each month over the course of 18 month long engagement. And with the economy and with him out of work for the last 4 months that was our realistic number. I budgeted for the posibility of needing an extra (you never know) cushion of $1000 so technically I’m setting our budget at $7,000. To make this happen I/we have had to be very realistic throughout planning, get creative and crafty and also compromise. I haven’t been able to get the "Best Of" vendors but I’ve done a lot of research and feel happy with all of our decisions so far that we’ve been able to get the best quality and value for our money. There are things on our budget so far that I’ve gone over on and things I’ve totally saved on. Tracking everything through a spreadsheet has really helped keep me grounded. We decided we’d take our honeymoon a few months after getting married, my parents own a timeshare and their gift to us will be a week at the timeshare (normally I pay them a certain amount of money each year to use a week) and we’ll save our own money for transportation and spending money right after the wedding. If, for whatever reason, it doesn’t work out, I’m fine taking a mini-moon and waiting 6-7 months for the actual honeymoon.

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I’m planning my wedding for 100 people for $10,000. Check out my posts for more info! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Um, yeah that is totally possible! We spent right around $5000 for our wedding with 150 guests. Our ceremony venue (an old, incredibly cool, historic church) cost $250 and our reception venue cost $300. That $300 also included tables and chairs. Granted, our reception venue was a church fellowship hall, it was a very nice fellowship hall, with our caterer having access to the kitchen. Our meal cost somewhere around $10-$12 a plate (I forget exactly) and included 2 meats, 2 (or was it 3?) sides, and 2 salads, along with faux silverware and faux glass plates and heavy paper tableclothes that looked like the real thing. There was also a punch fountain included in the price, as well as iced tea, coffee, tea, etc. We had no alchohol whatsoever, simply because it was a Mennonite wedding, and there was 1 person there who would have actually had anything to drink. And, also because it was a Mennonite wedding, there was no dancing, so therefore no need for a DJ. All the entertainment we had was a slideshow, an open mike, and a picture corner.

We ordered our flowers through Costco, which has amazing prices, and a friend DIYed them for free. Our total flower bill was $600 and we had a LOT of flowers- the florist wasn’t sure what to do with them all! Besides the bouquets (for me and the 3 BMs), the bouts, coursages, etc., we had a huge arrangement outside the church (the church itself really didn’t need much in the way of floral arrangements), a nice centerpiece for the head table, an arrangement on every one of our 20 guest tables, flowers on top and around the cake, as well as different arrangements scattered around the fellowship hall.

My dress cost $540 and the BMs dresses cost about $40 a piece- I bought their fabric and a pattern and they were responsible to either make them themselves or find someone else to sew them. The groomsman wore matching khaki pants with black shirts and my husband wore a $100 (?) suit coat, white shirt, black jeans, and his cowboy boots.

Our photographer cost $720 with tax and that included prints of all our 800 something proofs!

Our invitations were designed by a a graphic artist friend and cost the price of the paper. We printed them on my husband’s HP Photosmart 3310 printer. Our envelopes were recycled brown paper bags and I forget what exactly I paid for them, but it was fairly inexpensive.

I can’t really think of anything else right now, but you get the idea. Maybe it sounds boring and tacky to you, but to this day I get compliments on how nice our wedding was. One of my friends, whom is known to have good taste, says ours was one of the most beautiful weddings she’s ever attended. I think all that matters is that you are surrounded by people that love you and want to celebrate with you. They probably aren’t going to notice if everything coordinates to a ‘t’! Enlist talented friends to help and you will save yourself a lot of dough- not that you should only be friends with someone so they will give you free stuff for your wedding, but you get the point! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I will say that I think a lot depends on where you’re located–$10K will go a lot further in south Alabama than it will in say…NYC or Miami. But I think it’s entirely do-able.  Do your homework, know what the competitive rates are in your area, and be willing to negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. 

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It sounds like catering will be a big factor in whether you can do it for $10K or less.  But to be honest, if you have already spent $3K just on the venue, then you will have to really skimp on food, alcohol, photography, rings and a honeymoon to do all those for less than $7K! It is totally doable, but really depends on  what you are willing to go with – a simple buffet with wine and beer, a cheap photog and a simple, short honeymoon you could probably do.  A sit down meal with an open bar, a great photog and a destination honemoon would be tough.

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i’d have to agree with the others. NEGOTIATE!  don’t settle for exactly what they offer. it’s really hard at first, cause you totally feel like you’re being cheap and hustling people, but it gets easier. A LOT of vendors will "match" prices that are lower than what they usually charge. with the suffering economy, a lot of vendors are taking what they can get–even if it means taking gigs that are below their normal rates. ALSO, know EXACTLY what you want from each vendor– you’d be surprised what they’re charging you for that you really don’t have the need for! good luck!

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$10,000 is my max budget for my wedding (ceremony/reception), like you I splurged a little on the venue, ours costs $2200 but includes tables, chairs and table linens. The way I am planning on cutting costs is by serving food buffet style, and to cut costs of paying servers I will have the food delivered and only have to pay a set-up fee, also if needed you can rent your own chafing dishes and just have a memeber of the family change them out. I’m also going to rent silverware, glasses & napkins. I’m also DIY my invitations, flower centerpeices, bouquets, boots (all made of carnations which are very cheap when ordering bulk from Sams) making throwies for paper lanterns, and instead of a cake my mom is making cupcakes and I’m making my own stand out of a teir of boxes coverd with material. I’m getting my veil from ebay, having my dress made by a dressmaker, no DJ using an Ipod & bringing in our own booze (beer & wine only.) We also reserved $800 in our "just in case fund" and with that looking at a budget of 9K for 100 people. This 9K also includes the photographer, officiant & wedding night suite (B& Bs are cheaper and more intimate) but this 9K doesn’t include the rings or honeymoon ๐Ÿ™ Overall we’re expecting this wedding to be $15K, but thats still less then 20K ๐Ÿ™‚

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We spent $15k total – for 150 guests.  That is the cost of the actual wedding and reception, not including rings, honeymoon, and such.  That DOES include my dress and veil, his suit, the live band, food, alcohol, favors, cake, flowers, and photography.  If you back out the cost of his suit, my dress and veil, and include only the photographer’s time (not the cost of the albums) we spent about $12k. 

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Our wedding is $10,000 or less.  It is definitely possible, you just have to be a lil’ more lenient with your vendors. While our wedding will only have about 20 guests, we’re also having it in Hawaii. Our $10,000 budget includes a roundtrip flight for 2 (from the East Coast), and a 9 night stay at a hotel. If we can do it for under $10,000, anyone can. It’s just the matter of how you spend the money.

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Our wedding budget is waaaay less than 10,000. I think it really depends on where you stay. My FH and I both have huge families, so our guestlist is 250 people. My uncle is the pastor of a church so the cermony is going to be held there for free. We found a great reception venue for all of our guests.  About $4000.00 for 250 people, plated, security, waitstaff the works. We live in Indiana though.  All we have to pay for are the extras (centerpieces, dj, decor, photog (try craigslist…I found a great one for under $1000.00 she does a great job and did our engagement photos for free!!)  You just have to make use of all of your resources. IT CAN BE DONE!!

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My parents are paying for most of the wedding (bless their hearts) and we have a budget of $10,000, and we’re inviting just over 100 people.
My dress was $330. I paid for my own shoes.
Food is about $4,000. We’re getting married outside of our recpetion venue ($1,300), we got a deal on our DJ ($250), and our photographer gave us last year’s price ($1600).
We aren’t using flowers as centerpieces, only as bouquets. I made my own invites, and my own centerpieces.

We’re about $1,000 under our budget. And, we’re not going on a honeymoon. We’re spending a few days at home and going to a baseball game.

It’s totally possible, you may just have to do some stuff DIY or enlist the help of friends.

If you want help with invites, I’d be more than happy to help. I’m a designer, so I’m pretty handy with Photoshop and InDesign ๐Ÿ™‚

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