(Closed) Is a E-Ring from Walmart really that disturbing to people?????

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    EWWW! Walmart Gross!

    What matters is the sentiment

    Whatever makes us more comfortable!

    Im not donald trump! but not that cheap!

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    It’s beautiful! I would not judge if I heard someone’s ring was from WALMART, it would probably kind of impress me that they were so smart & confident. I’m always most impressed by those who don’t feel like they have anything to prove.

    A man’s success & love for a woman has NOTHING to do with the ring, how expensive it was or where it was bought. It has everything to do with how he treats people, including the woman he loves. That is the only way to truly show off how successful or loving you are. True success is meansured by how much you love and are loved 🙂

    In 20 years, after jobs, kids, pets, fights, the loss of loved ones, trips, medical emergencies, vacations, anger, disappointments & lots of love, it won’t matter where he bought your ring, what will matter is that you have stood by each other and remained committed to the MEANING of the ring.


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    I don’t want to sound like a bitch, but I’ll answer honestly. I don’t shop at Wal-Mart for anything, ever. I do like Target for some things like cheap tees or costume jewelry, I’d never want a diamond e-ring to come from there. After my diamond shopping experience, I know that there is more to a diamond than the certification it comes with; we looked at cushion cuts with the same cut, color, and clarity at a few different places, and the quality of the place we chose versus another, is remarkable. For something I’m going to wear long term, I see nothing wrong with going the extra mile and spending some $$$. I don’t mean putting yourself in debt, but I don’t see the e-ring as a place to skimp with spending. Yes, obviously the meaning of the ring is important, everyone knows that, BUT not all diamonds are created equal, and being that I don’t even buy underwear or socks at Wal-Mart, I’d shudder at the thought of an e-ring from there.

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    Honestly, I don’t think it’s a big deal it’s from Walmart. Get whatever you want. I know a lot of girls are  concerned if they can guarantee it’s 100% conflict free and I really don’t think, unless you get your diamond from, say, Canada, it’s 100% certain to be conflict free. The Kimberly Process isn’t always reliable. Just my 2 cents…

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    As PPs have said, I try not to shop at WM because I don’t like their labor practices. So a Wal-Mart e-ring wouldn’t be for me, but not out of a “oh, buying your ring anywhere other than a dedicated jewlery store is trashy” sentiment.

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    @village_skeptic:  yea I just hate Walmart in general LOL but it really doesn’t bother me when other people shop there… 

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    I never know that Walmart sells diamond ring until now!  Sorry don’t mean to be ignorant.  Anyway, I don’t think it really matters.  You said it’s certified diamond so it’s a real diamond and you should be proud of.  As we all aware I guess, Walmart is a big company so they can afford to sell amost eveything at lower price than other store.  So as long as you’re happy with the ring and quality of the diamond, that’s should be good enough, shouldn’t it? :-).

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    Why do people care in the first place?? I don’t get that at all. Not to mention, it is NO ONE’s business AT ALL where the ring was purchased. Walmart is just another store like Target or Michaels. Nothing more, nothing less. Seriously, nothing to get offended about unless someone has way too much time on their hands and spends it all on judging other people.

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    Just an FYI: Zales/Kays/Wal-Mart/Target/JC Penny all have simliar rings just very different prices.

    Zales and Wal-Mart has an exact bridal set.. and I mean TO THE T in description, look, style, even the same image picture and description wording.

    So what’s different about it?

    Zales is $772 —- WalMart $300 something

    I look at Wal-Mart everytime I go to see what they have. And I have noticed online at Zales & Kays that they have several now that Wal-Mart also carries as well.

    But honestly… how much you pay for your ring and where you got it from is no one business but you and your husbands.  I think it’s stupid how people judge silly things like that.

    I couldn’t imagine myself wearing a 2-3 thoussand dollar ring… to me.. that’s 2-3 thoussand dollars I could have put to remodeling our home instead of doing one every six months as we save up for little projects :p

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    I would question the ethics of it. To provide diamonds that cheap where do they come from? Can they guarantee they’re conflict free?

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    Honestly, as long as it’s a good quality ring and you have a certificate certifying it, I don’t think it matters. Not to mention, I don’t know why people are even asking you where you got it. THAT IS SO CRASS. At the end of the day, it’s the quality of the ring that matters – I’m not saying this in a, if he doesn’t get you a good quality ring blah blah blah way – I’m saying this in a – if the ring is the same quality at Walmart as it is at other “brand” stores – the price or name ultimately doesn’t matter. Anyone who is crass enough to ask you how big the carat is, where it’s from, how much he paid for it, what the quality is, or ask why he isn’t going to get you one from Kays, Jays, Tiffanys, etc … calmly smile and politely tell them that you don’t discuss those things. 

    If you were going to get it from Walmart, I would advise you to look into their warranties on their rings. You want a good warranty on the ring (if they don’t have a good one, I’d advise getting the ring @ Costco, they have pretty good warranties for all their products and the rings are beautiful, my mum was going to get one for SIL). 


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    I didn’t read through all the posts but I was wondering if maybe it was cheaper because its sterling silver instead of gold of some sort.

    I have a friend who has a set  from there and she loves it except one of her diamonds keeps falling out, but since it has a lot of little diamonds around the band and she works around the house alot and doesn’t take it off that doesn’t surprise me.  She brings it in to the store and they take care of it though.

    FI’s ring is from Wal-Mart and when he tells people that their jaws drop.  His brother even said what you couldn’t afford something nicer? 

    It’s exactly what he wanted, he wanted sterling silver specifically and we looked at other places and he didn’t like anything.  He also likes that if something were to happen to it he could just get another for 70 bucks, and its a really nice ring.

    I looked at Walmart ring’s but I didn’t care for their selection, if Fiance had the option to get what I wanted their then I would have had no problem with it.  I don’t know why your friends insist that you have to go to a “real” store.  We went to some of those “real” stores and hated the diamonds over priced, cloudy, really visibly included, yuck!

    We got mine at the jewelry exchange and a lot of people frown over that too like what it’s not from Tiffany’s?  But that diamond is way nicer and cheaper than anything we saw at a “real” jewerly store even with the inclusion that is visible from the side only.

    There being a little judgemental, just because its a well known name or you paid more for it means its better? I think not!

    Walmart sells a lot of the same brand names as other places do just because they are cheaper there doesn’t mean they would taste any better than if you had gotten it at Whole Foods…

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    It shouldn’t matter at all where a ring comes from! People shouldn’t judge if they don’t know both of your personal situations. Just because a guy buys his fiance’s ring at Tiffany’s doesn’t mean that he loves her more than someone who buys his girl’s ring at Walmart. As a matter of fact, I see more love here in your situation. You BOTH are agreeing and excited about something that is affordable, yet beautiful and symbolizes love. I love the ring!

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