(Closed) Is a E-Ring from Walmart really that disturbing to people?????

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  • poll: Does it really matter where your ring comes from???

    EWWW! Walmart Gross!

    What matters is the sentiment

    Whatever makes us more comfortable!

    Im not donald trump! but not that cheap!

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    Get it from wherever the hell you want! 

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    I haven’t read all of the follow-up posts, but I agree that it totally doesn’t matter where your ring comes from. As long as it makes you and your SO happy, the rest of the world should also be happy!! 

    My mom has never had an e-ring (my parents were pretty poor when they were dating and found better uses for the money) and my parents have now been married nearly 40 years. 

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    Here’s another perspective, from the groom’s point of view…. when my dad was shopping for the ring for Wife #3 (he’s a playa, lol) he started in the diamond district in Manhattan.  But he was kind of skeeved about the whole process, and he said you really have to know what you’re doing to make sure you don’t get scammed and you get a deal.  He decided the ring is for her, but the experience of buying it is for HIM.  So he marched into Tiffany’s, told them his verrrrry modest price point, and he walked out with a gorgeous solitaire and the Tiffany experience to go with it.  Not that a don’t agree with the idea that “a diamond is a diamond”, it’s just a point in favor of using a more upscale place.

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    My Ering is from Walmart and I LOVE IT! I actually spotted it when we were just discussing getting engaged, then we spotted it in another location( there are like 4 walmarts in my area) somone had ordered it from one store and had it sent to another and then never came and got it, we found out it was the last one in the area because it was discontinued…a few weeks later my Fiance had me call about it and i was told it was bought already. didnt even think that it was my Fiance that had bought it. so i kept looking but NOTHING compared to that ring…when he finally popped the question with THE ring i freaked!..so honestly as long as you love it and he loves it, then who cares where it came from……heres a pic of my beauty from Walmart

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    WOW! i am suprised this got as much attention as this did….When i wrote this (under my previous user name) i thought maybe it was just me…but i agree…i really dont care where it comes from…. 🙂 just wanted to see how other ladies felt about it…cuz in the area i grew up in…brands are everything and you only shop at the local jewlers (gotta love small town america)!

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    I think walmart and zales are in the same category.  As long as it doesnt matter to you and as long as you arent embarrased by it then it does not matter.

    I wouldnt have been happy with walmart or zales.  Neither seem like quality places and im not a fan of chain jewlers for big ticket items.  We like to support the local businesses and my husband went to a local place and they gave him a great deal and know a lot about there suff.  I would trust them if something happend to my ring I would not tust walmart to honor anything.  our local place said “as long as the ring its yours its ours too”  they have resized it for free twice and whenever is stop by they always clean and polish it so it looks brand new!!! 

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    What matters the most is the long time terms of the ring and maintenance if they provide it. Loose stones, broken twisted prongs, ring cleaning, and diamond replacements can be expensive, if you don’t have insurance on your merchandise. 

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    In my first marriage (doesn’t sound good first marriage) by my e- ring and wedding band we’re from wal mart and I loved them…so beautiful… 

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    I couldn’t care less where the ring is from as long as it’s nice and leggit, the brand is just a silly way to overprice the ring! I live in London but my family lives in Florida. Unfortunately I already had a ring when I went to the US last but if picking a ring there I’d DEFINITELY buy it at Costco or Sam’s bc the prices were AMAZING , the rings were beautiful and with a valid GIA certificate!

    Btw, I heard that mayors and Sams or Costsco has the same rings..

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    it doesnt matter as long as u love it! no one has ever asked where my e-ring was from. do people actually ask that question?

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    Once you are married no one asks questions about your ring. It is old news.

    So in my opinion – no it does not matter where your ring is from!

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    I’ve had my engagement ring for (going on 4 years), and NEVER once has anyone asked me where it was from. (Well okay, a one friend who wanted to get a wedding band made did ask, but I count that as “other” circumstances).

    If you like it, and you’re okay with it, and he’s okay with it… DO IT!! Its your ring.. no one elses…. You have ZERO obligation to tell ANYONE where your ring is from, and/ or how much it cost/ didn’t cost.

    ENJOY YOUR RING (When you get it)!!

    and tell anyone who has a problem with it “It’s a good thing it’s not your ring then!”

    Tons of “Beehive” love,


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    Myring is from Walmart and absolutely love it! My fiancé has a very good job! So good that I only work part time to pay my car payment and we could even do it with out my working. It’s the fact that he, his two daughters, and myself picked the rings out together, I wouldn’t have wanted to do it anyother way!

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    As long as you love him and he loves you and ya’ll are marrying for that reason and more then it doesn’t matter it your ring comes out of a bubblegum machine, It’s about marrying that special person, the love of your life and being with that person forever, growing old with love that grows daily, not about something on your finger, it’s just a symbol not what makes you as a couple.

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    mine came from sams club. i love it so much. i say it shouldnt matter

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