(Closed) Is a E-Ring from Walmart really that disturbing to people?????

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    I would be really concerned about the quality of the ring. Whats the warranty like? Does the ring come with a GIA certificate? I don’t know if I could do it. I honestly think that if you find any engagement ring set that you’re in love for under $1000, its a steal.. and you can find that at a reputable jeweller.

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    This is my Walmart E-Ring. Had it 4 years, still so beautiful. Never lost a stone. Never turned. It’s sterling silver, with one center round diamond with 4 baggettes on eitehr side. Cost $58 🙂 

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    love is what matters!


    Most of my fine jewelry is from Wal-Mart…not necessarily by choice, but by convenience, price, and availability.  As an undergrad, I worked a 9-5, then had classes from 5-10.  SO and I did almost all of our shopping at Wal-Mart after midnight. Food, clothes, everything, because we lacked time and money to get anything else.  When SO wanted to buy me our first piece of jewelry, it came from there as well (three stone peridot ring in yellow gold, SO’s birthstone).  For the next 3 years, I would get a beautiful ring from him from Wal-Mart (garnet, onyx, sapphire).

    When we first started discussing marriage, we considered an ering from there, too.  SO made teh decision that we would look elsewhere, as he hqad the time and money to do so.  But, had it been our only option, I would have gladly taken whatever he gave me.  We ended up with family stones being custom set, but if you love it, he loves it, and you don’t break the bank, then I don’t see a problem.

    Some people will have ethics issues, but that is their personal choice, not yours.  

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    I would never ask, much less judge, where someone got their ring from.  I also don’t think there is such a thing as “too cheap”, but hey, this bee is a bargain shopper.

    That said, I would not have been too happy if my Fiance picked out my ring from Wal-Mart because there you buy a ring as is and you can’t put your own personal thought or touch on it.  It’s the same reason that I asked that if he went to Kay, Jared, other big name jeweler that he pick out the ring and stone seperately.  I just didn’t want something “off the rack” so to speak that would be sold the exact same way to thousands of other customers, I wanted mine to be special.  

    But, your situation is different.  You found the ring yourself, you fell in love with it, and he loves it and wants to get it for you too.  In that case you guys should go for it, show it off, be proud of it, and if anyone wants to make a fuss over where it came from you can explain that it’s your engagement ring and that if they have a problem with it to keep it to themselves, because you aren’t hearing it.  

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    I just think that walmart sells low quality goods.  I once thought there would be no difference between any kind of sterling silver jewelry as long as it was solid, but I was wrong. I bought a solid silver ring there that looked absolutely terrible in only a few weeks. I would never put my faith in them when it comes to gold and diamonds. 

    you get what you pay for. usually low-cost things can look very nice at first, but then fall apart very quickly. 

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    I told my Fiance not to spend money on my ring. (I gave him a low price cap)
    I personally feel like the money spent on a ring can be used on something more practical.
    Just me though.

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    @softballchic_2006:  I dont think it matters AT ALL. My Engagement Ring is from Birks (Think Canadian version of Tiffany’s) I love it, it was in our price range, I get tons of compliments on it. Honestly though, only ONE person has directly asked me where it was from.. So even if my ring DID come from walmart, very few people would actually know, and therefore wouldn’t be able to judge myself or my Fiance for it..

    Bottom line, who cares, if you both like it, buy it!

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    @softballchic_2006:  I think it looks great!  Honestly I can’t tell where a ring came from unless someone makes a point of telling me.  It’s the thought that counts, and the thought that you guys are more concerned with building a future for you is the more endearing thing.

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    Since you are asking for an honest option, I would forever think ” my ring came from WALMART”.. I would rather get it from Kohls or a MAcys or JCPenny. Zales has some really nice rings also for inexpensive that you can look into?  I personally wouldn’t want a ring that, 5 aisles down, toilet paper was sold.

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    So, Walmart… First, you are not required to tell people where it is from. In fact, you could say you have no idea, as many women are surprised by a ring their Fiance picked out. Even in the not so great pic, I can tell it is a nice ring. I have looked online at Walmart jewelry, and they work with some other companies that have some amazing pieces. The commitment and love behind the ring is what is most important. You sound so excited! Please, don’t let people steal your joy… What you think is more important than what outsiders think. People are judgemental about so many things… Many rings do not even come with a certificate. If you can afford to get insurance on your ring if you don’t already have it, get it. I recommend that to everyone, regardless of the type of ring. I hope you get it, and don’t let people get you down.

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    @softballchic_2006:  I wouldn’t judge someone who buys jewelry from Walmart, or even Kays, Zales, etc. However, that being said, I would never buy jewelery from those places. It’s just not my style, and if I’m putting any sort of money into anything, I’d want it to be quality, and those stores just don’t have quality. I’m also highly against Wal-Mart as a business, and I refuse to buy anything from them. 

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    I got my wedding band from Kohl’s.


    And I’m ridiculously happy with it 😛

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    Some people get caught up on designer settings and all that but so long as you love it and it makes you happy it shouldnt matter where its from =D

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!  In fact, it’s commendable!  You are sticking to your budget, and saving for a house.  I can’t imagine why anyone would even ask where you got it.  It’s very pretty!

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    As long as you like it, it shouldn’t matter what other people think. I know a lot of people that judge rings from chain stores like Zales, Kay, etc. It’s all a personal preference. In all honesty, I doubt anyone is going to ask where your ring came from. I’ve been engaged for almost a year and have not once been asked where it was purchased. 

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