(Closed) Is a Pack and Play really necessary?

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Our LO isnt born yet but we are skipping the traditional crib and only getting a pack and play. We will get one of the pack and play mattresses to add once baby is a little bigger. We don’t care about having a fancy crib and as a bonus… when we travel, baby is already used to the pack and play 

Stole this idea for my BFF who used it for both of her kids. Kid #1 wouldn’t sleep in a crib, only a pack and play so she just started #2 that way and he did great too. 

Will you be traveling much with a baby/toddler? Will you want the portability to have baby in your room in the early days or to move it around the house when it’s tiny tiny? All reasons to invest in one in my opinion. 

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Honestly neither of my daughters ever used a pack and play. We invested in one for my first daughter which she never used then decided we would keep it and use it for my second daugter but she never liked it either. My first daughter would not sleep in her crib so we used it for my second daughter and she won’t sleep anywhere but her crib. So I guess it depends what you want to use it for. For traveling, yes it could be beneficial but to me they are small and hard at the bottom to have the baby sleep in there every night. Just my opinion though.

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I never used one. DS slept in a Rock ‘n’ Play, which I would say is necessary and much more convenient and portable than a Pack ‘n’ Play.

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I’m not a mom, but an aunt who always found them handy.  When my niece or nephew stated over it was a lot easier with a pack and play.  Plus my siblings seemed to have unexpected travel come up like family funerals or a work trip shortly after returning to work.  The PP has an interesting idea although I still like the idea of a crib especially when the baby becomes bigger.  I care about my back and would not want to lean all the way into the “play area” to pick up my LO.  

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I didn’t get one for my daughter and never felt the need for one. I second the rock ‘n’ play, though!

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I have used our pack n play every day since we came home from the hospital. Mine has the changing pad/napper, and we have it set up in the living room. It was so convenient to not have to run upstairs to the nursery for diaper changes, and we used the napper regularly. Now that LO is bigger and mobile, I use it any time I need to run to the bathroom, put the dog on the lead or change over the laundry. Sometimes she is perfectly happy just hanging out in there, playing independently. It’s also been great for the couple overnights we’ve taken. We didn’t need to use the hotel crib. I would certainly recommend it. 

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It kind of depends on your house and your lifestyle.  We didn’t have a Pack n Play for our first daughter and aren’t planning on getting one for our second LO.  But we are in the NYC area and live in a condo (so no need for multiple crib-like places when we already havea crib), and we did have a bouncer and a Rock n Play for naps or for baby to just hang out. We don’t have pets and don’t have a need for yet another “baby holder”.


However, we travel quite a bit and usually fly (LO has already been on 6 flights at 22 months old), and we did eventually buy a Lotus travel crib.  It’s like a pack n play, but more expensive because it folds down and sets up super easily, is very light weight, and is small enough to carry onto a plane.  But even so, I’ve never ever used it at home just as a baby container–it’s for sleep when traveling only.


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We live in a two level home and the nursery will be upstairs. I know there’s no way in hell I’m going to want to go upstairs every time I need to change a diaper, so we’re planning to use the pack n play as a downstairs changing area, as well as a downstairs sleeping area. So I think it will be up most of the time, but can be easily packed away if people are coming over or if we travel. So I think we’ll get a lot of use out of ours, but it all depends on how you would use it. 

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We had planned for Dear Daughter to use a PNP with a bassinet instead of a crib, but she refused to sleep in it, and would only sleep if we bed shared. We only used the PNP for it’s diaper changing station. It was pretty useless for us.

For baby #2 we will be getting a rock n play that rocks on its own and hopefully baby will sleep in that.

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The pack n play has been a LIFESAVER for us. It had an attached changing table that we used constantly when she was a newborn. Whenever we stayed at somebody else’s house, we would bring it along to use as a crib. On nights where she just does not want to sleep in her own crib, sometimes she’ll settle in the pack n play. If she throws up or has a leaky diaper in the night, she can sleep safely in the pack n play for a bit while I change her sheets/throw the dirty ones in the wash. And now that she’s mobile, it’s really good to have a place to put her where you KNOW she can’t get hurt, if you need to run to the bathroom really quick or something. 


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I think it really depends on your lifestyle. I have friends who basically never go anywhere overnight with their baby, and their baby always sleeps at home in a crib and have no use for a PnP. Meanwhile I have other friends who like to travel and are always on the go – they get a lot of use out of their PnP. I keep one at my house, because I’m the only one of my circle without kids yet – and I’m the default baby sitter. ๐Ÿ™‚ I work from home, so espcially when my friends kids were super little (and still sleeping a lot) and they’d need a quick sitter during the day – it was easier/better for them to bring them to me rather than me sit at their house and not get any work done. My PnP got a lot of use even as they got older, because like another poster mentioned – it was really helpful to put baby in it when I needed to run to the bathroom or to let them safely play while I made lunch, etc. 

We are TTC, and I think we’ll definitely get a PnP simply because we’re pretty active and we travel a lot. 

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If you ever plan on traveling (staying with your parents, inlaws, etc) you would need the pack and play for them to sleep in unless that place already has a crib or you’re bedsharing.  I also have the Lotus pack and play and that is definitely a carry-on size bag. http://www.amazon.com/Lotus-Travel-Crib-Portable-Playard/dp/B00AKKDSNG – They must have had some manufacturing issue awhile ago because my mattress wouldn’t lay completely flat (I saw this was an issue in other reviews) but a quick email to the company- they sent me a new mattress within a few days and it fits great now.

We’ve visited the in laws or our grandparents for the weekend or a whole week and definitely needed a place for baby to sleep.  Unless they get a crib!

I have a separate playyard that is nice to contain them (if they don’t scream the whole time) http://www.amazon.com/Summer-Infant-Play-Portable-Playard/dp/B00KBGTRAC/ref=sr_1_1?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1430839180&sr=1-1  but I can take that outside (or inside) so I like it to contain her in the yard when she’ll let me.

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