Is a second dog a good idea?

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Bee Keeper
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As long as you can afford double the vet and food bills I think it’s easier. Our two dogs play with each other instead of expecting me to throw a ball for them. Walks can be a challenge if either of them are a puller

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Busy bee
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I agree with PP, I found 2 to be easier since they entertain and exercise each other.

I couldn’t just stop at 2 though, I decided I needed a 3rd which IS harder haha.

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Buzzing bee

OMG two dogs are so much easier. My dogs play with each other and wear each other out so I dont have to take them for walks. They just run and run and run and chase each other. They are good to each other, thought that doesnt mean my older Aussie doesnt put the smack down on the younger, cause sometimes she does. they are sleeping together in a ball right now.

If you can afford the vet bills. Ours is about a1,000 a year, and you have room in your house and heart for another, I say go for it. 


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Unlike kids, 2 dogs are barely more work than one — cleanup, walks, feeding etc can be done at once, and like pp said, they often entertain each other if you get 2 with good chemistry. Puppies are always going to be work, though, whether you have 1 or 2 or 10. And 2 dogs do cost more, especially as they get old. That said, I will always have 2 dogs if I can help it. (I have 3 now, and going from 2-3 is a lot harder!) I have a 12/13 yo bonded pair, and it’s so sweet watching them age together.

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Buzzing bee

redwinetime :  We got our first dog and a year later got our second dog so the first dog had a friend. They are BFFs. They play and run around. The only negative thing is the house is just that much more dirtier. The second dog sheds more and its double the mud prints. I wouldnt change what we did for a second though.

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Bumble bee

What everyone said… 2 are great if they like each other. my first dog was a little destructive out of boredom.  the minute I got the second dog the destruction stopped.

 as a bonus,  the first dog house broke the second dog for me 😊 

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I have 2 small dogs and marginally the second dog doesn’t add much extra work and they do entertain each other and keep each other company when we are not home. One thing that I do find harder with 2 dogs is logistics of travel. Some dog-friendly hotels will allow 1 dog but not 2.  Airlines limit to 1 dog per person so unless you never plan to travel alone with the dogs on a plane this can be an issue. It is harder to find pet sitters who are comfortable handling 2 dogs at once.  Overall getting a second dog is a very good idea if you can comfortably afford it (2x vet bills, food costs, daycare costs if taking to dog daycare). 

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Helper bee

redwinetime :  I’ll be the odd one out and say, in my experience (and this is just me!), I think 2 dogs is double the work if the 2nd one is a puppy. I’m not sure how it is with 2 older dogs, but I would NEVER do a 2nd dog that is a puppy again. 

One is older, so the younger one needs to be crate trained while the older one free roams. One free feeds but the puppy will eat anything in sight so they are fed separately. One goes to scent training and agility, the other one is going to puppy kindergarten. Training daily for each dog is different.

I disagree with another commenter that you don’t need to walk the dogs anymore because they play together. Walks are more than physical exercise. They provide mental, physical, and ongoing socialization. The pups might love each other and get tired out from play, but they should be constantly interacting with outside things too or you can end up with “the grumpy old dog” type. For the first year of the 2nd pup, we walked our dogs separately. Yup, separately, meaning double the walks because we needed to train the younger one leash manners and the older one would get super frustrated, understandably.

Do you ever travel (plane or road trips) with your dog? Travelling with one dog was a little stressful, packing for 2 is not fun. Then there are logistical issues like I fly with my pup, can take him out and go through TSA. I can’t do that with 2 pups, so my SO has to be there or board them (which I really don’t like especially with the one that has SA). 

Lastly, if you’re thinking of getting a 2nd dog because of separation anxiety (that’s one reason why we did), I have to say that adding a 2nd pup doesn’t guarantee separation anxiety goes away. Our older one still freaks out and howls even though the younger one is there. We learned the hard way, unfortunately. 

All that said, I might care too much about dog training… so maybe I’m just anal about the amount of work you really have to do.

EDIT: I wanted to add that the general suggestion is getting a 2nd dog once the first dog is over 2 years old so they are almost or fully mature. A dog changes a lot in the first 2 years. Our older one, even after so much training, only got snarky, barky, SA after he was 1.5 years old. I’d wait to see how your pupper does once he’s over his teen years. 

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Busy bee
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I want another dog but the reason I would not consider it is travel. We like to go on 3+ week trips annually. It’s already a lot to ask people to take one dog. 

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 HughJazz :  

AllieLaLa :  

I totally agree! I’m on the same boat with 3 dogs and as much as it DOES drive me insane at times, it’s heart warming knowing that I raise 3 little creatures with love everyday. 


redwinetime :  

We have three dogs, two of them I adopted within months from eachother almost 8 years ago, and we recently adopted a galgo mix puppy. From one to two I didn’t notice any difference, luckily they both have always been very tranquile dogs and get along great. Going from two to three has been hard, granted that my two first dogs are already senior dogs at 8 years old and the new pup just turned 6 months – and she has SO. MUCH. ENERGY. Lol. We play with her and take her to the dog park twice a day along with walks to tire her out so she won’t bother our older dogs. There haven’t been any fights, the older dogs are quite forgiving with her, even though her favorite passtime activity is to annoy them and does irritate them quite a bit at times. 

Anywayssss… if you have the financial means and the dogs get along, by all means, two is BETTER THAN ONE! The more the merrier, lol. 


So hard getting a pic with all three together! 

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Sugar bee

I love having two. I don’t think it’s 2x the work. For me, it’s 3x the mischief though. They complement each other’s weaknesses, so they can get into a lot of trouble. I wouldn’t have it any other way though. 

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Helper bee

We have five dogs 🙂 A couple are rescues that have a lot of idiosyncrasies (food aggression, scared of most things, and don’t get along with our 7 month old lab). Two dogs is no problem though. And the dogs we bought from breeders are all great dogs. The rescues need homes too, but we definitely could not have five rescues. I’d say go for it.

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