(Closed) is a smartphone really worth it?

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For me I could go without it, but definitely wouldn’t want to! The gps is one of the major things for me. Yes, it’s nice to get emails to my phone etc but those aren’t necessary. Gps is amazing though! I don’t know how I ever got anywhere without it! It’s also nice to be able to take a picture and upload it to facebook, email my mom back once I’ve left work straight from my phone, etc.

It’s up to you!! Not necessary but definitely worth it IMO!

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I definitely think it’s worth it. I use the GPS maps feature almost daily. I use it to find restaurants near by when friends and I go out. I also love being able to access my e-mail when I’m out. And when I was working have the ability to get my personal e-mail while at work (since all e-mail sites were blocked on work computers).

I also keep my calendar on my phone and have alerts and reminders on it and the scheduling syncs with my computer calendar.

Since first getting a smart phone I have always lived in big cities where I walked/took public transit anywhere. Hence why the map and “search nearby” functions have been lifesavers.

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I use at least some data-related part of my phone daily…even the ones I didn’t think I would. I thought, “Oh cool, the internet.” But I Google something daily, literally. I use my Maps/GPS feature all the time. My brothers use their music feature all the time. The Free Market is the BEST for boredom killers. I use my Kindle app (I also have a real Kindle, but it’s not like I carry it around with me. I have my phone with me pretty consistently.)

To me, yeah, it’s proven worth it. No the things I mentioned aren’t NECESSARY, but I like it. Oh, and I check my email several times a day on my phone now. It’s convenient when I’m emailing someone back and forth and don’t want to sit at my computer.

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Absolutely. I’ve been a loyal iPhone user since the launch of the first gen and I will never be able to go back (to a non smartphone or anything but an iPhone). Having everything at your fingertips is worth its weight in gold. One small device acts as my phone, iPod, GPS, internet browser, camera, alarm clock, etc, etc, etc. In my opinion, it’s well worth it but someone who’s not used to having the smart phone luxury just doesn’t really get it. My Mother-In-Law just recently got her first smartphone (iPhone 4s) after having a standard flip phone for the last 10+ years and it has seriously changed her life. 

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Busy bee
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I waited six years, had a flip phone up until last weekend when I got the iphone 4s…and I am a TOTAL convert. I love that I can use it as my alarm, then roll over in bed and check the weather before I even get up. I love my shopping list apps and I like the way texts look even though I sitll can’t type good on it lol

But, if you have an ipad and you carry it around with you, you might nto need the phone too. Personal preference.

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Sugar bee
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Short answer: yes it’s absolutely worth it.

Now that I have a smartphone, I cannot imagine NOT having one! Haha

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Bumble Beekeeper

I use mine every day for gps (I live in a big city), do email on my commute (I metro, not drive – don’t worry!), and am on facebook or the kindle reader app whenever I have to wait in a line or for a doctors’ appt or something. I really love my smartphone, but before I got it, I didn’t think I would use it much, to be honest.

Being on 24/7 is a choice you make. It’s simple enough to just turn off the sound and put it away, or turn off syncing for a few hours if you want to be undisturbed.

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Busy bee
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For me a smart phone is one of those things that I thought I would never use or need until I got one and now I don’t think I could live without it. My SO is always saying how he would never want a smart phone but he is using mine all the time. I use my smart phone for many different things but it’s hard to explain how worth it the phone is to someone who hasn’t experienced it. People would go on about all the ways they used their phone to me when I was thinking about it and none of it seemed like it would matter to me. Now that I have one I would never go back.

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I don’t have one (I’m one of the few in my family that doesn’t) and I don’t think they are worth it.  I can’t think of a single instance where something happened and I wished I had a smart phone to be able to do something.

I’d save the extra money each month.

ETA: I also don’t use the smart phones of those around me like a PP indicated her SO does.

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I use mine for the GPS all the time. I was home maybe a year ago and my mom became so dependent on my GPS app that after I left she got lost one day assuming her flip phone would tell her where to go. Its one of those things you dont think you need and then once you have it you become completely dependent. I dont know what I’d do if I could no longer look up what was available at the nearest redbox.

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Bumble bee
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I got my first smartphone about 5 months ago, and I wish I could go back to my old stupidphone! I hardly ever need to use the online capabilities. I usually just check facebook because I’m bored. The really annoying part is that the battery dies so much more quickly! My husband and I can hardly ever reach each other because one of our phones are usually dead, so basically we’re paying way more for something we’re able to use less. I’m sure it’s different for other people, but if you really don’t feel the need to be connected to the internet 24-7 don’t bother with a smartphone.

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Sugar bee
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the GPS is also a big one for me. I got to the point where I was calling my husband and asking him for directions or addresses when I was out and about. now I don’t have to do that anymore, and it’s nice to have a map. I use it almost every day.

I know that Verizon has different data plans for different prices. what if you got one of the cheaper, limited data plans? smartphones usually have an app to help you keep track so you don’t go over. ask a sales person to explain it to you. (I don’t know exactly how easy/reliable those are — I have unlimited so I don’t need to keep track.)

I don’t know about other smartphones, but with iPhones, you can use wifi to help you not use up your monthly data minutes.  when I’m at home, my iPhone just automatically switches to wifi, I don’t even have to do anything.

also, when it comes to accidents with the touchscreens– feature phones such as LG chocolate don’t have a good track record of having decent touchscreens.  but with most of the newest smartphones, that’s not really a problem anymore. my iphone’s touchscreen is awesome.

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I don’t have one and neither does Darling Husband.  We thought about upgrading to iPhones, but I can’t justify the extra $60 a month.  It’s not that we don’t get it or understand the bonuses that come with it — we simply don’t want to pay an extra $60 a month right now and that’s ok.

We both have GPS’s, which can find local restaurants, gas, etc. while we’re out in an unfamilar place.  If we know the name of a place and we can’t find an address or phone number, if you text Google the name, often it will return the exact listing you need on your regular phone.

For some people, like a lot of PP’s, it’s worth it.  For us, it’s just simply not.  I would rather put that extra $720 a year towards other expenses.  It just depends on your needs.

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