(Closed) Is an 1 hour too far to drive for a job? And, how long is your commute?

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Sugar bee
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I don’t think that’s bad at all. It’s better than having no job at all.  I commute an hour and 10 minutes each way on public transit.  Would you have traffic?

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Buzzing bee
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I would say yeah an hour is long but my commute is only about 20 min. So to me an hour seems ridiculous. ahah


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Bee Keeper

I currently drive about 40 mins to get to work its not too bad since I take the side roads and not the highway. I bought a new house outside of the city so my commute is probably going to be just over and hour once I move

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Sugar bee
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I drive an hour to work. It’s not bad 

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Busy bee
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@mnp:  Ugh, that sucks.  I would say definitely at least go for the interview and seriously consider it, especially if its your first call in a long time.


While there are plenty of people who commute an hour, I could never do it.  That’s 2 hours EVERY DAY that you’re losing from doing other things.  Once in awhile?  Maybe.  But everyday, five days a week?  I don’t think so.


Again though, you need to work and the situation is what it is.  Even if its not for forever, if there aren’t other realistic opportunities, you may have to suck it up and commute.  At least for right now. Good luck!

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Busy bee
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@mnp:  I drive an hour each way (58 minutes exactly) and I pay tolls. I just got a new job where I’ll be on salary, and my commute has cut down to 43 minutes. But either way, a commute over 15 minutes sucks IMO. However, a job is a job. Right?

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Sugar bee
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I’ve done a 45+ minute commute to my current employer and after a year of that, I sprung for a toll road pass which cut my commute down to about 30-35 minutes. Honestly, it’s money well spent; it’s a little under $2 each way and I got rid of my Starbucks habit to fund my toll road habit. Truthfully, 30 minutes still sucks and it’s still draining on some days, but at least it’s lower than before.

An hour commute isn’t bad if it’s a steady speed throughout and preferably scenic (e.g. you are driving at 65 mph straight for an hour). However, if it’s touch and go for an hour, it’ll get really old really fast. That was my problem. I hated sitting there in the car not moving and watching out for crazy, impatient drivers.

However, in your case, since you need a job and your only options are that far away, I would just take it and go with it. You certainly can apply for closer positions in the mean time.


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Buzzing Beekeeper
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For me a 1 Hour Drive to and from work each day (2 Hours Minimum) would be too long for me.  But then that is because I HATE SITTING IN TRAFFIC etc

When I was working full time, my drive was always no more than 35 minutes give or take… and if I took public transit, it was always under an hour.

Lol, of course there were times in my Career when I was lucky enough to work close to home (10 minutes away)… OR really lucky to be able to work from home (all or most of the time)… my last full-time job was that way, and my current part-time one is also.  LOVE IT !!

Hope this helps,

PS… One’s commute is really relative… if you live anywhere near a big city chances are there are lots of folks who commute and hour or more each way.  Even 2 Hours in some places isn’t unusual (thinking the Southern Ontario Region around Toronto… would imagine that many BIG US Cities would be similar)


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Busy bee
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Honestly, an hour would really get to me.  But that might be because I don’t particularly like driving, and I’m used to a 15-minute bus ride.

My supervisor has an hour and 40 minute commute, each way.  I can’t imagine how he stands it.  He only comes in 2-3 days/week, but still.  Woof.

Something to consider would be the increased cost for gas and vehicle maintenance.  If the new job pays the same as your current/previous job, or if all the extra money from the new job would be going right into your gas tank, it’s not worth it (unless you can advance to a higher paying position relatively swiftly).

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Bumble bee
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I’ve had a 1-hour plus commute at two different times.  Once I did it for a year, and then for a different job for two years (not back to back).  It’s doable and you get used to it, but with traffic it can also be pretty exhausting.


My current commute ranges from 35-45 minutes in light to normal traffic.  With bad traffic it can be 60+ (though over an hour is unusual).

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Honey Beekeeper
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Due to traffic, my commute is often 45-50 minutes (it only takes 25 without traffic though).

It doesn’t sound like you have much in the way of options unless you and your DH are going to move to some mid-way in between point so you;d each have ~30 minute drives.

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Busy bee
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Where I live, an hour is a pretty typical commute to work into the city since it’s too expensive for most people to live here.

But if you still think it’s too long, think of it this way: My friend in Japan spends 3 hours commuting. ONE way:O! So you’re saving 4 hours;) Hehe!

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Helper bee
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It adds 2 hours to your work day every day.  My rule of thumb for that sort of thing is to figure out how much you will make in a week, then divide that by how  many hours you will devote to the job (including drive time) to see if the resulting hourly wage is still something you would consider acceptable.

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Busy Beekeeper
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We live in the DC metro area. An hour each way is a”normal” commute. It’s nothing to have 90+ minutes each way. I’ve done 90 minutes each way before. It wasn’t awesome, but it wasn’t terrible either. I’d do it again if it was my only option. My current commute is 40ish minutes each way and I don’t mind it at all.

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