(Closed) Is anybody here on anti-anxiety medication?

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I have taken anti-anxiety meds since 2006. I’ve had panic attacks since childhood and was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in college. My triggers are a long list, mostly feeling out of control or overwhelmed in some way (e.g. meeting new people, too much pressure, not feeling well). I was taking .5 mg of Klonopin (i.e. clonazepam) but I’d split them in half. I only took them as needed. They pooped out on my last year after 5 years. It just stopped working and only made me sleepy. Valium did the same. Now I’m on Ativan .5 mg (i.e. lorazepam) as needed, which is similar to Klonopin (same med family) but not. Klon is longer to act and lasts longer in the system. Ativan has a shorter half-life. I only take one in a given day, rarely two.

There are antidepressants that also work on anxiety, and those may help. I found that I need the additional med because I get panicky and can’t do normal activities (driving, eating out, going out) without it. I can live my life more with it. Yeah, it sounds like I’m dependent on it, and maybe I have become that way, but I have told myself it won’t be like this forever.

I would recommend meeting with a psychiatrist, not a PCP, because they know more about these meds. You can start with your doc to discuss the problems and options, though, but get a referral for a psychiatrist if you can.

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@MrsCreeToBe:  Just thought I’d let you know – I’ve considered this for my SO since he is so stressed and has a lot of anxiety and trouble sleeping.

There IS a natural over the counter medication you can take before you go with heavy duty drugs. I would try it out first just to see if it helps, that way you can spend less and not worry about terrible side effects?

It’s called St. John’s Wort. Look it up, you can get it at any pharmacy/drug store type store.

ETA: I’m by no means a doctor and don’t know your symptoms but I have talked to doctors about this before and they’ve said it does work.

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I also have generalized anxiety disorder.  I take paxil every day for anxiety/depression and klonopin as needed for anxiety attacks.  

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I take Clorazepate for anxiety, Trazodone for depression/anxiety, and then I have Xanax for when I can feel a panic attack coming on. 

They have helped me more than I can put into words. While I still have the anxiety attacks (and thus, Xanax to control them), my mood is completely different. 

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I take Lexapro which is for both depression and anxiety.  I got on it a little over a year ago and it has done wonders for me!

I was crying multiple times a week and always on edge.  The littlest things (ex. knocking the tv remote onto the floor) could send me into a sob fest.  It all started over a bad job situation (I hated my job and dreaded going to work every day) and it eventually carried over into my life outside of work and was making me a very unahppy person.

I haven’t had a single negative side effect with Lexapro and it has truely allowed me to start living life as a happy person again.

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@Miss Otter:  are we twins!? I’m on the same +Wellbutrin for my severe depression & GAD. i tell myself it’s not permanent, but I know in my case it’s just the way I’m wired. 


OP, Talk with your doc, it’s the best thing you can do to educate yourself, and choose what’s best for you! 

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I was on Paxil for 12 years. I have OCD, and it was severe when I was younger. Honestly, I really wasn’t able to function in everyday life. They were classic OCD symptoms, lots of obsessions and compulsions. Paxil was a wonder drug for me. I went off it, and now only have a few OCD symptoms.

I personally did not decide what I was put on. My mother took me to the doctor, and trusted their opinion for what would work best for me. Psychiatric drugs are very tricky, they work for some people, but not others. It’s usually a good idea to have faith in your provider. If you can’t trust them, you shouldn’t go to them.


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I take Zoloft to help with my depression and anxiety. I used to take St. John’s Wart, but it eventually stopped helping and I had to turn to less natural means and take pills instead. I do like the Zoloft though, because it helps stabilize my mood so that I don’t have extreme mood swings and it keeps me calmer so I don’t have as many anxiety attacks.

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I too have generalized anxiety and have been suffering anxiety attacks since childhood. My Mom’s reaction to anything was for me to snap out of it. I tried anti-depressants, but there was always some sort of side effect that I couldn’t deal with (enormous bruises all over my legs and thighs, no orgasms) so I quit trying. I do take clonazepam when needed, it really does help when I have moments when I can’t calm myself. I also have some cognitive therapy books that I really should crack open.

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@Mrs. Doily:  Although I’ve never tried st. john’s wart, I take Zoloft and it has helped with my anxiety in the exact same way as you! It has definitely helped make my life, and my relationships, so much better!


OP, definitely talk with your doctor, but Zoloft has helped me. The only side effect I initially experienced was decreased appetite, but that has gone away now. To find out whether it was depression or anxiety, my doctor had me fill out two different surveys. My anxiety was through the roof I guess, but I didn’t score very high with depression. They said that my anxiety triggered some of the depression symptoms I was sometimes experiencing, so that’s how I found out exactly what was going on with me. Hope this helps!

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Yep. I take Xanax for anxiety and Klonopin with trazodone for sleep. I just added the Klonopin recently because of racing thoughts at night. I’m bipolar II  so not getting enough sleep is NOT an option for me.

I tried to cut back on the Xanax, which I only take once a day, but it triggered a mixed state for me. A lot of doctors like to avoid benzos and I would too, if I could.

Definitely talk to you doctor though. For me, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop using it. It’s short-acting, which is great for panic attacks and general anxiety.

I do find that the Klonopin makes it hard to wake up in the morning. I seriously need like 10-11 hours of sleep a night. 

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